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A conspiracy to help get rid of evil neighbors


Absolutely everyone has those people who surround them every day and it is simply impossible to refuse them. Among them are relatives and neighbors. And there are situations that it is simply impossible to live with people in the neighborhood. They are constantly trying to spoil, or how badly noisy. And immediately the question arises, how to get rid of bad neighbors.

Conspiracy from the bad neighbors

Everything is very simple there is a special conspiracy from neighbors that will help influence their behavior. Modern magic provides a bunch of ways to do this, both through prayer and black magic has some methods.

How to get rid of bad neighbors

Almost every person cares how you can calm down your neighbors. This issue is especially relevant among those who live in an apartment. Many suffer from drunks, drug addicts who live nearby. There are those who try to poison your dog, because it prevents them. Situations may arise differently, but for any of them there is a conspiracy. This method will allow surviving scandalous, annoying, curious neighbors.

In order for your neighbors to move out, you can use the power of white magic. But more precisely, this is a white conspiracy on the neighbors. It will help calm even the most violent inhabitants. Be that as it may, this rite will help you achieve what you want.

To do this, prepare such items as:

  • salt, a pinch,
  • a small can
  • three leaves of lavrushka,
  • a few cloves of garlic
  • a handful of dill seeds,
  • black pepper peas.

Then you need to wait until the sun disappears beyond the horizon. We put all the collected objects and components into a container, and we pronounce:

“Unite into one, in order to protect me, the servant of God (your name), to protect my house and my relatives from my annoying, boring and noisy neighbor. As you wish, it will come true ”

Next, shake the container and say the following:

“In the name of all the defensive forces, help calm down the noisy and cunning neighbors so that they do not harm, do not wish bad things to me and the close people living with me. Protect yourself from the envious thoughts of those who think badly of me. Suppress the hatred, envy and anger of someone who dares to think so of me. Help to find peace and quiet in my house. My words are strong as a stone block, do not break them and not destroy. Amen".

This rite will allow you to calm or evict neighbors who are constantly trying to harm you. When the plot is read, you need to hide the container somewhere far away so that no one can find it.

How to evict neighbors

What needs to be done so that the neighbors leave forever? This is of interest to many, because such "special" is absolutely, everywhere. Get rid of noisy neighbors, those who live in a multi-storey building are constantly dreaming. After all, a person cannot live normally when neighbors cannot calm his dog, yelling or smoking in such a way that it smells of the whole house.

If you want your neighbors to move, then the plot from the evil neighbors will help you. After all, it will allow you to influence the fact that those that bother you move out soon.

Such ceremonies are performed only when the sun begins to hide behind the horizon. It is best to read such words on the young moon, because experienced sorcerers say that during this period all the rituals have great power.

In order to conduct the ceremony, you need to prepare your thoughts and some objects. Among them:

  • salt,
  • church candle
  • small chicken feather
  • some olive oil
  • a tablespoon.

Choose a place to read the plot, where it will be quiet and calm. You can go to the country, nature or go out into the open field. Next, you need to install the candle on the floor and set it on fire. We take some container and put oil and a little salt in it. Put this mixture near the candle. Taking a pen and say these words:

“Help me, Lord, protect me from hatred. I ask for defensive forces, calm down the neighbors. Help me put an end to the evil deeds of the neighbors, from which everyone is tired, so that they fall behind, do not go here anymore, so as not to bother people to live a normal life. Help drive them away from our house, punish them fairly, let them feel uncomfortable here. May life be harmful to them here and everything will be against their living here. I ask for myself and for my good-natured neighbors. Amen."

You need to read this plot verbatim and there is nothing to change. After that, put the pen in the container and use it to draw a transparent line that protects your home and affects the eviction of noisy neighbors.

Do not worry in such a rite, you will not harm anyone. Indeed, there are often situations when neighbors themselves make unkind conspiracies in order to leave you without robots or trying to poison a dog. Therefore, if you have such neighbors live through the wall, then be sure to put up protection and try to get rid of them.

How to build relationships with neighbors using white magic

There are various ceremonies that allow you to destroy, avenge or survive the neighbors. Everyone can do this, but not always solve the issue peacefully. Therefore, before you make rituals that will punish or survive the neighbors, try to establish a relationship. This can be done with the help of baking, go to visit them, find out the name and what they are addicted to, what is their angry dog's name. So you can not only establish relationships with them, but also make friends.

In order to conduct such a ritual, you need to light candles on Sunday morning and cook pastries. In the process, read the words:

“The evil old woman shut up, like all other evil tongues. I made delicious pies, even our friendly speeches will be just as sweet and tasty, may all hatred go dear to us. I need only peace, joyful and peaceful relations. My words are strong as a stone block, do not break them and not destroy. Amen".

After the baking is ready, at the end of the work, go visit the neighbors and treat them with cakes. You can also treat the neighbor's evil dog. When they pick up the baked goods, you need to mentally say the following words:

“I need only peace and friendship from you. You are in good health, but I am in peace. ”

What to do if a neighbor harms you with magic

If you ever found some strange objects near your summer house or under the door of an apartment, this is a sign that your neighbor is making slander. Also think, maybe they came to you with something.

In such a situation, only a conspiracy from evil neighbors can help you. Make sure that the neighbors do not even think that you guessed everything. Try to behave peacefully. Go to the store and get some silver item. It is necessary to conduct the ceremony on the day when the full moon should come.

At the time of purchase, read these words:

“We need peace, we also need friendship. I am buying an item for reconciliation with (name of a neighbor) "

Saying this is necessary not mentally, but by ear, the seller must hear it. Do not worry about what they think about you, because you do it for your own good. After that, do not talk to anyone, but just go home. What you bought must be presented to a person who is trying to harm you. After all, sometimes such people try to bring you out of a normal rut with a variety of magic, they also say to starve. Therefore, do not spare money for the well-being of your family.

Believe me, such people should beware, because it is not known how it will end, first they poison the dog, and then they poison you. If a neighbor is trying to harm you, then make sure that in the end she does harm to herself.


The plot is carried out in the evening, after sunset. Retire in a room so that no one bothers you. This is very important, because if someone comes in, the conspiracy will not only not work, but it will become even worse and your relationship with your neighbors will be even more difficult.

Put a candle on the table. Insert a needle into it (3-4 cm from the wick down), light a candle from a match and when it burns to a needle, whisper the following on a candle:

“Beshaya, I’ll mark the neighbors, let everyone who’s behind that door disappear. I don’t need anything else from them, let them leave forever, and you decide on them yourself.”

Once is enough, then wait until the needle falls out of the candle and immediately go and stick the needle into the door jamb, behind which there are neighbors that bother you. Try to stick silently so that they do not find this needle. If someone gets this needle out of their door in the first seven days after the conspiracy, then you can suffer.

Yes, do not extinguish the candle; it should go out on its own. If the conspiracy works and Beshaya is interested in your proposal, then the neighbors will either move out or disappear, and all this happens very quickly, in a matter of weeks.

If the neighbors are noisy

Cultural people are negotiating, trying to calm the evil cohabitants or starve them. The boors will not stop making loud noise, especially if they are tenants. To stop the ugliness will help the ritual held in the new moon. You will need salt and a birch broom (you can replace the spruce counterpart).

A conspiracy against neighbors is pronounced at midnight. Before starting the ritual actions, sweep the door mat with a broom and whisper the conspiracy words. The spell is:

“I dare outsiders to discourage those who interfere with me, to put them off. Go away, grief-neighbor, do not bring me more troubles. I’m fencing off the apartment from the noisy neighbors, reassuring the house, protecting the threshold. ”

Continuation of the salt rite

So that the neighbors do not interfere, you can not stop at the first part of the ritual. You will have to go home, go to the kitchen and start frying salt in a pan. Say: "Strong salt and powerful, midnight power." Return to the threshold again and sprinkle enchanted salt on it.

Say the second part of the conspiracy: “The evil noise from the neighbor’s apartment will not come out, my family will not be disturbed. I appeal to the moon for help so that the neighbors love and respect me. I will repeat forty times, we will have happiness. ”

Midnight Ritual

Black magic will make the adversaries move out and stop smoking at your porch. The ceremony should be carried out opposite the neighbor's door, waiting for the full moon. We get rid of enemies competently:

  1. We light a candle and exit the porch late at night.
  2. We hold the candle in our right hand and drive it in the running direction clockwise.
  3. Say a conspiracy from bad neighbors.
  4. Allow the candle wax to drip onto the floor in front of the neighbor's door.

Conspiracy text: “The head does not bother me now, because the adversary intended to move. Silence stands over the river at night, but my neighbor does not grumble, he wants to move out of the house. The sky brightens in the morning, protects me. The adversary disappears with his filth, leaves me alone. I close the evil, I complete the rite. Let it be so".

Collective amulet

For several neighbors, conspiracies are especially effective - it works when bad people bother the whole porch. For witchcraft you will need scotch tape, a plastic bag and a piece of paper. Getting rid of an unpleasant neighborhood occurs with the help of a pad. Procedure:

  1. Take a white sheet and write there the name of the person who annoys everyone.
  2. Add the phrase “good soul” below.
  3. Roll up the sheet and place in a plastic bag.
  4. Wrap the lining with tape.
  5. Say a conspiracy so that the opponent calms down and stops rowing.
  6. Find an empty (abandoned) house.
  7. Now you need to put the package in an orphan mailbox.
  8. Enjoy the result - in the near future noise lovers will sell housing or calm down.

You need to read these words: “We write the name, we consider you superfluous. We survive from home if you don’t calm down. If you don’t want to live normally, leave. An empty box, a dark house, peace will be in everything. Amen".

Garlic ritual

It is real to get rid of neighbors by means of bay leaves (3 pieces), black pepper and a bottle. You will also need dill seeds (three pieces) and garlic. The bottle must certainly be glass. Procedure:

  1. At sunset, place all of the listed ingredients in a bottle.
  2. Doing this, condemn the words "Unite into the whole, stock up by force."
  3. The vessel is shaken three times.
  4. Now you need to pronounce a conspiracy from evil neighbors.
  5. The bottle is hiding in a secret (abandoned place).

Here’s what you need to read: “Defend the forces of noisy hooligans, teach them how to protect their family from them. As the thunder ends, so people calm down. I don’t want to survive, but I’ll defend my own. Amen".

Feather and candle

There are conspiracies from envy, and there are poems for the quick relocation of those who bother you. So that the neighbors stop bothering you, wait for the new moon. The ceremony is held at sunset. This is a powerful plot for which you will need the following components:

  • a feather of chicken
  • church candle (yellow),
  • salt,
  • half a cup of olive oil.

Go to a deserted area, put a burning candle on the ground. In a cup, mix olive oil and salt (enough a teaspoon). Hold a cup in one hand and a feather in the other. Here's what to do next:

  1. Read the plot.
  2. Dip the chicken feather in a cup of butter.
  3. Holding a cup, return home.
  4. Pause at the entrance.
  5. Draw a line between two apartments (yours and your neighbor's) with an enchanted pen.
  6. Pour the oil into the window.

Spell text: “Lord, protect me at the hour of need. May the light forces deliver me from these people. Those who envy me will leave this place. Hens change nests, even if my enemies moved. Silence will be restored, the storm will calm down. I want the damned adversaries to move out forever. Amen".

Powerful Cemetery Rite

If ordinary conspiracies do not help, you will have to conduct a black ritual at the churchyard. Stock up on sweets, candles, food and a bottle of vodka. It is best to conjure at the grave of a relative of your adversary. If this is not possible, choose any unmade grave.

The ritual begins with the disposal of the burial. After the action is over, leave candy with food for the deceased. You can increase the effectiveness of the spell by reading the magic text 40 times. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Returning home from the cemetery, calmly wait for the full moon.
  2. Place a vodka bottle on the windowsill, and place candles nearby.
  3. Say a conspiracy from the neighbors.
  4. Put out the candles.
  5. Let the bottle stand overnight under the moonlight.
  6. Present the artifact to your opponent (an alcoholic will definitely accept such a gift).
  7. Part of the cemetery products should be shared with people living nearby.
  8. Noise lovers will sell the apartment or calm down in the coming weeks.

Spell text: “Fire water disgusts me, and God's servant (name of rowdy) denies it too. Until all decent people have left, discard the infernal potion. Stop drinking, interfere with my sleep, shorten my life. And if you don’t stop, then pack your things and leave our house. Amen".

Effective rite with a photo

If white magic is powerless against a neighbor bothering you, try reading the plot in the photo. The waning moon is the perfect time for such manipulations. First you need a black cloth, which is wrapped in a snapshot of a annoying person. The whole range of actions:

  1. Get the same candles (three pieces).
  2. In the sunset rays light candles, form an improvised triangle from them.
  3. Lay out a piece of fabric in front of you, and place a photograph on top.
  4. Repeat the spoken words twelve times.
  5. Allow the candles to burn out, and then put them in a plastic bag.
  6. Put the package with the photo there.
  7. Bury the amulet behind the house (on the west side).
  8. Do not take anything out of the apartment for three days.

Prayer text: “The wax is melting, the candles are burning, and God's slave (the name of the unpleasant neighbor) is gaining intelligence. You can’t do dirty tricks, you won’t ruin my life by deed and word. You’ll stop spreading gossip, you’ll start living with me peacefully. It will be bad for you every time you decide to trouble me. The neighbors will stop making friendship with you, listen to your lies, unjust words. Repent, you decide to please me, on that enmity will disappear. My words are strong, faith is strong. Amen".

Most of the rituals given above were created by our ancestors - wise sorcerers, healers and healers. These people penetrated deeply into the secrets of the universe and knew how to use natural forces for the benefit of their family. You can create household magic yourself, clearly following our instructions. Learn the words by heart and keep order in the midnight rituals.

So that the neighbors move out

This is a simple but very effective magic ritual that can act in different ways. In some cases, under the influence of this magic, neighbors soon move out for some reason, in others they become more docile and quiet, but be that as it may, it will provide you with complete peace of mind in the house.

To conduct this magic ritual, you will need a tablespoon of salt, an empty glass bottle, three bay leaves, three heads of garlic, three dill seeds and three peppercorns.

When all the ingredients have been collected, wait until sunset and throw everything in the bottle in the order in which the items were listed. At this time, you must constantly say out loud the words:

“Unite into a single whole, to protect me, the servant of God (name), to protect my house, to protect my family, and everything that is in my house. Amen. Amen. Amen".

When all the ingredients are in the bottle, shake the jar three times and say the words:

“In the name of all the protective forces, you calm the neighbors with ardor, let them not interfere with me, the servant of God (name), and pray to my family. So that peace and silence are not broken by rain or thunder. Yes it is said that it will come true. Amen".

После произнесения слов вы должны будете спрятать бутылку в укромное место, где ее никто никогда не увидит. Этот сосуд будет оберегом для вашего дома и будет действовать против плохих соседей.

Rite on a cemetery from drinking neighbors

You can only pacify a neighbor who gathers a noisy company every day with the help of rituals aimed at his sober lifestyle. To do this, you will need a bottle of vodka, candles, food and sweets. You should visit the graves of his loved ones, if this is not possible, then find a few groomed graves and tidy them up. Before leaving, leave there food, sweets, saying:

“I take care of you, and you take care of the servant of God (name) so that he takes up his mind and stops drinking.”

At the full moon, put the bottle on the window so that the light falls on it completely. Place candles around it and light it, say these words:

“How disgusting you are to me, the water of fire, so you would become contrary to the servant of God (name), so that he would not look at you, think about you, would not want you, my words are strong as a stone!”

Put out the candles, leave the bottle until dawn in the moonlight. The next day, under any pretext, give it to someone who causes you trouble. The same thing can be done with products, which then will be treated to a living person, unless of course he accepts them. Such a ritual will not help evict a neighbor, but it will behave quieter and become more welcoming with you.

Ritual from evil neighbors

This effective magic conspiracy from bad neighbors needs to be carried out at a time when people behind the wall are noisy, or do you all sorts of nasty things. If you know the time when the noise usually begins, then the ritual can be performed half an hour before this time. Read the words of the plot forty times:

“You, the ataman-neighbor, do not make noise, do not be foolish. Go to the forests, there are noises, over the waters and mud black dope, but over hazel and bog. Like ivushka, but aspen does not grow without roots, so in my house, God's servants (name) will not have flashes or shadows. No fear, no noise. There will be peace and quiet in my house. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen. Amen. Amen".

The same words of the conspiracy can be used in another way. You need to write them with your own hand on a blank sheet of paper and fold it four times. This paper will need to be safely hidden near the house of evil neighbors, in which case they will become calmer, more accommodating and will behave appropriately.

Ritual from neighbors on garlic

It is real to get rid of neighbors by means of bay leaves (3 pieces), black pepper and a bottle. You will also need dill seeds (three pieces) and garlic. The bottle must certainly be glass. Procedure:
At sunset, place all of the listed ingredients in a bottle.
Doing this, condemn the words "Unite into the whole, stock up by force."
The vessel is shaken three times.
Now you need to pronounce a conspiracy from evil neighbors.
The bottle is hiding in a secret (abandoned place).

You need to read this:

“Defend the forces of noisy hooligans, teach them how to protect their family from them. As the thunder ends, so people calm down. I don’t want to survive, but I’ll defend my own. Amen".

A plot for husks from seeds

To prepare the husk, to sprinkle it in the full moon in front of the door of the neighbors, reading these words:

"Litter at the door, quarrels in the house, there is no reason to stay here anymore."

There are cases of extreme necessity, and a family is socially stable, quite peaceful among themselves, so that you can use them with such speeches to evict them:

“Just as there are a lot of husks, let there be a lot of money for you to buy a house twice as much, twice as good, and soon move out of here.”

Instead of husks, you can conduct a ritual through the garbage. Tear a lot of small pieces of paper, pick up different bits and pieces and use the same text to speed up the move.

A conspiracy to keep neighbors from flooding the apartment

Often there are people who flood those who live a floor below. Perhaps they are not evil, and it’s not even their fault, but the fact remains, it is necessary to make sure that there are no more floods.

First of all, you should visit the church and light candles for your defenders, as well as for St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, asking him to create a miracle and put on the right path those who will not stop annoying you. Then, stand on the growing moon under their door with a lit candle in their hands, let the wax drip onto the floor. Read the following:

“Lord, do a miracle, give them a memory to turn off the water in their absence forever, give them money to fix all the taps and pipes, help them build relationships with those who monitor the condition of the house, so that they always come to them on time. Amen".

Prayer, read from the bottom of my heart, cannot but bring happiness to your home. It will be useful to light church candles near the threshold and walk along the perimeter of your door with a request for humility.

Amulets from evil neighbors

Protection is effective if prepared in advance. Mages recommend using charms to protect the apartment. They can be placed near the door or in a special place.

Juniper branch. The amulet is capable of absorbing the negative energy of ill-wishers.

Broomstick. Sold in specialized gift shops. For a protective function, you need to weave a sedge stem and a willow twig into it. A fully prepared protective amulet is best placed or hung near the door.

The actions of the amulet are immediately noticeable - none of those entering the house will say anything bad. And even during the repair, the neighbors will be understanding.

How to send damage to neighbors

Damage can be sent to a person by a strong magician who has previously practiced this and will be able to protect himself. This is the strongest rite, which is valid in 70% of cases. Performed on a waning moon, using a church candle and needle. At night, put a candle and pierce at the beginning of the candle three centimeters. Light a candle, and when the fire reaches the needle, quietly speak the plot:

“Let everyone who is outside my door disappear. I ask for peace and grace. I don’t need anything else, but decide for them myself. ”

If the creature is really near you and he is interested in what you offer, then the candle itself will go out. Next you need to wait, the needle itself should fall out. We take a candle and pin to the door those who bother you. Important! Nobody should notice you, and the needle should stay in the door for exactly seven days.

If the witch lives next door

You quarreled with a neighbor and suddenly strange things started to happen: the plate suddenly broke, the child became ill or there were problems at work. Most likely, damage has been sent to you. In this case, you should perform a strong ritual that helps get rid of all the troubles. Take a photo of the one that brought you misfortune, three church candles, salt and garlic. Arrange the heads of garlic in the photograph, and sprinkle the salt in a circle. Light candles and repeat the spell 4 times:

“The Slaves of God (your name) will not touch me, your curse (her name): neither by deed, nor by word. As the wax melts, so the anger of my enemies disappears. My word is unshakable, neither overthrown either by the church or by the people. Key, language and lock. ”

Take the middle candle and burn her a photo. Cinders, leftovers and salt and garlic - throw them next to your neighbor’s house. After completing all the steps, be sure to read Our Father several times and cross yourself.

How to survive neighbors from home

If no actions help you agree and calm a noisy and irresponsible resident, you should conduct this rite. Such a plot from bad neighbors will suit those who do not can get rid of annoying, scandalous and noisy tenants in his apartment. In this way, you can starve them out so that they leave forever.

We use baking from an undesirable neighborhood

Such a conspiracy against noisy neighbors, so that they do not go to you and do not bother you, has strong magical power. It very well helps to get rid of the "evil tongue." To do this, you need to invite the malicious tenants living in the neighborhood to try your treat, for example, cakes. But first, you need to talk about them.

First you need to knead the dough on the pies. The kneading process should be carried out with candles. You will need three candles to complete this ritual.

When you start preparing the filling, you need to read the following text:

“Let, like all evil tongues, a malicious old woman shut up. I baked muffin, sweet, tasty. So let our conversations with our neighbor be equally pleasant and friendly. Let all the hatred go away from her. And we will only have a joyful and friendly relationship. My every word is stronger than stone and no one, and nothing can destroy it. Amen".

To destroy your contention and get rid of misunderstanding with your neighbors, try to treat your ill-wishers with fresh pastries immediately after cooking. As soon as they take the treat in their hands you need to whisper to say:

“May peace and friendship come from me to you.” I wish you health and peace of mind. ”