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Fainting is a pretty frightening phenomenon. As a rule, fainting is associated with a deterioration in the blood supply to the brain, which leads to loss of consciousness. However, certain precautions can be taken to avoid serious damage. Pay attention to the initial symptoms, such as dizziness. After their appearance, you should immediately sit down or lie down. Let me help you and wait a while to recover from fainting. Finally, consult your doctor to find out the causes of fainting and develop a treatment plan.

Secrets of fainting: three ways to pretend

Physiologists have long identified the main ways to create artificial fainting. With any of them - artificial loss of consciousness is harmful to health and danger to life:

  1. After taking several deep breaths and exhalations, pressing the carotid artery on one side to the cervical spine in front, a person can quickly lose consciousness, but it is dangerous to plunge into such a state.
  2. 20 simple squats, after which a person closes his mouth, inserts a thumb into it, into which he begins to blow strongly, give a loss of consciousness quickly. A big load on the heart occurs against the background of a simultaneous lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide removal.
  3. There is another quite effective method: first you need to squat down, then stand up sharply, hold your breath and at the same time try to strain all the muscles of the body as much as possible. Loss of consciousness will follow immediately.

That's all the manipulations on how to quickly and easily faint at home or at school in a lesson from five to ten minutes.

Better yet, engage in fakirism and yoga - you have probably seen how fakirs and yogis control their bodies, even physiological functions. They can pass through walls, be buried alive. They can enter a state where their breathing is imperceptible and a beating of the heart is almost inaudible.

Preparing for the fall: how to fall

Before you fall, you need to seriously prepare.

The main thing is to fall correctly, so as not to be injured in the process of falling, you need to tumble not back or to the side, but forward. In this case, do not put your hands forward, as this is regarded as a protective reaction of the body. With arms outstretched, no one will believe a person falling into a swoon.

It should not fall immediately. Get down on your knees first. If you fall from a height of your height, a person can get injured: a bruise, a fracture. Falling first to your knees and then to the floor will minimize side effects. Usually, a swoon lasts about 10 minutes, and you should not zealously artistically.

Correct Preliminary Behavior

Sudden fainting is more likely to occur with people due to environmental influences. However, a fainting state is preceded by a deterioration in well-being.

So, before the fall, a person needs to portray the symptoms of a disease state and worsening well-being.

Please tell someone around you for dizziness, severe headache, blurred eyes. You can often blink, close your eyes, hold on to your head. All these actions attract outside attention and produce the desired effect: the person looks painful, and fainting is a natural continuation of the deterioration of the physiological state.

Fainting happens, occur suddenly, but an unexpected fall in the eyes of others looks less realistic. Having played a preliminary deterioration in well-being, a person can convince others of the reality of his fainting state.

A person’s personal artistry is the basis without which it is difficult to faint realistically.

In the cinema, everything seems very simple from the outside: a person suddenly feels physical discomfort and faints. In reality, fainting is not easy.

For realism to perform the fainting trick, you need to fall naturally, but without adopting artificial postures. Losing consciousness, a person’s brain is temporarily shut off and any motility of movement, which means that people fall not in graceful poses. Before fainting, do not play the show, throwing yourself into tears, groaning and gasping.

A person faints without unnecessary sounds, he unexpectedly for himself loses consciousness. When falling to the floor, lower your head carefully so as not to cause a concussion!

The correct way out of the image

So that people around you do not reveal fraud, you need to be able to naturally get out of the image of a losing consciousness. After a real faint, a person comes to himself gradually. He can open his eyes, and his gaze and mind will still be blurred, his body lethargic.

Do not jump up after fainting to your feet, otherwise the fraud will show up. First you need to open your eyes, then try to crouch, then start talking.

In parallel, a person should hold on to his head, because in a real situation, confused thoughts and an unexpected fall can cause pain in the head. The next ten to fifteen minutes, depict a gradual return to normal.

Knowing of limits

Keep in mind that they will become accustomed to fainting artificially. If you faint often - they will also laugh!

  1. Do not replay! It’s better to “come to your senses” in three to four minutes, and not after 5 to 10 minutes, so that others do not have time to call an ambulance. After all, doctors and paramedics will quickly “figure out” the simulated swoon.
  2. With each passing faint, the risk of injury during a fall increases. And those around them cease to believe in a sharply worsening condition of a person (remember the instructive fable "Shepherd and Wolves").
  3. Fainting should look natural. Sometimes people get carried away, portraying an unconscious state, continue to make sounds and talk. This is not a loss of consciousness, but an attack of hysteria. Nobody likes hysteria.

How to faint specially and safely: ways

Perhaps you want to "fake" a swoon for some purpose or to make fun of someone. Of course, this is not the best option to manipulate people, but if you have no other choice, then why not?

How to faint specifically safely:

Breath. You need to take deep breaths in a sitting position. The faster the breath, the better. Then stand up abruptly and stop breathing. After that, begin to burn oxygen, moving actively. After a while, you will feel dizzy, eyesight problems will begin, then you will fall.

Cut off the air flow. Palms cover the mouth and nose, thus blocking the flow of air. After a few seconds, you will feel worse and dizzy.

We press on the chest. You can put pressure on the chest wall, which in turn puts pressure on the lungs, thus suppressing breathing.

Click on the nerve.It is located on the sides of the neck, down from the ears. When it is pressed strongly, a person loses consciousness.

Clamp the artery with your hand.You need to choose a large artery and pinch it for a while. As a result, blood vessels begin to contract to prevent further loss of blood, which causes fainting.

We use the thumb. Put your head between your knees, take a breath for half a minute. Then stand up abruptly without breathing in, put your thumb in your mouth and start breathing on it. Keep doing this until you pass out.

Dehydration.This option works in combination with breath holding. Try not to drink anything for several hours before the planned action. Dehydration lowers blood pressure. Then you need to hold your breath at the right time, the longer you hold it, the higher the chance of losing consciousness.

We refuse food. You may lose consciousness if you have not eaten for a long time. How much time do you not have? It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, for someone it is half a day, for someone - a day or more.

We use drugs.Alas, this method is not the safest and you can damage your health. Some drugs can cause loss of consciousness, weakness, and drowsiness. Such drugs are included in the group of antidepressants and are prescribed only by a doctor. They are also diuretics and beta blockers.

Gamma hydroxybutyric acid - with its help you can lose consciousness for 20-30 minutes.

Inhale cigarette smoke- Another harmful way to lose consciousness. Inhale the smoke and hold it in your lungs for several seconds, holding your breath. Remember that this option is dangerous.


If you do not want to experiment with your health and use the above methods, you will have to play a small role and faint just like that. Try to make it look as convincing as possible - out of breath, pale face and slight trembling in the limbs. If you are a good actor, others will believe your game.

Watch the video: what happens if you faint?

With a condition such as fainting, many of us are familiar firsthand. It seemed that a couple of minutes ago everything was in order - and suddenly ... a sharp weakness, dizzy, rang in my ears, darkened in my eyes, voices and sounds became deaf, as if from a barrel ... What will happen if I faint? Look at the channel. Interesting to know!