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5 mistakes of parents who keep their baby awake all night


It so happens that sometimes we need to do work for which there was not enough time during the day: passing exams, theses, projects, etc. And our body, following the usual biorhythms, does not agree to work at night - he wants to sleep. How to trick your body and not fall asleep at night - experts say.

1. Change your usual evening schedule

If you are used to taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and dressing for sleep before going to bed, do not do this. The body is used to the fact that after following some evening rituals, it will plunge into a sweet dream. It is for this reason that you do not need to do this.

2. Avoid heavy meals in the evening

Satiety and pleasure from a delicious dinner require that you take the next step - to the bed. To achieve the opposite effect, it will be necessary to slightly starve. You remember those moments in life when hunger did not let you fall asleep. It is time to repeat this "feat" only consciously.

3. Eat more healthy foods.

Nuts, chicken, beef, whole grains will provide you with the necessary energy and will not let you fall asleep.

You can fool your body with bright light. Thus, you will reduce the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) in the body.

Caffeine is able to suppress sleep. Only coffee is best consumed ground and freshly brewed. In addition, you should remember about the dosage. It is better to drink sweet tea, so your brain will receive the energy necessary to do the work.

Well removes sleep fresh air. Especially cool. You can turn on the air conditioner or fan.

Long and monotonous performance of work sooner or later will lead you to sleep. Whatever happens, you need to change the position of the body: walk, jump, push out. In general, to do something that will improve your blood circulation and help the brain work better.

8. The scent of rosemary

Inhaling the scent of rosemary helps our brain activate

If you assume that you have work to do at night, set aside a few hours in the daytime in order to relax. Thus, you will replenish the supply of strength in your body.

10. Watching movies

Action, horror film - just distract you from sleep for at least a couple of hours.

Evening fun

If you or your spouse has been at work all day, it’s not surprising that only in the evening after dinner will there be an opportunity to give your child your attention. It is very difficult to refuse a kid in games, especially if you think that you are obliged to compensate for the hours of your daily absence with evening fun.

But an overexcited child, unlike an adult, cannot relax quickly, as a result, he will not be able to sleep normally.

Of course, children must take their time, but

Wrong daytime sleep

If you want your child to go to bed at 19:00 in the evening, then do not let him sleep in the afternoon after 15:00.

Some parents believe that without daytime sleep, the child will get tired more and therefore it will be better to sleep at night. But this is a mistake:

As for late morning sleep, it is only good for children under 1 year old. So even if the child did not sleep well that night, do not let him sleep until dinner, otherwise the night’s sleep will not work out for a long time.

Night "snacks"

Pediatricians say that feeding the baby after 1 year at night is no longer necessary. If a child cannot sleep normally without a bottle of milk, this is just a habit, not a necessity.

But parents often make concessions to exchange the bottle for hours of night sleep.

Wean quickly from this habit. Gradually reduce the amount of night milk, and then completely replace it with water in a bottle. Yes, it will be difficult, because children's night crying can not be avoided. Come to the bed just to reassure, but do not give up ...

And if you are worried that the baby may be thirsty in the middle of the night, prepare a mug-spill for him with ordinary drinking water. But pouring water in the middle of the night is not worth it, even if it is over.

Sleep in your bed

Jumping out of bed in the middle of the night for babies is a common thing. Many parents allow an overnight guest to spend the rest of the night in their bed. But this can lead to the fact that he does not crawl out of it until school age.

And if you are currently accustoming a son or daughter to a separate bed, pay attention to the following tips:

• do not pick up, do not rock the baby who managed to reach you on his own in the middle of the night,

• if the child woke up and ran to you, try not to turn on the light when you return it to your bed,

• if the baby wakes up in his bed and calls you to him, do not respond immediately - most likely, in a few minutes he will fall asleep again.

Healthy sleep duration

First of all, let's remember how long a healthy sleep should last. For an adult, its duration is 6-8 hours, but it all depends on the characteristics of the body. There are also people who need a 5-hour rest. Children tend to sleep longer, but with age its duration decreases.

Reasons for insufficient night rest

1. Physiological features.

Thus, the lack of night rest can really become a serious problem for the body. Insomnia will certainly affect human health. It’s better not to test yourself for strength, not to ask yourself: “And if you don’t sleep all night, what will happen?” - and allocate enough time for regular sleep at the appointed hours.

At the end of each month at work, you have to work hard even at night to get the long-awaited bonus and submit a monthly report. Every year, night work brings more discomfort, and the next day I really want to sleep, but I really want to have time for everything, to realize my plans. Are there any effective ways to cheer up if you haven’t slept all night, feeling fine all day next? Maxim V., 27 years old

Throughout a person’s life, the biological clock is constantly changing. If as a teenager you could spend all night browsing the Internet, chatting with friends until the morning, visiting nightclubs and feeling great the next day, then with age, the body's priorities are built in favor of a healthy night's sleep. A person has a responsibility, life plans, worldview are changing.

At night, the body regains strength for the next day, this is a natural feature of any person. Activity at night is an unnatural state, so the body in every way resists such wakefulness, I really want to sleep. There is nothing wrong with episodic lack of sleep, but if this condition is frequent, the body responds to an inferior sleep with emotional and mental disorders, diseases of the nervous system, insomnia, decreased immunity, diseases of many internal organs and systems.

Shower and cool

Contrast shower helps not only to cheer up, but also to activate the nervous system, improve lymph flow, normalize metabolic processes. The shower needs to start with warm water, and end with cool. Too cold a shower can lead to a cold. The body must be thoroughly wiped with a towel, so the blood flow is normalized. You should leave in a cool, but not cold, room that you can pre-ventilate.

Yoga exercises

Hatha yoga exercise to relieve tension and excessive sleepiness is called Kapalbhati. You must sit comfortably with your back straight. Then you should deeply inhale the air and exhale noisily through the nasal passages. Inhalations should be performed spontaneously, but exhalations should be deliberate, deep. Such breathing exercises affect a special pineal gland (pineal gland) - a segment of the brain responsible for the rhythm of wakefulness and sleep.

Bright light, uncomfortable conditions

At work, you need to choose a hard chair, turn on a bright light, provide an influx of fresh air. With a soft chair, the temptation to sit comfortably and fall asleep will always prevail. Bright lighting will give the brain a signal about the onset of the working day, the coolness will provoke the activation of blood flow, energy costs for thermoregulation.

Physical activity

Morning jogging, gymnastics, intensive exercises at home - all this allows you to disperse the blood, provide organs and tissues with the necessary nutrition, oxygen. According to some studies, 20 minutes of intensive walking gives strength to almost 2.5 hours of routine work.

In the morning you should not remain hungry or oversaturate the body with sausages, bread, meat products. Suitable fermented baked milk, kefir, fruits, vegetables, hot. You can eat a bar of dark chocolate, hazelnut kernels or walnuts.

Peppermint candies, chewing gum, peppermint leaves are natural. The chewing process activates the brain, focuses attention. Peppermint stimulates the appetite, which also contributes to the vitality of the body.

Morning sex

During intercourse, the synthesis of hormones oxytocin and serotonin occurs, which contribute to vigorous activity, normalize overall well-being, and eliminate headache. Such sex should be with a loved one with a short foreplay. The mood for the whole day will improve significantly.


Citrus smells, mint, rosemary intensify attention, vitality and confidence. The aroma of bergamot essential oil provides the body with a positive charge, energy for the whole day. Citrus oils not only give good spirits, but also stabilize the nervous system.

All these methods are effective if you had to spend one sleepless night.

No method can cheer up if a person has not slept for more than two nights in a row. Such wear and tear of the body can lead to emotional breakdown, nervous disorders, serious disorders of the epigastric organs, blood vessels and heart.

What to do if you need to drive?

If after a sleepless night there is a need to drive, it is better to call a taxi or use public transport. This will reduce the risk of emergencies with the most negative consequences for the driver and others. If no other options exist, then you should know how to cheer up while driving:

stops every 30 minutes

constant chewing (raisins, peanuts, peeled seeds),

air conditioning included or open windows.

If you can avoid self-driving, it is better to do just that.