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How to chat with your cat


You consider yourself a cat lover, although you yourself have not come close to them. You just like cats! It also happens that you want to chat with the furry creature you like, but ... you don’t know exactly how to do it right. Of course, you heard that it is customary to stroke cats, and they seem to be pleased. Here you hold out your hand, and the animal hisses or runs away in fear. Something went wrong? If so, then what exactly? Read our new article and find out more.

Do not be familiar with an unfamiliar cat. Indeed, you will like a pretty pussy on the street or you will be invited to visit a family with a pet. Of course, you can express your sympathies with words. Perhaps this will be enough, since you probably do not know how sociable and friendly the cat you like. The worst thing you can do is try to stretch your arms out to the animal and (or) rake it in an armful. The reaction will be simple and predictable - fear.

Never intrude on a cat’s private space if you want to find a common language with it. Cats will not tolerate rude attitude, unceremonious interference in their affairs and they will never forgive you.

Then how to approach the cat correctly? First, decide for yourself an important dilemma - do you definitely need to get acquainted with this cat? Do you certainly want to win her sympathies?

In this case, be consistent, try to become interesting for the cat. For example, have something obviously attractive or a treat in your hands. Wait for the cat to take the initiative and get closer to you. Do not violate her right to integrity! Try for the time being to remain at arm's length, not closer.

Felt that there is interest? Then there is a reason to squat down and make contact. But not direct eye contact! You can’t look straight into the cat’s eyes for a long time - it will be regarded as a threat. Just make sure you're interesting to her. Happened? Then stretch out your hand, leaving your palm open - make a sort of invitation gesture.

Go ahead. How do cats behave when they see a foreigner relative? They carefully approach and slightly touch each other with their noses. Read information and make sure that there is no aggression! In your case, let the cat sniff its finger. It'll be enough!

Please note: not every cat will agree to continue acquaintance with you, and even more so to start a friendship. But in the case of using our simple tricks, you will have much more chances to win sympathy!

Why do some cats choose people who don’t really like them? We used to call cats strange creatures. At first glance, it’s a completely inexplicable "oddity" when cats show their sympathy for people who do not really pity them.

What are the clues to this phenomenon? Yes, cats can be so strange that they generally do the opposite. And people are attracted to them completely "wrong." But on the other hand, why not? These “cat haters” do not climb towards them with their ostentatious love and sympathies, do not disturb their peace and personal space, and always maintain natural behavior. And this means that they are reliable and predictable. Have we guessed?

Or maybe you and I, unwittingly, completely accidentally discovered the key to a cat’s heart - stay yourself, don’t be imposed, and don’t meddle. Everything will be formed. And if you are destined to get a furry friend, you will certainly do it!

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  • When picking up a cat, don’t squeeze it too tightly - the cat may perceive it as a sign of aggression and scratch or bite you.
  • This article is far from a complete list of all the signs and sounds. The feline communication system is complex, and it is not limited to only what was discussed above. Follow the links at the end and carefully watch your pet. There are no two identical cats.
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