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A simple secret how to preserve youth and facial beauty in a natural way


Young smooth skin is a business card of a woman's health and beauty. But without proper care, natural beauty will not last long.

To keep your skin healthy and beautiful for many years, you need to understand what factors affect its condition and cause premature aging.

Healthy eating:

For youth, all fatty, fried, spicy, salty, sugar, canned food and fast food are harmful. The inclusion in the diet of lactic acid products, lean meat, rye bread contribute to the normalization of the skin. Fish, fruits, vegetables, honey and nuts are good helpers in the fight against wrinkles and aging. One of the main vitamins that maintain elasticity is Vitamin E. Review your diet and buy healthy vitamins from your pharmacy.

Heavy drink
With age, the percentage of water in the body decreases. In other words, a person simply “dries up”. This cannot but affect the condition of the skin. Therefore, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, depending on weight and health.

Caffeine, which is found in coffee and tea, dehydrates the body and dries the skin. However, according to studies, when used externally, in the form of scrubs and masks, caffeine restores damage caused by the sun and reduces the risk of developing some forms of skin cancer.

Active lifestyle
Any physical activity during which the metabolism is accelerated is useful, and then toxins are eliminated. During exercise, blood circulation increases. Blood, saturated with oxygen and nutrients, contributes to the active production of collagen, and this slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

Full sleep
It is during sleep that our body rests and restores, including skin. During sleep, the regeneration of the skin occurs 2 times faster than during wakefulness.

Nothing affects the condition of the face like sleep deprivation. Dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyelids, pallor are signs that you are not resting enough. You need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day.

The way you sleep is also important. If you have a habit of sleeping in the same position, for example, on your side, you will have wrinkles where the face is in contact with the pillow. How to avoid this? If possible, sleep on your back.

Be optimistic. Avoid unpleasant emotions. It is scientifically proven that during stress facial muscles are very tense, cell division slows down due to lack of oxygen. If you can’t calmly respond to problems, do facial gymnastics or massage. Try to give yourself pleasure, make yourself nice gifts.

Sun damage
The face is exposed to ultraviolet rays all year round. About 90% of all skin lesions are associated with them. The more time you spend in the sun, the higher the risk of developing skin cancer. Use sunscreens in both winter and summer. In summer, wear long-sleeved clothing and wide-brimmed hats. Remember: sunscreen effectively protects your face from aging.

Daily cleansing
To keep the skin healthy, they need regular cleansing, moisturizing, and nutrition. And it's better to do it every night. Use scrubs and tonic lotion to remove dead cells. However, individual susceptibility to cosmetic formulations should be considered. For oily skin, it is recommended to use gentle foam for washing. For all types - soothing cream or milk.

If you want to be young and beautiful - forget about ordinary soap. It dries the skin, drawing moisture out of them. You may not feel it now, but notice the result in a few years, but it will be too late. Moreover, you can not rub your face after washing with a hard terry towel. It is better to dry it gently with a soft cloth, barely touching the face.

Skin Care
With age, less and less collagen and elastin are produced in tissues, which are responsible for elasticity. The renewal of epidermal cells is also slowed down. Help sagging skin get rid of dead cells with scrubs. Make nourishing masks. And, most importantly, do not forget to protect yourself from the sun throughout the year.

Winter skin care
Frosty and windy weather is a real stress for our face. In this weather, the cells on the face renew much more slowly. This is the reason that the skin can not cope with the influence of external negative factors, it becomes dry and flaky.

In the cold season, under makeup, as a basis, you need to use more oily and dense consistency cosmetics. Any product should be applied to the face at least an hour before going cold. During this period, cosmetics are absorbed and will fulfill their protective function in the cold.

During the heating season, the air in the apartments becomes dry, which adversely affects the condition of the skin. Install a humidifier in the room, drink more water and moisturize your face throughout the day.

Summer skin care
The sun's rays are necessary for our health - they are the main factor contributing to the production of vitamin D, without which depression overtakes us, and teeth and bone tissue become brittle. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause earlier aging, skin diseases, and even oncology.
Dreaming of a beautiful tan without any harm to your health? On sunny days, you need to apply sunscreen every two hours. Use oil-free moisturizers.

The effect of alcohol on skin condition
Alcohol in large quantities is also harmful to beauty. Any strong drinks cause dehydration, including skin integument. In addition, alcohol dilates blood vessels, which is why drinkers often have a red face. Over time, blood vessels become damaged, and the face remains red forever.

Smoking Harm for Beauty
Tobacco abuse threatens dehydration and the appearance of early wrinkles. In a negative effect on beauty, smoking is second only to sunlight. Nicotine reduces the blood supply to the skin, narrowing the walls of blood vessels, and contributes to the destruction of collagen. And the less collagen, the more wrinkles. Stop smoking and your skin will not age prematurely.

Take care of your beauty, treat your body with care, take care of yourself, and your skin will retain youthful and flowering appearance longer!

Botulinum therapy - youth "on credit"

Of course, you have heard about the fastest and most outwardly simple way to make your face beautiful and young. This is botulinum therapy or, more simply, Botox injections. Thanks to the achievements of modern cosmetology, this is a fairly effective and safe method. However, it seems harmless only at first glance, so we suggest that you think about its consequences in the long run.

When botulinum toxin enters the deeper layers of the epidermis, it blocks muscles, kills tissues and blocks the access of oxygen and vitamins to cells. Gradually, the face becomes “dead”: competent cell regeneration does not occur, the skin does not breathe and is not saturated with nutrients. At its core, botulinum toxin is a real poison that paralyzes muscles. It was first used in medicine in the late 1970s precisely for this purpose - to “block” an eye muscle spasm. Of course, bright brochures about “magic injections” and glossy magazines will not tell you about this.

We also suggest that you think about what botulinum therapy is from an energy point of view and from the point of view of reality transerfing?This is youth and beauty, taken "on credit".And all loans, as you know, have to be paid back sooner or later, and often with high interest. In addition, only true, natural, inside-going beauty changes us, fills us with energy and lightness, attracts to us the admiring glances of others and transforms the layer of our world.

How to keep a youthful face without injections?

Face formation is a natural way to preserve youth and beauty of the skin. This is gymnastics for the face, simple exercises, the result of which is noticeable after several weeks of regular classes. Yes, the face also has a large number of muscles, and they can and should be trained - just like the muscles of the body. Just doing it is much easier. You do not have to go to the gym - just 15 minutes of free time per day is enough. You can do these exercises absolutely anywhere and anytime.

Gymnastics for the face is suitable for both young girls and respectable ladies. And, including men. After all, a confident, successful and charismatic man always looks younger than his age, and this can first be read by his face. If you want to build effective communication with people, attract new resources, transmit the winner’s energy into the world and achieve your goals - start with yourself, with the most obvious - with a face.

Face formation, unlike injections, has a long-term nature and does not cause addiction. You get real results - and keep them for a long time, even if you subsequently take a break from class. In addition, gymnastics for the face helps to balance your internal state. The fact is that when we remove the clamps and blocks from the face, we learn to completely relax it - we become freer internally, get rid of energy blocks, old complexes, negative attitudes and mental anchors.

How to keep face youth with the help of faceforming? Just learn the basic exercises - and do them in front of the mirror at any time during the day. It is advisable to devote 15 minutes to this, however, if you are in a hurry, sometimes 5 minutes is enough. The main rule is regularity.

Remember: the sooner you start paying attention to yourself, the more time and effort you put into the treasury of your youth and beauty - the more valuable it will become for you in 10-20 years. Even if you have good genetics, and now there are practically no wrinkles on your face - this, unfortunately, does not mean that it will always be so. Start thinking about how to preserve the beauty of your face today, let face-shaping exercises become a habit for you - and later you will be able to greatly surprise people by telling them your true age!

What results can be obtained with regular face-to-face training?

  • Smooth wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Eliminate the second chins.
  • Remove fatigue under the eyes and overhang of the upper eyelid.
  • Return the outline of the lower part of the face.
  • Increase zygomatic volume and smooth nasolabial folds.
  • "Pump up" the lips in a natural way.
  • Remove puffiness from the face.

How to enhance the effect of exercise for the face with Transerfing?

Tip number 1. Set an intention

Before you perform the exercises, you can set a specific intention, for example: “My skin is smoothed, it becomes more elastic and smooth. I look young. My face shines with health. ” This intention will enhance the effect of gymnastics for the face and allow you to quickly get visible results.

Tip number 2. Do gymnastics consciously

During face-to-face training, you are in the moment “here and now”. Do not be distracted by your thoughts and feelings, do not watch TV, do not communicate in parallel with your home. Devote these 15 minutes entirely to yourself. Do each exercise consciously, keeping in mind your target slide, where you are beautiful and young, full of energy and strength, you are told compliments, you catch admiring glances on yourself.

Tip number 3. Enjoy the process

Turn face gymnastics into a small celebration, into an evening ritual. Find a comfortable, quiet place, whether it's your favorite armchair or yoga mat on the floor. Turn on relaxing music or one of the Transerfing meditations. Light scented candles or a lamp. Make yourself tea with slices of fruit and rose petals, as we usually recommend when doing Transerfing practices.

For information on how to turn sport into pleasure, read the article “How to increase the effect of playing sports? Secrets of Transerfing. "

Beauty, youth and health in the complex

One must always start from the simple to the complex - and in order to become a healthy and beautiful person, it is necessary to bring oneself and one’s life into balance gradually. It is best to start with youth and facial beauty. But in order to get really impressive results, it is also advisable to work with the body, harmonize the mind and listen to your soul.

It is not enough to deal only with your beauty, because the face does not live separately from the body. Therefore, if you do facial massages 4 times a week and buy expensive skin care products, but you do not harmonize your body and mind, then all this will not be reflected in your reality. If you strive for harmony of the body, face, mind and soul - your whole life will begin to change for the better.

Working with the body using simple bodily-energy practices will enhance the effect of gymnastics for the face.. Allowing energy to flow freely through your entire body, you are completely transformed, become lighter in every sense, begin to glow with health and beauty from the inside. The balance of face and body will help you maintain youth and become a harmonious personality in all respects.

Also, caring for the face and body is a sure way to learn to hear your Soul. And when your Soul “speaks to you in full voice”, your life will change: you will find your true goals, realize your calling, discover your talents and go through life in your own unique way. And vice versa - when you act in accordance with your creed and do what you love, your face changes and blossoms.

That is why, especially for those who want to change their lives, starting with themselves, to preserve the youth of their faces, beauty and health of the body, to be alert, healthy and energetic at any age - we have developedWellness-week online course, filled with face-lifting exercises, Transerfing tools, bodily-energy practices and recommendations for creating a healthy lifestyle.

We suggest you devote yourself 7 days to get real results in this short time, as well as a powerful charge of inspiration and motivation for further work!

  • In 7 days, accompanied by 3 coaches at once (for Transerfing, for working with the body and for faceforming), you will find a new state in which you are young, healthy and energetic - and very soon it will appear in reality!
  • Reprogram yourself for success and prosperity, health and youth.
  • Improve your physical fitness, tone your muscles, feel lightness and vigor.
  • Make your face skin firmer, your face will shine with youth and health - in a natural way!

You will have a desire to engage in yourself - and after the course is over it will only intensify! You can easily continue your independent work using the videos, exercises and practices!

10. Personal care

At least once a week is worth doing yourself. You can go on relaxing and tonic types of massage, take salt baths. Salt very well draws all the dirt from your pores. You can use a moisturizer suitable for age.

A hobby will not bother you. You must always be able to do something, and many have hobbies. This is a kind of hobby that helps to relax, it is a kind of relaxation and reassurance. A hobby can be either passive or active. Everyone chooses his own. The most important thing is to enjoy taking care of yourself.

Wash off your make-up for the night! Wrinkles emphasize bright and shiny shadows, and you should always remember this.

13. Metabolism

The older you are, the less you work with a function such as metabolism. Try to move more to improve this feature.

Although you work, you need to give yourself a break and be emotionally exhausted. If you do not do emotional discharge, this will lead to stress, a nervous breakdown. Of course, you shouldn’t break into the people around you, but you can find an alternative solution. For example, beat pillows, walls, shout in the forest or alone with yourself. There are a great many such options.

Dear women, take care of yourself!

The main rule of life is to monitor your appearance and health, correct them and help yourself improve from youth!