Useful Tips

How to sew a top?


Depending on the model, one top takes 1-3 hours and 0.5-1 m of fabric. First try to sew a simple model, and then you can proceed to a more complex cut.

What you need:

  • sewing machine,
  • thread with a needle or pins,
  • scissors,
  • tape measure,
  • chalk or remnant.

Fabric for the top will suit any, from chiffon to stretch jeans.

Measure your chest circumference and add 5 cm - this is the width of the fabric, make the length as desired. If you want to sew a straight-cut top, just sew the fabric in the form of a pipe. And so that he holds, insert a rubber band at the top or sew on straps. If you need a fitted top, divide the cut into 2 parts and sew on both sides, given the narrowing around the waist. Fold the bottom of the product in half and sew.

A few ideas on how to sew a knit top

When you already learned how to create elementary models of tops, you can start sewing more complex types. The advantage of such clothes is that even from a single cut of fabric, you can sew patterns that are different from each other.

Ideas for tailoring:

  • tops with thin and wide straps,
  • with an elastic band on the chest or stitched rubber threads at the top,
  • with straps that are tied around the neck,
  • top with bat sleeves,
  • with the American armhole,
  • with basky
  • with sleeves - "flashlights",
  • in linen style.

And also decorate tops with belts, braid, sequins, ribbons and any other decoration.

How to sew a top in linen style

Linen tops are sewn from light, flowing fabrics. Their distinguishing feature is a V-neck and thin straps, the creation of which usually causes difficulty. They are made from a slanting inlay, which can be bought at a store or made independently.

How to make straps for a linen top:

  • take a strip of cloth
  • the width of the tape should be 4 times thicker than future straps,
  • the length is equal to the total length of the armholes, sternum and straps,
  • Fold the edges of the cut to the middle and iron,
  • fold the workpiece in half, iron and sew.

Divide the trim in 3 parts - for two armholes and one long for the sternum and straps.

Cut the back and front of the fabric along with the V-neck. Top should be free. Sew the parts on the sides, sew the inlets on the armholes, then the front of the top and only then fasten the straps on the back.

If you are just learning to sew, a top is just the type of clothing that is easier to start with. Just a couple of meters of fabric, and 2–4 new clothes are ready for summer.

What top to sew for the summer?

A top is almost a T-shirt, but without sleeves. Everything seems to be simple. However, it can be imagined. Sew on a strapless top with narrow or wide straps. You can choose a model with sleeves with wings with a "swing" in front or behind. Long tunic tops or short ones under the chest look good, if the figure allows. They can be everyday or business. If you put on a light jacket, then even a strict dress code will adopt this style.

The material is preferably selected light, natural or mixed.

  • For the evening version, silk, satin, guipure, lace are suitable.
  • The choice of fabrics for everyday topics is presented in our online store with staple, viscose knitwear, chiffon, batiste, etc.

Buy what meets the idea.

How to sew a top with your own hands

Let's start with the simplest.

Such beauty can be sewn on the basis of a square cut, rounding the armhole line on the shelf, back and the line of okat.

Above and below, draw a drawstring, tucking the edges, and thread an elastic band. Make flashlight sleeves in the same way.

Peplum top

The product will be original and elegant if you sew a basque at the top. How to change it, having a ready-made basis for any shoulder product, is shown in the photo.

The basque is sewn along the top edge. Secret zipper is stitched from the left side.

The place of attaching the strapless is indicated in the photo. Their length is selected individually.

According to this pattern, you can sew a top for the girl and for her mother. Get a family look.

Elegant strapless top

Let's move on to a more complex model.

The top pattern is the same as before - that is, the basis.

  • Draw the top, semicircular line of the product.
  • The lower one passes right under the chest.

Do not forget about the tuck, which will fit the product exactly on the figure.

  • From a piece of cloth, cut out a rectangle on which to lay the folds. Its length is two or 2.5 times the length of the lower part - it depends on the desired depth of the folds.
  • To wrinkle folds, to iron.
  • Stitch to the top.

An additional decoration is lace sewn on the bodice and under the part with pleats, and a belt tied under the chest (it decorates the line of attaching).

Simple everyday model

It’s not difficult to sew such a top on straps. The upper part is sewn of sequin fabric, the lower - of fine knitwear. Concealed lightning bolt on the side. The length is selected individually.

For a better fit, a short tuck is made along the bottom of the bodice.

Feature - easy drapery on the bottom of the shelf. A schematic image is shown in the figure. To cut it, you need to cut the bottom part of the pattern in vertical lines and push it to the required width.

Short strapless model

Her other name is top bando. The peculiarity is that it fits snugly to the body above and below the chest, the middle part can be tight or loose. We described the second option a little higher. According to the captions for the photos, it’s clear how to sew the simplest bando.

And if you need a pattern - please. Scale the drawing according to your standards. Count how many cells are in the front, measure the half-circumference of the chest and divide by the number of cells. So you can find out their width.

In Word, enlarge the image by referring to the ruler at the top of the page. It remains to print, cut and sew.

There are many options. And with our fabrics, your wardrobe will replenish with bright and fashionable models.