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How to choose the right accessories for your look


There is no doubt at least one dress in your wardrobe. Perhaps it is festive, and maybe everyday. In any case, the beauty of your dress must be emphasized with accessories. And how to choose accessories for the dress so that your image looks like elegant and gorgeous in the picture?

What to be guided by when choosing shoes? Which bag to prefer? Scarves, straps, jewelry ... And what other stylish attributes will harmoniously fit your dress? You will learn about this from this article.

In addition, we will share with you three important rules that will help you easily create a delightful look using accessories.

Why do I need accessories in the image?

At first glance, it would seem, why do we need all these accessories? However, their role is very important. It is thanks to all kinds of small and large, bright and pastel details and accents that a clothing set becomes not just a hodgepodge of things, but a way. With the help of certain trifles, you form your own style.

Some girls do not see the point in accessories and waste of money, others are simply afraid to pick up something and look ridiculous as a result, while others, on the contrary, go too far with their number and often this image turns out to be very overloaded.

In order to avoid all this and start a harmonious relationship with accessories, you just need to delve a little into the topic. And for this, go down below and continue to read the article further)

So why do we need them?

  • Thanks to certain details, you can easily create or transform an image in a certain style. For example, a belt with pyramids will bring you closer with glam rock, and a small hat with a veil will add an atmosphere of feminine retro.
  • Accessories can act as a distracting maneuver, drawing all attention to yourself and distract from problem areas. For example, a sufficiently massive necklace will distract from the lush hips and beautifully emphasize the bust.
  • In times of eternal rush and lack of that very time, with the help of accessories you can quickly and freshly change your work, business, office or any other strict outfit for a date or going to a cafe with girlfriends. For this, for example, it is enough to unfasten a couple of buttons on the shirt, tie a bright scarf around the neck and put on stylish sunglasses.
  • Bright details, such as a bag, hat or scarf, can instantly take to a different level a casual fresh set consisting of blue jeans and a T-shirt, shirt or sweater. Just changing them, while remaining in the same clothes, you can look different every day, in a new and stylish way.

What types of accessories are there?

So, among the huge variety, these types are most often distinguished:

  • Headwear: hats, hats, berets, shawls, caps.
  • Scarves, shawls, scarves, boas.
  • Glasses: sunglasses and with transparent lenses (for vision correction or image).
  • Jewelry. For the ears: earrings and cuffs. For the neck: necklaces, pendants, beads, chokers, chains. For hands: rings, bracelets, watches.
  • Belts and belts.
  • Bags: shopper, cross-body, clutch, postman, suitcase, backpack.

How to choose accessories?

We have already decided that accessories are needed and important, but here, how do you pick them up?

- Pay attention to the size and proportions in general. For miniature and low girls, it is advisable to avoid too massive and bulky details, for example, a shopper bag or necklace that covers the entire neckline. A suspension on a thin chain and a laconic cross-body are better for them.

In turn, young ladies who have curvaceous forms should not choose small accessories, for example, the same clutch or choker, otherwise otherwise such details will only visually make you bigger and will not play in your favor. It is better to give preference to large enough, moderately noticeable, decorations, etc.

- Decide what needs to be emphasized and highlighted? If you need to focus on a thin waist, then choose a belt or belt, if you want to draw attention to manicure and hands in general - give preference to rings and bracelets. But, if, for example, you have scratches on your hands from a pet, then you definitely should not wear jewelry that draws attention to this area.

- In order not to overdo it and not overdo it with accents in the face, remember that no more than two accessories can be combined. For example, earrings and chain, earrings and hat, hat and chain, but not all together, otherwise you will overload the image.

- Colour. Please note that in sets where there is already a lot of color, prints, embroidery and patterns, the laconic accessories of calm tones look most harmonious. But in a monochrome image, you can safely add some bright note, for example, in the form of a red handbag.

- The style. Pick up earrings, necklaces, hats, etc. in accordance with the general orientation of the image. What does it mean? If you made an ethno-style kit, you don’t need to wear a sports watch or earrings with Swarovski stones, but a wide-brimmed soft hat, many bracelets and pendants will fit perfectly and will not violate the harmony of the outfit.

- Be especially careful when choosing sunglasses. They should look like one with you and the way, and not be pushed to the fore. If you want to buy glasses in a dark palette, then make sure that something is sure to pair them, be it your hair color, belt, T-shirt, bag or shoes. It is not recommended to wear black glasses for owners of a rather broad face, because they will only emphasize this, such girls are ideally suited for light and powdery shades or metal frames.

- Well, in the end, I would like to give you one small piece of advice that will help to speed up and facilitate the choice of this or that accessory when drawing up the image - make sure that they are all in sight. For example, the rings and watches in the corresponding boxes and caskets were not thrown into a drawer by a bunch, the belts hung on a hanger or hooks, the scarves were neatly folded and stacked in a pile on top of each other. This approach will not only keep order in your closet, on the dressing table or in the dressing room, but will also help you immediately appreciate all the goodness and quickly choose the necessary accessory.

Author: Ekaterina Malyarova
Image maker, creator of training on image and style, author of site. Since 2007, over 500 clients have gone shopping with me. More than 5,000 people attended training and seminars on image and style.

Rule 1 - Consider Your Color Type

When choosing accessories, as well as when choosing clothes, it is important to consider your color type of appearance. Especially if you choose an accessory that will be located near your face (scarf, earrings, necklace). Since the wrong shade can drown out your beauty and highlight the flaws. Choose products only in colors that suit you.

Each type of appearance has bright and neutral shades.

If, for example, you decide to wear clothes in calm colors, then its best complement would be an accessory in a bright design. And if today your choice fell on an outfit of rich colors, complete the look with a bag, bracelet or earrings in neutral colors.

Rule 3 - Consider the cut of your dress

For example, a plain dress in a simple style without unnecessary details goes well with conspicuous expressive accessories. And, conversely, for a bright dress that has an intricate pattern, choose an accessory of uncomplicated shape and a calm color. For dresses in a romantic style (from light materials with various frills and frills), rounded shapes are excellent.

4 rule - a little bit of good

Make sure that your image does not have a glut of accessories. This applies both to the number of products and their shape.

For example, if the upper part of your outfit is already decorated with additional decor (embroidery or print), then refrain from wearing beads, necklaces and other noticeable jewelry in this area.

Stylists believe that at the same time wearing a set of massive and bright jewelry is a bad idea. Ideally, if you wear one large thing, for example, a ring, and the earrings and necklace included with it will be much smaller and less noticeable.

Basic models of bags

Each modern woman of fashion in the wardrobe can count at least three different models of bags. And someone has dozens of them. And this is not surprising, because the variety of all kinds of shapes and colors attracts girls. In addition, it is worth changing only the bag in your image, as the general concept can radically change.

Let's see what types of bags can be combined with dresses of different styles and styles. And how to assemble a minimal but basic set of this indispensable accessory.

Let's start with the basic set of necessary women's bags.

Stylists advise having three universal bags in their arsenal. The first is a medium-sized classic rectangular bag with a hard bottom. The second is a small bag over your shoulder or backpack. The third is a clutch.

Colors for base bags, professionals are advised to choose neutral, in light or dark colors. When choosing light options, pay attention to such colors as beige, light gray, light brown. For a dark base bag, shades of blue, brown, gray, and eggplant are perfect.

To a sports dress or dresses of a free cut - a small backpack is ideally suited. Also, handbags such as a bag-tablet over the shoulder, large bag-bags made of soft texture and folding clutches can also harmoniously complement your look.

It is important to note the following

- For everyday wear, all jewelry should not be too massive. One large and eye-catching accessory is allowed, while the rest are smaller.

- If your jewelry is from one set, then a full set, stylists are advised to wear only for special occasions. And on weekdays, limit yourself to one or two products from the kit.

- In some cases, you can wear up to five jewelry at a time. But, only if they are small. For example, you can add one a little wider to a thin chain. Or put on a few thin bracelets at once in addition to the rest of the accessories.

The main types of female figures

It depends on how much one or another necklace, beads, bracelet or earrings will look spectacular.

It is believed that there are only five different types of female figures, but we will consider the three most common of them.

It is characterized by the presence of light weight in the upper part of the body, small size of the bust and waist, toned legs and arms, full hips.

Recommendations for the figure - “pear”

  • Beads should be long and large. They visually lengthen the figure of their owner, allow you to hide many shortcomings,
  • It is recommended to choose wooden earrings with a small pendant or models made in the form of droplets,
  • When choosing a bracelet, it is recommended to pay attention to "medium" bracelets. They should not be too wide or narrow.

Recommendations for the figure - “inverted triangle”

  • Experts advise choosing medium-sized wooden beads. You can not wear short ones - they visually emphasize the disproportionality of the figure. Long beads will emphasize the large volume of the hips that most girls, on the contrary, want to hide,
  • You can choose any earrings - in this regard, it all depends on the preferences of their future owner. They can be short or elongated - it does not play any role,
  • It is recommended to choose a massive bracelet. In this case, it will not come into contrast with the volume of the hips, but will look spectacularly and attractively on the wrist of its owner.

Recommendations for the figure - “rectangle”

  • Beads can be both short and long, in this regard, this type is universal,
  • Earrings should be small - can be long and narrow or wide, but short,
  • You need to choose neat and small wooden bracelets,
  • Much depends on the female figure - and this must be taken into account when choosing accessories.

Last few tips

Young girls are advised to wear jewelry with medium beads. Women are a bit older than average length, preferably decorated with a pendant. The most universal ones are long ones; if necessary, they can always be worn in several turns around the neck or to tie a knot with the ends tipped back.

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