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10 useful things from cardboard do it yourself


Cardboard is a universal material from which you can make not only boxes, but also various crafts, as well as things that are quite useful in everyday life.

This environmentally friendly material is not difficult to find, and it is quite simple to work with it.

Here we have collected the most interesting and useful things that you can do from cardboard at home or in the country.

How to make cardboard organizer for cables / cords / wires

- cardboard sleeves from toilet paper

- a cardboard box (ideal for shoes)

- adhesive tape or glue to hold the sleeves together (optional)

* The number of bushings depends on the number of cables and the space in the box.

* You can fill the box with sleeves in full or in half to leave room for larger items.

* So that the bushings do not hang in the box and fit snugly against each other, you can fasten them with tape or glue.

Another option for a cardboard stand for a laptop

- ruler (preferably metal)

- a place where you can cut (a board or a special rug)

- glue (PVA or hot).

* Dimensions of parts, choose according to the size of your computer.

* Make cuts on parts about 6 cm.

* This stand was designed for 13 and 15-inch laptops.

* Use glue to secure all parts starting from the bottom.

* Allow the glue to dry before testing the stand.

Triangular shoe rack made of cardboard boxes

- scissors or stationery knife

- Ruler and pencil

* Each module in this shelf is a triangular tube. Its size depends on the size of the shoes.

First you should make one module.

1. First, cut the cardboard, divide it with a pencil and a ruler into 3 parts, bend it into a triangle and fasten it with a wide adhesive tape.

2. Create a few more modules this way.

3. Each row of triangular modules must be glued to a piece of cardboard for stability.

4. You can put another cardboard box on top.

DIY cardboard shelves (photo)

1. Prepare the cardboard. If you have boxes, then straighten them.

2. Now you need to make a hexagon from a sheet of cardboard. To do this, you need to make additional folds, one on each of the two largest sides of the cardboard.

3. Place the box straight and make a couple of cuts (see image) so that the upper parts of the figure can be bent toward the center.

Turn the figure and repeat the same thing, only you need to bend the cardboard parts not to the center, but to the inside.

4. In this example, the upper and lower parts (which you bent to the center) are connected using special plastic mounts. You can also use a large stapler and / or PVA glue / hot glue.

5. The modular shelf is ready. Take a few more and connect them together.