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How to remember a password: a few tricks


Introduction it should be noted that the recommendations in the following material are not for tracking and intercepting passwords. We only want to suggest how to regain access to your informationstored on an encrypted device or Internet service account, if suddenly forget password.

As it turns out, this is not so unlikely. More than one user experienced problems logging into Windows after returning from a two-week vacation. Not to mention unpacking the ZIP archives encrypted many years ago or logging into an account that has not been used for many years.

It is not surprising that users who do not use the same password for all cases (quite prudently) are forced to restore or reset passwords from time to time.

Password - degree of protection, risk of hacking and a pinch of theory

The security provided by strong passwords and the associated risk of hacking are incredibly complex issues. Theory by theory, and the great technological progress in recent years, has greatly influenced the likelihood of capturing confidential data, accounts in online stores or digital user credentials. A long and complex password provides only superficial security - in the next part of the material we will talk about why.

One side, processing power the relatively small computer cluster (a group of interconnected computers for high performance), which has only two dozen video cards, is so large that it can "crack" a password of eight characters in a few hours through a simple enumeration of all possible combinations of characters.

Of course, you can imagine a counterargument that increasing the length of the password will lead to an increase in the time required for password selection. Although this is a correct assumption, it only works in theory. Attackers some time ago switched to other methods of cracking passwords. Even shortcut databases, known as character-calculating arrays that collect hash values ​​to reduce the time it takes to determine a password, are slowly fading away.

Password - list of access codes

First of all, due to the numerous cases of mass hacking of accounts in Internet services that have occurred in recent years, there are currently a huge number of widely used passwords in the public domain. As a result of these intrusions, the data of millions of customers was stolen. Some access codes were stored explicitly and were published on the Internet, others became the subject of financial transactions.

With such a password database, it’s enough to combine it with multilingual dictionaries to conduct effective attacks. Processing a few million words can be done much faster than sequentially sorting through billiards of possible combinations of characters.

However, this is not the end, because the list of passwords stolen by cybercriminals gives information about the patterns used to create the password. Although simple solutions such as password, 1234. or the names of the children are no longer used as often as before, but the inclusion of ordinary words and the use of patterns are still on the agenda.

Very popular, for example, is the method of replacing letters according to the pattern used in slang Leet speak. So, for example, the word kalkulator turns into a little more complicated k4lkul470r. Some users supplement the passwords created in this way with the name of the portal or service. But, such passwords do not provide the proper level of security, because they have long been featured in dictionary files circulating on the Internet.

On the other hand, there are many hardware solutions for which security is poor. For example, earlier versions of Android lock the screen after only five failed code attempts. You can repeat the entry after 30 seconds. If you automate this process, then guessing a four-digit sequence of numbers will take no more than 17 hours.

For the price of 35 euros you can buy a special device - USB Rubber Ducky, which will complete this task. Protection is fixed only in the latest version of Android (Marshmallow). Much safer in this matter is iOS and Windows Phone.

Password for online service accounts

Above, we presented some “behind the scenes” passwords and attack methods on security systems. We described methods for creating and remembering strong passwords in a separate article. The question remains password reset. This operation is often necessary in the case of social media accounts.

In principle, any service, such as an online store, portal, social network or thematic forum, provides the ability to restore access to your account by email address. The system automatically sends a message to the account holder, which contains a special link. By clicking it, the user can set a new password for accessing the service.

This shows how important mailbox protection is. If an attacker manages to obtain a password for the email address of his victim, he will be able to use the password reset function to get to all sites registered with this email address. Therefore, you need to take care of mailbox security to some extent.

In addition to the password reset function, there are several more solutions for the forgetful. These include, in particular, generating code using an application or receiving a password in an SMS message. Google and other major portals even allow you to use security methods such as 2-step verification. There is also a password reset system through the correct answer to the "secret" question. Such protection does not cost much, since attackers can get an answer through social engineering (social engineering).

Restoring access to Windows without an installation disk

When the login screen appears, turn off the computer by pressing the power switch on the back of the chassis or by unplugging the plug.

Attention! The editors are not responsible for possible damage to the computer. Although this rarely happens.

Instead of a button Starting Windows as normal select item Starting the recovery tool at boot (recommended). Wait for the system to deal with data loading. Windows will ask if you want to restore the system using the restore function. Click the Cancel button. The system will begin actions to eliminate them. After a few minutes, a list box appears at the bottom of the screen. Show problem details. Expand it and scroll to the bottom.

Click on the link X: /windows/system32/en-US/erofflps.txtto open a text editor. In the editor window, select the menu FileOpen and go to the / windows / system32 directory on the C system partition:

In the lower right corner there is a drop-down list with the option selected by default Text Documents (* .txt). Select item in it All files (*.*). Select the Utilman.exe file, right-click it and select rename. Temporarily change the file name, for example, to Utilman1.exe. Similarly, replace the file name Cmd.exe with Utilman.exe. Click the Cancel button, and then close the editor window and system recovery tools.

After you confirm the action with the Close button, the system will restart. The login screen will appear on the screen. Click then icon Special abilities in the lower right corner. A command prompt window will appear. Enter net user [name_user] *by replacing the variable [name_user] with your own name.

The system will ask you to enter and retype the new password. Press the Enter key. Close the text console window. Now you can log in without entering a password. Remember, however, that a new password must be assigned to the account.

Password - Mobile Access

When you lose access to an account on a mobile device, it is not necessary to reset it, losing all the data. Having access to your Google account, you can use the application to unlock the lock screen - as is possible with other applications.

The free app for Android smartphones is the [Free] Screen UnLock / Lock. In addition, the commercial Screen Lock Bypass Pro application is available. Both applications are very easy to use. A little more effort is required to remove the lock via Android Debug Bridge.

Users of a locked iPhone have at their disposal only methods proposed by the manufacturer. Apart from them, there are no tricks that would help unlock the screen. But at least you can restore the device from a previously created backup on iTunes, so you don’t have to configure everything again, as it does when using safe mode.

Windows Phone smartphones can be reset remotely and even delete their contents. In addition, you can get a similar effect by pressing a specific sequence of keys. One way or another, you have to put up with the loss of all data in the smartphone's memory.

Logical chain: why is mnemonics so important?

So, if you forgot your password, your first action is to calm down. It has never disappeared (at least, a system that completely erases a person’s memory has not yet been invented). That is why you can always restore all the information that you forgot by simply giving a certain key to your brain. Usually this is an association or a logical chain, on the basis of which a combination is made. That is why the first thing to do if you can’t remember the desired sequence is to search for a key phrase.

Usually, users, creating a secret combination, try to draw a certain analogy between it and something important for themselves. Often this is personal information: date of birth or wedding, name, surname, middle name or middle name of parents, husband, children. By the way, this is not recommended, as a good hacker will calculate such a password in two accounts.

Thus, in order to recall the old secret code, write down all your personal data on the fly, as well as significant dates and try to make combinations of them. However, this method has one significant drawback - even if you manage to recall an approximate set of letters of numbers, this torment will not be allowed. To restore the desired code, this will not be enough - you still need to guess the layout, and calculate which letters are capital, some urgent.

All these tips will not help at all when solving the question: “How can I recall the graphic code?”. This is a kind of key with which the owner can protect his phone or tablet. If you forget it, then there will be 5 attempts, after which the gadget will be blocked. However, there are two reasonable solutions to this situation: recall the account information or even return to the factory settings. In the first case, you must enter the email address used by the smartphone and the secret alphanumeric combination of the otjashik. This will mean that you have fully confirmed your identity and you can change the coveted key. The second method should be saved in the end, since an emergency reboot of the system will completely delete all the phone data (including the one that it was blocked with a graphic key). However, you can irrevocably lose phone numbers, personal photos and videos that were stored in the device’s memory. To prevent this from happening — always back up your data.

How to remember the password for an account in Instagram?

The password for the account in social networks is in the TOP of the most forgotten. The thing is that many of the users open their favorite social network on the same page as the gadget. To make the process go as quickly as possible, they simply enter the code into the device. Of course, this cannot be done, because your device may not be known with your hands. In addition, after spending several months in this mode, you can not access your favorite social network from another device. This time is enough to completely forget the combination of numbers.

You can solve this problem using e-mail, Facebook or a phone number. If the password is from the Instagram, you turned on Odnoklassniki already because you don’t remember, select the password change function and your Gmail (or another mailbox) will receive a message with a new password. This action will also help if you forgot the secret combination of the Microsoft account. This is practically the only way to restore without visiting a service center.

Avot for recovering the Sberbank’s refusal password will not be enough of these actions — for this, you should call the ivbank, approach the ivbank branch, and worry about data security. Also, to save money on your card, it’s not necessary to write down the password anywhere — it can become the property of a fraudster. That is why the birth dates of loved ones are most often used for the password. If you forgot your password and don’t want to go to the nearest branch, try entering the most important data for you. However, remember that there will be only 5 attempts to check all versions of uvs. After that, the ATM simply confiscates your card.

How to remember the password from VK, mail and other Internet accounts?

Each active Internet user sometimes has more than a dozen different accounts on social networks, several email addresses registered in different domains, and a number of personal accounts in online stores, banking and government institutions. Registration with any of them implies the presence of a iparol login. If the first one is most often used as an email address or phone number, the secret code must be strictly individual. If uvs one combination for all occasions - be prepared for the fact that your personal data will be easy prey to any more or less savvy hacker. The abundance of electronic passwords plus the telephone code — a continuous mess of numbers and letters forms in your head. This has already led to the fact that every second user zagod forget most of all this information. The most logical and correct solution to this problem could be a note made by a diary or a folder with passwords on the desktop (which are securely hidden among other information). But this bright thought usually comes to the head already when the necessary combination does not want to be remembered, and the information is needed here now.

How to remember Apple product password?

If you forgot your Apple user account password, you can recover it using two-step or two-phase verification.

Having forgotten the password for the iPhone, you just need to enter the recovery code and receive confirmation of the device handed over. But if you forgot your password from ikaylaud uuvas there is no access to the gadget, the situation becomes more complicated. However, it can be completely resolved with a recovery code. Avot in case of loss of the specified device, as well as the necessary recovery combination, it is no longer possible to do something with a password. Uvas, there’s simply no choice — you recall the cherished numbers, or you are completely left without an account (which is not very good in principle). In this case, android users are left to win. With this operating system, passwords can always be reset by completely rebooting the system.

Remembering the password you need is a tough job and requires some effort. Many people in a hopeless situation (when the coveted code is needed just desperately) spend hours trying to remember the combination, hire professional hackers, or go on a meeting with a medical therapist. To prevent swami from doing this, always write down your passwords, without forgetting to hide their alien eyes well.

How to remember the password of the post on Yandex?

Restoring a secret combination of numbers and letters on Yandex is quite simple — give an answer to the key question. When registering, each new user leaves a secret message in the future, in case he ever forgets the necessary code. When you enter the system a wrong combination several times, you will be offered a passphrase. The answer in the best case will be your password, the worst - will tell you which direction you should look for. For example, if you select the name of your beloved teacher as the leading question, it is only natural that it will be encrypted in a password. Avot to indicate as a suggestive question the data of the card is not valid. In this way, hackers will gain access to their current bank account.

A similar system of secret questions is used in order to remember the password of the Google account. Do not forget that if you still couldn’t remember the cherished combination - order a new password, which the system will automatically send you the phone number you selected.

How to remember the password of fake-fay?

Otuvayfaya password - a combination that your smartphone or tablet remembers automatically. We practically do not remember it until we have a new gadget that should be connected to the Internet network. It can be very difficult to remember a password from wifi, because every owner of an Internet signal distribution point tries to protect it as reliably as possible. And this is not surprising, because wifi with weak protection is quickly becoming the prey of enterprising neighbors.

Чтоже делать, когда пароль отроутера напрочь забыт? Если после бесплодных попыток вам неудалось подобрать нужную комбинацию, топопробуйте ввести заводской логин ипароль. Если даже после этого вынесмогли подключить свое устройство— выполните сброс настроек нароутере. It will be returned to the factory settings and then the password specified on the device will work fine.