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What cowards are better for men: the opinion of urologists


Allowable minimum of men's underwear. Due to the high percentage of cotton and a small amount of fabric, slips are especially good in the summer in combination with shorts, breeches made of dense non-adherent materials (denim, dense cotton).

A plus: This is the most comfortable type of underwear. Approximately the same height of the rise and the absence of branches - the best option for jeans.

Minus: classic trousers, summer linen trousers that fit sweatpants are incompatible with them, because the seam line of the slip will be visible.

Half boxers

This is the most versatile men's underwear. Half-boxers are combined with all kinds of trousers, tights and will be a real salvation for those who prefer swimming trunks. Seamless boxers are winners in the contest of utility, comfort and functionality. For the classic dress code “pants, shirt, jacket” is the number one. Outwardly, it is impossible to see a single trace of their presence, and a high percentage of microfiber gives a high supporting, restraining and masking function. Slightly less convenience and fit jeans and sportswear due to low thermal conductivity.

A plus: superelasticity guarantees the immobility of this underwear and negates the risk of telling others their preferences in color.

Minus: when sewing, fully synthetic materials are used, which is doubtful for summer time.

Ideal for jeans and pants made of thicker, inelastic materials (cotton).

A plus: this thing is a classic of men's underwear. Neutral colors, eco-friendly materials, tight fixing gum and seams. They have no cons.

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Which men's underwear is the safest?

Doctors assure that the right choice of underwear for the boy is important from an early age so that the testicles develop correctly, and this is possible only in normal "not constricting" conditions. Underpants should lie on hips freely and not press the scrotum to the thigh. Also pay attention to whether there is a special sleeve for the convenient location of the scrotum in the selected model of underwear.

In addition to the fact that the linen should not be tight, it should be sewn from natural fabric. The best option is cotton. Underpants should be light and not cause discomfort while wearing. Swimming trunks made of synthetic fabrics are best left for training in the gym. For daily wear, only natural “breathing” tissues are suitable that will not lead to overheating of the genitals.

While the laundry should be free, it should not be too loose. The style of "family underpants" is not the best option for maintaining the reproductive function of men.

Choose underwear by type of fabric

Tight underpants to wear daily is strictly prohibited. They can be used during a trip to the river or to the gym. In all cases, you can’t go in such swimming trunks. Otherwise, it is possible to provoke the development of diseases of the genitourinary system and problems with erection.

If you want to know which pants are more beneficial for a man’s health, then the answer is unequivocal - loose shorts such as boxers made of natural fabrics. Today, at the peak of fashion is bamboo viscose. This fabric resembles silk to the touch. It is very pleasant to the body, while durable and has antibacterial properties (which is very important). The fabric can be any color with or without print. It is important that it is of high quality, does not fade and does not change shape during washing

Choose underwear according to the style

When choosing underwear, the coloring or brand is not so important as the correctly selected style. Loose shorts “family pants” are the most comfortable. They do not press light and do not press anywhere. This is ideal for men with a beer belly of a dense physique. Boxers are a modernized form of shorts, which is preferred by young people because of the fashionable look and maximum comfort. For their sewing, stretch fabrics are used, which allows you to more fit the hips while not restricting movement. Swimming trunks are not the best model for men's health, but some men stubbornly use this particular form of underpants for daily wear. It’s hard for guys with a large volume of the lower thigh to find the right boxers.

Today, manufacturers of underwear produce a huge number of diverse models of men's underpants. It is necessary to wear men's briefs correctly so that they do not rub, do not compress the genitals and do not cause excessive sweating in the inguinal region. It is better to build on this when choosing your ideal model.

Model Selection: Basic Tips

Even the appearance of the shorts must comply with special rules. They are fairly standard in length and width, so most likely the models presented in the sports store are suitable for use in training and in combat. It is important to focus not on appearance, but primarily on quality. Shorts should be:

  • free for the boxer - no constraint, no crushing parts, if possible, this part of the equipment should be chosen so that it does not feel on the body at all, but at the same time it sits securely,
  • equipped with a special fixation on the belt, which will help maintain the athlete’s press in a constant tone and stimulate the active work of the entire abdominal muscle group, but at the same time stretch a bit and not squeeze the skin,
  • having a special style - shorts should extend downwards and at the same time have cuts that do not hamper the movement of the athlete's legs.

He may also need sports pants - they are used in training. Like boxing shorts, underpants are quite loose, but they are not subject to such stringent requirements. It is acceptable to buy a model without cuts for the legs and with the usual elastic band on the belt. Cowards can be replaced with new ones over time, it’s just a “consumable” for an athlete.

Fabric tips

Shorts should be sewn from a specific fabric - it can be satin, satin or polyester. This is very important, and it is the material that plays a special role in creating comfort for the athlete. The fabric should be:

  • breathable - shorts should have excellent breathability and not create a "greenhouse effect",
  • strong - the material must be resistant even to possible tears, so that nothing happens to him in battle,
  • sliding - the fabric should create such an effect that will allow the athlete to be more dexterous in training and in battle, and also eliminate the rubbing of the skin and the appearance of discomfort.

The main task of the material is to prevent intense sweating. The athlete should not be hot neither from the fabric nor from the hard work: shorts should help “cool” the body, create a pleasant effect of light cool. Also, the fabric should not fade and wear out quickly. That is why it is worth choosing shorts from a trusted manufacturer - he monitors the quality of the materials he chooses.

It is also worth choosing a bright fabric. Color does not carry any functional features, but has psychological significance: shorts of bright colors distract the attention of the enemy and even ... can intimidate him!

Well-fitting mid-length shorts that do not constrain movements are a great choice. But it is worth being prepared for the fact that such a part of the equipment will cost a lot. This is normal. Shorts are chosen once and for a long period of time, and there is nothing wrong with paying dearly for them in training and in battles without any problems and not feel any discomfort.