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If you like to travel, then you probably know several methods of how to pack your bags most effectively.

Here are some tips you might find useful when you are planning on the road, from how to fold a t-shirt, to recommendations on how to put the maximum number of things in a small suitcase and hide things in shoes.

How to pack a suitcase

1. Cycle your shoes

Shoes are a great way to use every inch of free space.

Wrap underwear and socks in shoes or sneakers. In turn, wrap the shoes in a separate bag or plastic bag. Place each shoe on the bottom of the suitcase.

2. Start folding things

Undoubtedly, wrapping things in rolls is one of the best packing methods to save space and reduce the number of wrinkles on clothing.

3. Master the army type of folding clothes

This method is most suitable for t-shirts.

Fold both sleeves inward and the bottom of the t-shirt behind. Now fold each side inward toward the center, stacking them on top of each other. Wrap the entire T-shirt from top to bottom, using both lapels to tuck it in.

4. How to pack in a small suitcase

Place the shirt horizontally on the suitcase so that the sleeves hang down. Place jeans on top of the shirt, leaving the legs out. Fold them on top of each other, tucking them in.

5. Stack things like files in a folder

If you don't like folding things, try the fill method.

Present each piece of clothing as a file in a folder. Fold each one vertically. So you can see all things upon arrival.

6. Use sealing bags

To keep things like this together in one place in your suitcase, use small food bags.

Separate cosmetics, hair clips and other hair accessories. Put items of the same category in a separate bag. Wrap bags in the side or front pockets of your suitcase.

7. Use vacuum bags

Fold or fold things into a knot, and then fold the bag to let the air out.

How to pack in a suitcase

Here are some more tips on how to pack when you are on the go.

· In order not to lose the small earrings, fasten them on the buttons.

· To keep the bras in shape, fold them into each other, and then double them, putting the underwear inside.

· To protect clothes from dirty soles of shoes, put them in a shower cap.

· Fragile items such as perfume bottles can be put on socks.

· Instead of taking bulky cosmetic bottles with you, squeeze a small amount into the lens containers.

· To prevent liquid products from spilling, unscrew the lid on the bottles, wrap them with cling film and screw the lid back on.

· If the razor does not have a cap, use paper clips to protect the sharp blade.


  • Start with a neutral color suit.
  • Pick up the tops, handbags, shoes and other accessories that go with it.
  • Minimize clothing with patterns.
  • Use accessories or color accents to change the look (people more remember what is above).
  • Lay out everything on the bed to visually assess how everything fits together and see what is missing.
  • Simple forms combine with the greatest number of things.
  • Dress in layers to adapt to climate change.
  • Try on all the things before you pack them.
  • Make sure that the underwear is combined with the clothes that are cooked.
  • If you are traveling for more than three days, take into account the need to wash your underwear in the room.
  • You should like all the things you take with you.
  • Carry jewelry, a cell phone, and an organizer with you.
  • Take loose clothing with you.


  1. Gray suit with a pink top for a meeting
  2. Gray suit with a blue knit top for presentation
  3. Gray pants with a pink top for a drink with the client
  4. Gray trousers with a knit kit for visiting the company
  5. Gray pants with a blue knit top for a dinner with a client
  6. Black pants with a pink top for a banquet
  7. Black trousers with a blue knit top for an informal evening out
  8. Workshop black trousers
  9. Black dress with a cardigan for a meeting at lunch
  10. Black dress with a gray jacket from a suit for a meeting at breakfast
  11. Black cocktail dress

The most versatile travel attribute, a jacket is worn with trousers (for greater representativeness) or separately with other things to create a business look

It has a coat of a suit jacket or jacket (but better tolerates the road) and is able to revive and give a touch of femininity to any pants, suit or skirt.

A universal base for a suit jacket, white shirt, glass top trimmed with an evening top and many other things. They tolerate the road well: dirt or creases are not visible.

Completely transforms the appearance in combination with various accessories - from a jacket with a neckerchief in the daytime to a pearl necklace and stilettos in the evening