Useful Tips

A passport is not a decree for flowers: to give different bouquets to girls and mature women - why on earth?


Having learned how to buy flowers for a woman correctly, you will be able to present her with such bouquets that will ensure her respect and show you how much she cares.

Whoever this woman is (a wife, girl, mother, daughter or someone you want to get to know better), having learned to buy flowers correctly, you can choose a composition and buy flowers in Moscow so that it matches each specific case.

Do not forget about traditional holidays, such as Valentine's Day or the Eighth of March. Of course, you can simply give a card or dust in your eyes with a more substantial gift, but flowers will always be appropriate.

  • On popular days when everyone is buying flowers in bulk, don’t wait to buy the last minute. You will be left with a poor choice and flowers of mediocre quality.

Celebrate important events in your personal life with floral gifts.Do not ignore birthdays, anniversaries, having children, graduations, or getting a new job.

Find reasons to send flowers for any reason.

  • Thank colleagues for their help on the project. Make sure that flowers sent to friends and colleagues will not contain romantic overtones. Make it fun and with friendly intentions. For example, send chamomiles instead of a bouquet of red roses.
  • Show your continuing interest in a woman after a successful first date. By sending flowers, you will increase your chances of a second date.
  • Apologize or accept her apology through flowers. Flowers help smooth out difficult moments and say that in a personal meeting you feel awkward. Using them to make peace is much easier.

Buy roses for romance. Roses, especially red ones, symbolize passion and romance.

  • If red roses have become a tradition in your relationship and are no longer a surprise, you can occasionally switch to another color (orange or coral) or add other flowers to the bouquet. You can dilute roses with tulips or asters known for the “flowers of love." For other ideas, contact the store florist.

Find out what each color symbolizes to put the right message in the gift.

  • Violet color (purple, crimson) symbolizes love at first sight. Orange expresses desire, and yellow expresses friendly feelings.
  • Pink flowers show gratitude and admiration. They will be a good choice for a gift for mom or beloved aunt.
  • If you are not sure what you want to say, give a colorful bouquet. The expression of feelings will be subtle, and the mixing of colors will look bright and fun.

Consider giving a potted flower instead of cut flowers. Some women prefer potted plants because they last much longer and leave a constant reminder of a relationship or event. Flowering plants (for example, orchids) can stand for a long time and will remind the woman that she is special, every time she looks at the flower that you gave her.

Who and why invented floral etiquette?

When viewed over pink glasses, European floral etiquette of the 17th – 19th centuries reveals a very unenviable position for women. The reputation of a faithful wife and a chaste bride seemed to be solid capital, which should be jealously guarded. The responsible gentlemen approached the choice of bouquets for the ladies very carefully: the excessively ardent confessions expressed in the language of flowers compromised the woman, and the sentence of light was often not subject to appeal.

Information about the flower symbolism of the young man was drawn from the travel notes of the French traveler Aubrey de Mottray and letters from Lady Montague, the wife of the English ambassador to Turkey. While living in Istanbul, both authors did a good job of learning the language of flowers, “Selam,” which was used by Sultan concubines to arrange secret meetings with fans.

After moving from the harem to high-class salons, the flower alphabet ceased to be a cunning trick of lovers and turned into one of the conventions piled up around the courtship ritual. For the sake of decency, the bouquets were made in such a way as to emphasize the good intentions of the gentleman and the woman's ability to observe herself. At the same time, the standards of the ladies' behavior were revised depending on her age and marital status, so the bouquets for the unmarried young lady and the mother of the family looked different.

Bouquets for young girls: admiration for simplicity

Gallant gentlemen showed miracles of ingenuity to please the girl and not give cause for gossip. The basis of the composition is traditionally made up of flowers of light and pastel shades - white, cream, soft pink, blue, purple or pale yellow. The discreet palette of the bouquet symbolized spiritual purity, modesty and tenderness - a basic set of characteristics of an enviable bride from a decent family.

Bright red, variegated and burgundy flowers on long stems were perceived as a hint of an intimate relationship and compromised the girls of marriageable age. For the sake of exception, it was allowed to send a young woman one scarlet rose after a noisy ball - a sign of personal attention and a proposal to get to know each other better.

A bouquet for a girl under 25 years old should not have been too lush. Instead of voluminous open flowers, they took buds, branches of flowering shrubs and half-opened flowers, which were associated with youth and the awakening of femininity. Plants were collected in small neat bouquets, for wild flowers a free layout with a touch of negligence was allowed.

Too expensive and rare flowers in girls' bouquets were also not welcomed - such a bouquet obliges a lot. Luxurious roses and exotic orchids were cherished for matchmaking or engagement, and relations were supposed to start with unpretentious spring or garden flowers, such as snowdrops, tulips, lilies, peonies, primroses, lilies of the valley, crocuses, spray roses and gesso. Daffodils were presented after a quarrel or a long quarrel, offering to resume dates, and the flowering branch of hawthorn replaced the applause of a tireless singer.

In summer, it was not forbidden to present the young lady with a bouquet of wildflowers. Cornflowers, bells, chamomiles, daisies, wild carnations and forget-me-nots set in a romantic mood and elegantly set off youthful liveliness and spontaneity.

But gladioli, red garden carnations, callas and anthuriums for some reason attributed to male flowers, the appearance of which in a girl’s bouquet was considered bad manners.

Pale pink and pale yellow roses - a symbol of youth and freshness

Wildflowers - the best decoration for the peasant young lady

A bouquet of white roses symbolizes the purity of a young girl

Gorgeous white roses and modest daisies - an unexpected but stylish solution

A fine selection of pink nuances in a flower basket with dahlias, asters and gerberas

White dream of the tropics: a luxurious bouquet of roses and orchids

Fresh tulips in buds emphasize the charm of youth

Pink flowers - a graceful sign of attention for a girl on marriageable age

A classic girlish bouquet gives out light pastel colors and a rounded shape

Primroses in girl’s bouquets conquer with tenderness and spontaneity

Cornflowers in a bouquet speak of a deep trust in a girl

Soft color contrasts in girlish bouquets: green hydrangeas set off the whiteness of roses and orchids

Bouquet of white roses and peonies in the form of a drop with an emphasis on hydrangea of ​​a lavender hue

A bouquet of multi-colored alstomeria on long stems looks natural and relaxed

Blue and purple accents add an element of intrigue to a simple bouquet of white flowers

Purple roses in a bouquet play up to girlish dreams

Roses, tulips and hydrangea: all shades of pink in one bouquet

Bouquets for beautiful ladies

When arranging bouquets for mature women, florists strove for harmony and proportionality, balancing deep juicy colors with calm light and pastel colors. For example, the combination of white with yellow or orange in a gift composition expressed joy, delight and pleasure from communication. The combination of white and blue extolled the woman’s wisdom, and a bouquet of blue and yellow flowers thanked the zealous home-keeper for loyalty to the family and unlimited patience. For the most solemn moments, compositions of white and red flowers, equivalent to royal honors, were intended.

In monobouquets - pink, yellow, pastel, blue and purple flowers. Moderately motley colors were also allowed - for example, coral roses or hybrid tulips. Bright red and burgundy flowers remained the prerogative of her husband, groom or lover. Even Lieutenant Rzhevsky would have thought about it before handing a bouquet of red roses to an unfamiliar lady, equivalent to a declaration of passionate love and lust.

Compositions intended for business women were distinguished by a laconic design and emphasized restrained colors. The only decoration of elegant expensive packaging is a small neat bow, ribbon or greeting card with a gift inscription.

The basis of the composition is medium-sized cultured flowers, odorless. Most often, in business bouquets there are factory roses, gerberas, eustomas, alstomeria, and delphinium. It is also allowed to use some “male” flowers - for example, garden carnations, anthuriums or callas. It is not recommended to include bush roses, peonies, dahlias, asters, irises, daisies and wildflowers in the composition, since the role of a public figure excludes romantic associations. Blue and blue shades that arouse fantasy, were also banned.

An exquisite bouquet of tulips in the Flemish style: a rich palette and complex geometry

A delicate bouquet with white and pink roses is a compliment that is always appropriate

Country lyrical miniature: a languid pastel cloud with red and green accents in a handmade wicker basket

A large bouquet of red roses - a declaration of passion

Classic business bouquet: discreet colors

White chrysanthemums and cotton with orange roses portend joy

Cheerful fan bouquet: yellow, orange and purple shades

Autumn study in coral tones: chrysanthemums and roses in bright spray of viburnum berries

Asymmetric bouquet with red and yellow roses in the Flemish style

Pastel flowers look elegant and unobtrusive

Red and white gerberas - elegant and solemn

White chrysanthemums with red roses - a classic combination for a romantic bouquet

It is customary to dilute red flowers in bouquets for married ladies with pink and white

White roses paired with blue hyacinths express admiration for female wisdom

Expressive contrast of textures: red terry peonies and variegated chiseled lilies

Dahlias, roses and peonies in powdery shades - the latest fashion

White callas with a scarlet of scarlet roses - an unconventional bouquet for an emancipated woman

Red roses and orchids get along well with succulents in gift arrangements

Blue and yellow flowers - thanks for warmth, care and patience

Composition with orchids and succulents - a stylish gift for a business woman

Flowers for mom and grandmother: timeless beauty

Most of the prejudices in floristry are associated with bouquets for ladies of elegant age. The funny thing is that the good advice of self-appointed experts often contradict each other. On one site it is advised to buy orchids for grandmother, and on the other they say that the old people are conservative and hardly appreciate the peculiar beauty of exotic plants, which means that the ideal bouquet for an elderly lady should be composed as was customary in her young years.

There is also an opinion that cut flowers should not be given to people of advanced age at all - because the plants wither and remind of the transience of life. It’s better to give a flower in a pot, and let the old woman have fun caring for him, there’s nothing to do when retired. At the same time, out of the variety of potted plants, cyclamen is strongly recommended as a symbol of family ties - only with a hint that you will have to nurse your grandchildren.

Regarding the color gamut, too, did not come to a consensus. In one magazine, you are forbidden to give your grandmother yellow flowers, which seem to be associated with autumn and wilting, and in another, on the contrary, they assure you that the golden color invigorates and distracts the elderly person from sad thoughts. Quite often they agitate for garden flowers in bright and colorful colors that tell an elderly woman that she is still feminine and attractive.

White garden roses, in turn, confirm merit to society, and wildflowers should convince an elderly person of your affection, recalling childhood memories in a grandmother's cottage or in a village house. Journalistic fabrications flow unceasingly, but what do they have to do with your grandmother, her tastes and habits? Generalizations taken from the ceiling will not say anything about a particular person, and relatives should be pleased and just like that, not hinting at anything.

Yellow roses and orchids combined with white callas are a sign of sophisticated taste.

Red peonies and orange hydrangeas keep the warmth of summer

Strict bouquet with callas and white roses - a tribute to merit for the community

Lush pink peonies are the pride of a retired summer resident

Bright garden flowers in a wicker basket will cheer up grandmother

It’s nice to get cheerful gerberas at any age!

Pink cyclamen - a symbol of related bonds

A motley basket with colorful roses and petunias touches to the core!

Blooming azalea bonsai is a welcome gift for an amateur gardener

Cream roses, red hydrangeas and decorative leaves - a composition that is always welcome!

Of course, the old customs have their own charm, but do your family and friends want to play games three hundred years ago? Since the status of women has ceased to depend on salon gossip, the choice of colors is not subject to censorship, and age is just a figure that says nothing about personal preferences. Choose those flowers that beloved women like, and not those that are supposed to give.