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How to quickly clean the apartment: 7 simple steps to the result


Well then! How deliberate are the circumstances that today it is necessary to bring the house into a divine form, and I just happened to have an emergency and the house was "covered with mud" in just a few days, or even hours. And now the guests are on the doorstep!

Have you been in such situations? One to one, deeds, deeds, ... things turn out to be thrown anywhere, they haven’t cleaned them in the kitchen behind them once or twice, here’s a shame for the guests. So how is it to quickly clean the apartment?

In this situation, most of all I want all the things to fly apart by themselves and the guests think that everything is always clean and beautiful. This is exactly what they, by the way, think, because after repeated repetitions, I have already developed a rather successful algorithm for quick cleaning of the apartment. It has only 7 simple steps.

Your guests will also consider you a model hostess if you try to clean the apartment in my way. Read all the steps, and at the end of the article a cheat sheet will be waiting for you, so as not to recall all the nuances every time again, a very convenient thing, believe me.

How to really do the cleaning quickly.

You also think that cleaning before the arrival of the guests is the fastest? When we are limited in time, it forces us to follow our real priorities, without being distracted by secondary ones. If after 15 minutes the guests will already be at your doorstep, then quickly cleaning the apartment becomes a mega-urgent and important task.

By the way, if you want to be able to quickly clean the apartment even if you are not expecting anyone, then this algorithm will also help you clean up very quickly.

Life hack number 1. Even if you are not waiting for guests, but there is no time for cleaning, then limit yourself specifically. Set a timer, alarm clock, whatever. And just follow the algorithm for quick cleaning the apartment.

What to grab in the first place if the guests are on the doorstep.

We have already decided that we have to quickly clean up for various reasons, but I propose to look at your home with the eyes of guests. This is very convenient, by the way. Look at your house through the eyes of another person. So you go into this apartment, what do you pay attention to, how would you rate it cleanly or dirty, comfortable or not? Mess or everything is fine? Very often, we begin to take away those things that no one will look at. At the same time, we neglect the really neglected places.

I have already analyzed for a long time what I pay attention to when I come to someone else's house. Look at my list and compare our feelings.

By what criteria do I evaluate someone else's order / mess:

  • Hallway Relatively clean floor (no sand and puddles, already good), shoes are level. There is enough free space on open shelves.
  • Bathroom-toilet (I immediately go in to wash my hands) The sink is in good condition, there is toilet paper, it’s dry on the floor, towels are hanging.
  • The rooms. The beds are made up, there are no wallowing clothes and other things. The surfaces are as empty and dust free as possible.
  • Kitchen. If the dishes are dirty, then only in the sink, and not throughout the kitchen. Then she does not bother. Empty wiped table. Surfaces are also as free as possible.
  • Well, in general, of course, I pay attention to the condition of the floor, so that it would be nice to step on. I can not stand any crumbs, sand and debris on the floor. But the ideal state here doesn’t bother me so much, the main thing is that I don’t notice obvious mistakes.

It turns out that we don’t notice so much when we come to visit someone. You may, of course, be more picky, but we still can’t count on spring cleaning, the guests are on the doorstep. For the result to be tangible, you just need to go through the above points and put in place a fairly superficial order at these points in the apartment. For convenience, I divided the entire cleaning process into elementary steps.

I want to clarify right away that quickly putting things in order is still an ambulance for your home. In general, I prefer to do a little during the week, so that I can rest on weekends, and not rush around the apartment, putting in order an emergency. This does not bother, but the house is stably clean and such a “quick cleaning” is needed less and less and requires less effort and stress. If you also like a more measured version of cleaning, then you can right now download and study the pdf-report “Order and calm in 30 minutes a day”

Step # 1. Home is like a theater.

I mean, it also starts with a hanger. Therefore, it is better to start with the hallway. Nobody passes by her. Put the shoes in place, remove the things that should not be there.

Life hack number 2. Take a couple of large bags or baskets for the entire quick cleaning process. Collect garbage in one, so as not to run to the bin constantly. Fold in another one that lies completely out of place, but put away far or long. It will be possible to disassemble this basket after the guests leave. Or at the end of the harvest, if there is still some time.

Remove everything to the closed shelves as much as possible, leave the surfaces as empty as possible. Visually empty surfaces create the desired effect of order. If you have many small things, it is better to store them in small baskets or boxes. So that they do not scatter across the entire shelf. Nobody will definitely pay attention to the mess in the basket. But the shelf is empty and clean.

Step # 2. The general impression.

It is created, of course, in the rooms. Move to the living room. Make a bed, if necessary, free it from things.

Walk around the perimeter, collect what lies out of place. Put it in your bag / basket, or immediately return the item to its place. Also clear surfaces. If necessary, repeat the whole process in other rooms.

Life hack number 3. Take your time with a vacuum cleaner. First go around the whole apartment, lifting things from the floor, free it. Then you do not have to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off several times, distracted by cleaning things. The whole process will take several times less time.

Step # 3. Without water, we are nowhere ...

Wipe the dust. All released surfaces that are visible to our eye must be passed with a damp cloth, preferably microfiber. You can also use old but clean socks for this purpose that you can immediately throw away. I have not tried it myself, but many praise it. Microfiber, however, does an excellent job of this task, it does not need to be washed many, many times and wiped several times.

Step # 5. The heart of the apartment.

This, of course, is the kitchen. Now we got to it! It’s true, the face of the mistress. Here, of course, it’s not time to wash the refrigerator, but we’ll have time to put a gloss on. First of all, we collect all the dirty dishes and carry them into the sink. Better, of course, in the dishwasher. I’m not washing anything yet. We remove all unnecessary from the table. The table should be really clean! We also go around the kitchen around the perimeter, remove all unnecessary places.

Step # 7. Enjoy the transformation of your apartment!

On this our minimum cleaning plan is completed. If you do everything really quickly and not be distracted by anything, then in half an hour you will meet exactly. And even in 15 minutes. And it will be the most effective 15 minutes. Really nice? If your guests come right at that moment, they will already admire the cleanliness of your home. Therefore, you can already praise yourself.

And if there is still time and there is a need, you can also wash the dishes and wipe the floor. Microfiber is also desirable, to save time. Take a rag through the mirrors if they are not very large. And also to disassemble the basket with the discovered things, to put them in their places.

I prefer this e-cleaning method when nobody is at home. For guests or just like that, but it’s better to clean up if you are alone. Nobody pulls, the process is more fun. But even with homework, this is quite feasible. Yes, and they can also be given any instructions. Vacuum cleaner, wet rag, dishes, everything goes into business.

Crib for quick cleaning and parting words.

Do you think this is a convenient algorithm for quick cleaning? He helps me out from time to time, so I share it with you. And of course, be sure to download the cheat sheet, where all these steps are indicated. She will not give you a choice. It remains just to pick up and quickly clean up.

Crib "How to quickly clean the apartment"

And of course, try to bring to such an emergency cleaning as little as possible. Use these materials to live clean forever.

Please note that I designate 15 minutes as the very minimum for which you can restore order. Provided that you maintain cleanliness on an ongoing basis, but at the moment slightly abandoned the process. Still, it’s more realistic to focus on half an hour, then the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Life hack number 4. You can use the same scheme for cleaning the usual one, just move at a more measured pace.

Write in the comments if the article was useful and how do you develop relations with cleaning? Exchange of experience is always very moving forward. Easy cleaning for you!