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It's no secret that the profession of a model is not only photography for glossy magazines and driving through the catwalk, it’s also endless castings, castings, castings ... Sometimes a model runs around the castings all day, and as a result, not a single job offer. Time wasted. Often, models take this situation for granted without analyzing the cause of their failures.

FashionTime called for help to novice models of a professional in passing castings, the most popular model Russian Fashion Week, Veronica Flute.

The girl worked out the largest number of shows at the last Russian Fashion Week. Of the 60 fashion designers who participated in the Week, Veronica presented a collection of 22 of them!


Veronica, before we move on to the main topic of our conversation, tell us what, in your opinion, is the secret to the success of the model?

Veronica Flute:

Of course, you need to take care of yourself. And for the appearance, and for how you behave with customers what you say. The second is to be self-sufficient, calm inside and respect yourself.

An active lifestyle is the key to a beautiful figure ...

To have a beautiful figure, you need to lead an active lifestyle. If I lie on the couch for a week and have everything I want, then everything will immediately increase. My friends and I constantly go somewhere to dance, ski. In my opinion, you can even eat chips, if at the same time move as much as possible. Charging is also very important.

In addition, I can’t forbid myself anything. If I write myself a cross on ice cream, I’ll be dreaming of it all week. This is only torment.

FT: How should a model behave at a casting to be noticed?

V.F .: I have some observations about this. When I arrived in Moscow from Paris, I had an advantage over Moscow models. Experience in Europe has given me confidence. At the auditions, I never flaunted myself, but the client felt that I was worthy to participate in his show.

After Paris, I stopped morale jumping to get noticed. I stood modestly aside, confident that they would pay attention to me anyway. This internal state of confidence the client really feels. This comes with experience, and I already had over 300 impressions.

You need to be in the subject for the client ...

- It is very important to know who you are going to the casting to be in the subject for the client. You know, it's just ridiculous to look at how girls sometimes look out of place at castings. For example, we had a casting for Jeremy Scott. Girls walked the catwalk in skirts with ruffles and the face of Marilyn Monroe. This is a big mistake, because Scott's collections require a strong face and a quick walk. Why should a designer take a model and hope that it can go as it needs if it cannot immediately show it.

Another example. If you come to the casting of Escada careless, unpainted, in jeans - you will not be taken.

Soberly assess your chances ...

- Before you devote yourself to the modeling business, you need to soberly assess your chances. Of great importance is growth. I have 180 cm, and it helps me a lot at castings, because fashion designers love tall ones.

The proportions are very important so that all things sit well on you. You cannot be very thin either, because you will fly past your skirts and trousers.

FT: What is the professionalism of the model?

- Many clients say about me that I am inconspicuous and incapable of being bright, however they change their mind after they see me in work. This is professionalism.

I don’t need to be looked at on the street, this is enough for me on the podium. It's funny for me to watch when models come to the casting in miniskirts, and at the same time on the street minus twenty.

Take into account each client’s wishes ...

- I think my plus is that I walk well. I go as they ask me. If they ask me to jump, I will go. And some girls are outraged and do not do this, they think that they will look stupid at the same time. This is unprofessional. Models pay money for this.

We must not forget that the task of the model is to show clothes, not oneself.

Show your customer interest ...

- Customers should feel that you are interested in their collections. But this should not be artificial flattery, such as: Oh, what a dress! - and you are holding a bag. Show the designer sincere interest. It is important not only to work well, but also to remain in the client’s memory with something else.

Customers need to be cherished and cherished. Stroke them a little and become their favorite model. The main thing is not to overdo it, as people who are insightful come across. Many people flatter them, but if you do it right, you will work for them constantly. Many Russian designers choose me for their shows constantly. After working for RFW, I became the face of VASSA.

Do not participate in dubious projects ...

- In Paris, I was taught one rule, which I adhere to now, not to act in dubious, widely replicated advertising campaigns. Prevent your face from being used to advertise drugs, for example, or appear on CDs. If your face is associated with headache pills, they won’t want to see it on the handbag advertisement. Lancel.

I never work in clubs and dubious events. I don’t even want to shine there.

FT: Which photos are best for portfolio?

- All the photos that I was taken for beech in Paris are very natural, almost without makeup, as if I just woke up. Customers love these photos very much. They don’t want to see the final result, where you have two kilograms of plaster and long eyelashes on them, they need a clean sheet on which you can draw anything you want.

You can also insert photos from some photo works into the beech, as a proof of your achievements. But you do not need to do them on purpose and, moreover, pay money for it. This is a professional approach.

FT: What difficulties did you encounter due to the combination of the schedules of Russian Fashion Week and Moscow Fashion Week?

- This fact upset me. For me, working on RFW was a priority, as the number of worked impressions determined the winner in the nomination “the most sought-after model”. And I had two days at RFW, since I worked at Fashion Week in Moscow at the request of my agency.

Running back and forth is nerves due to traffic jams. In addition, if the model is not in place two hours before the show, the fashion designer will have enough blow, and then they will say that the model failed. No need to do this - it is dangerous for the image.

FT: Veronica, at the shows you happen to show collections of various fashion designers, and what clothes do you prefer outside the catwalk?

- I do not chase labels and now I completely turn to the things of my favorite designers. One of them is a Belarusian designer Ivan Aiplatov. He sews stunning jeans, T-shirts. We are very good friends. And at the moment I have his jeans on me. His sporty and at the same time sexy style suits me very much.

Of Moscow designers I love Tatyana Sudaryanto, Irina Krupskaya, Andrei Sharov. In addition, I really like to delve into various sales in Paris. There are many shops where you climb into your head and look for something unusual. Dressing up is uninteresting.

FT: What are your plans for the future?

“I'm going to work on the other side of the podium.” I want to be involved in projects where I can put on shows, hold events. I prefer not to cook in this pan myself, but to organize other people.

FT: Thanks for the interview and good luck!

Portrait in detail:

Veronika Flute was born in Belarus, near the city of Minsk. She recalls that in her childhood she had a real complex about her appearance, since she was tall, thin and stooped constantly. Veronica really did not like to be shown in public. She devoted a lot of time to study, was an excellent student and graduated from high school with a gold medal.

At 16, she came to Minsk to enter the university, where her first meeting with the modeling business took place. Once in a nightclub two women approached Veronica, who turned out to be directors of the modeling agency “MO", And offered to work with them. The girl worked for money in a model school in three months. Then there was work in Paris. Castings, shows ... and Veronica had to quit university.

Now the model lives and works in Moscow and studies at the University of Minsk in the department of pedagogy and social psychology. He considers himself an absolutely non-conflict person. If someone is discussing someone, then she will not be there in two minutes. If some kind of conflict is brewing, it will not take anybody’s side and will simply withdraw. Despite the fact that in the modeling business often quarrelsome girls come across, it is difficult to quarrel with her, since her principle is not to do dirty tricks to anyone. Although she is confident that it is impossible for everyone to love you, she will be happy if she is treated neutrally.

She has friends and a young man. And in this she is doing fine. She does not want to deceive herself that you can find a girlfriend among the models. Her friends are those with whom she began to work in Minsk. Veronica associates childhood with them. She loves to study, read educational books. Her favorites are books on psychology, which reflect life wisdom and which help to draw own conclusions. A lot of place in Veronica’s life is occupied by music, and the most varied, from Depeche Mode to DJ Sanchez.

How to behave at a casting

Before you become a model, you need to go through some sort of selection, that is, casting. Before you go to it, collect all the information about the upcoming event in order to be ready for the upcoming conversation and put yourself in the best light before the jury of the agency or the advertiser. You must understand that casting is already your job and the beginning of a career, so try to leave a pleasant impression about your person. As a rule, castings can take place in different conditions and you must be prepared, at times, for some discomfort and make acceptable sacrifices. You may not be satisfied with the college or the clients conducting the selection, but you must be restrained and not give out your hostility. Be sociable and quickly navigate the place. You may be trivial, not enough space when showing your talent, so even from a small room try to present a real podium and convey your mood to the client.

It may turn out that you will be invited to the casting after the evening show, but this should not negatively affect you, because even after a hard day and a sleepless night, the model should look 200%, otherwise it will undermine the opinion of your professionalism.
You can be compromised during the dialogue by various tricky questions, but you should not lose your temper and correctly answer the questions posed, because the outcome of the interview will determine your future fate.
Your faithful companion at the casting should always be a portfolio. Never come for an interview without him, because you will definitely require him. Take the habit of carrying the beech all the time with you, because whether it is casting or shooting, it will always come in handy, as random customers may be interested in you, and the mini-portfolio will always help you out.
Makeup should be always easy and as minimal as possible, if you pass, casting in a modeling agency, believe me, it is unlikely that you will be able to hide any flaws before the professional commission. If you are participating in the selection for an exhibition or presentation, then you need to look, so to speak “at the parade” - good makeup and a beautiful hairstyle, because the client only cares about your appearance and how you present the declared goods. When you take part in a casting by a stylist, you don’t need any makeup at all, you should have your head washed and your face completely clean. The master should see a blank sheet in front of him where he can create, and not a sketched and crowded image. These rules may apply to casting for video and photo ads. The event you came to is also of great importance. If this is a fashion show from a prestigious home (or viewed in a foreign agency), then makeup will not be appropriate here, but if this is a little-known establishment run by not-so-competent managers, then it’s worth putting on a light make-up, since hardly anyone appreciate your professionalism.

Casting clothes selection

The right clothes for casting

It is worth taking the selection of clothes in which you are going to go to the casting seriously. You must choose for yourself a robe that will maximize the dignity of your figure, this must be used. Naturally, you should know in advance at the casting what topics you are heading for. For example, if this is a business presentation, then you should appear in business style clothes, like a suit, a skirt with a blouse or an evening dress. It should be noted that clothes should be monochrome and not motley, but in a trend. Shoes should be comfortable, high-heeled, but not boots or high boots, in general, everything that can hide your legs, otherwise you may be asked to take off your shoes or simply not notice your trump card (if your legs are one).
In Europe, at castings, you can see models dressed in anything horrible, that is, this is loose clothing without any conventions. This is because abroad a completely different level of professionalism, since few people look at the clothes in which the model came, the jury is more interested in external qualities such as gait, manner of movement, shape of the face and growth of the model. On a professional model, even baggy clothes will look stylish and modern. Such models manage to go through up to ten castings a day, and you must admit that it is not so easy to do it all day in high heels. The guys of the models, of course, are much easier, but they also tumble down after such a busy day. Unfortunately, in our country this is almost never seen.
Sometimes, you may be asked to undress in order to see the shape of the chest or the line of the back, be prepared for this and relate to what is happening as a professional. You should be clean and not vulgar underwear, which will not focus on yourself.

Interviewing Casting Behavior

Correct behavior

At the reception, you must clearly answer the questions, in no case do not chew gum and monitor the correctness of speech. Try not to spin and feel free, do not bite your lips and crawl on a chair (if you are sitting) and do not spin to the sides (if you are standing). Just focus on the conversation, as if you are talking with an old acquaintance, this will save you from unnecessary excitement and provide you with a successful outcome of the interview.
You should not show the simulated interest in the products that you have to advertise. This is unlikely to produce the impression you are counting on, but will leave only negative and show your non-seriousness and hypocrisy. It should focus customers on the fact that you are ready to work and have sufficient experience in advertising any product and are able to interest potential buyers.
You should always have a pen and a notebook at your disposal, where you could write down all the necessary notes and important information regarding the time and place of filming. Perhaps you will say that this is the last century and all these pieces of paper can be replaced by a smartphone, but I advise you to never get the phone in the presence of the customer or the commission of the agency where you are casting. Conducting a conversation with people and at the same time digging into the phone, even for recording data - this is a sign of a bad tone, another thing if you have a small paper notebook in your hands, this will create a positive impression of you as a punctual and responsible person. In general, when passing a casting, the phone must be turned off, this is a mandatory item during the casting.

To summarize and derive the basic rules of conduct at the casting:

  1. Be sure to observe punctuality. Come to the casting on time, and even better in advance.
  2. At the casting you should be in good shape, both mentally and physically.
  3. Clearly and clearly answer the questions asked.
  4. Be friendly and sociable, try to win over a client, but do not overdo it.
  5. Choose a suitable wardrobe in advance, for this, take an interest in the form of acceptable clothing in advance.
  6. Be sure to carry a portfolio, preferably in different copies.
  7. Stick to light makeup, or without it at all.
  8. Do not smoke or chew gum. Also, do not bring girlfriends and friends who want to support you.

Adhering to the necessary rules, you can safely pass the casting and one step closer to your dream.

Preparation before casting.

So, you have received an invitation to the casting, however, do not relax. There will be other models besides you. It is worth thinking about preparation.

Макияж, прическу, одежду и обувь желательно подобрать так, что бы они соответствовали задачам проекта, в котором вы хотите участвовать.

Например, проект Tequila Girls тесно связан с клубной жизнью Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга, значит и на собеседовании вас ожидают увидеть во всей красе. Это яркий макияж, одежда подчеркивающая фигуру и обувь на высоком каблуке (ее можно приносить отдельно и переобуваться перед собеседованием). Правда, в других проектах ставят иные задачи и то, что хорошо для ночного клуба вряд ли подойдет для выставки детских игрушек.

Usually, inviting to a casting, representatives of modeling agencies inform in advance how to look. If this does not happen, do not hesitate to make a call and specify the outfit, hair and makeup in which you are expected to see. So you show your interest in the work before you even come to the casting. And this is a huge plus!

How to behave at a casting?

It’s better not to be late for casting. It may not start right away, in fact, even this moment is very important and may affect the results of the interview. By the way you behave before the start of the casting, specialists from a modeling agency determine your abilities for cooperation and teamwork. Try to behave with dignity, start to show your best side right now.

During the interview, it is advisable to disconnect the mobile phone. Constant calls annoy and distract model agency employees; do not allow this.

At the casting they will tell you about the project, and ask a few questions. One of the main ones is your experience and place of past work. Answer honestly, even if you have never worked as a promo model, you still have some experience, try to show it. If you have experience, be sure to tell in which projects you have already participated and what tasks you have solved.

In any case, sociability and a positive attitude are qualities that are valued everywhere. Prove that you want to work and are ready to learn and learn new things for the sake of this work. So you will significantly increase the chances of going through a casting.

Get your own model portfolio!

Portfolio models (book - in a professional language) consists of a set of photos. This is one of the most important details that can influence the success of this business. Especially if you have plans to become a fashion model.

In any modeling agency, they will first of all be asked to send some photos, there is a reason for a professional photographer to think about a photo shoot. Turning to specialists, let me know why you need photos, and they will help you. You cannot make a full-fledged portfolio in one photo shoot, but you can try to create at least a minimal set of pictures.

Try to take the following photos:

  1. Photo of a serious face (minimum makeup, ponytail hair).
  2. Photo of a smiling face (evening make-up and a good hairstyle).
  3. Photo in a swimsuit (full length).
  4. A knee-high portrait in casual wear that suits you.
  5. Photo in an evening dress (full length).

Even if you were unable to complete the casting, do not lose heart. Look for new offers, participate in castings and replenish your portfolio. And most importantly, show interest in everything related to the modeling business.

So you will succeed!

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