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Harvey Wolbenger


Finally, fresh oranges reached us! This event, usually occurring at the end of September, as a rule, leaves nothing unsuspecting consumers indifferent, but it makes the fruit retailer or restaurant buyer very happy, making the choice of these citrus fruits much easier. We will celebrate this event with a simple and wonderful cocktail - Harvey Walbanger, which, however, is not the engine of orange juice, but Italian herbal liqueur Galliano.

The classic cocktail legend Harvey Walbanger, wandering from book to book, is a story about a surfer Harvey from sunny California. Once Harvey lost (some claim to win, which gives the story a more optimistic look) some important competition and went to a nearby bar (according to rumors, it was Duke's Blackwatch bar 1) to fill in the grief (celebrate) this his sports result. Harvey, being a sportsman, preferred the Screwdriver cocktail in the “special” version - he asked the bartender to pour a little Galliano on top of the cocktail. Harvey pretty charged with such a drink left the bar in a state of severe “storm”, periodically knocking his surfboard (I prefer the body version) on furniture and walls, after which Harvey himself and the cocktail got a nickname and a name, respectively.

Harry Regan tells the slightly different, but completely hilarious story of this cocktail in his book “The joy of mixology”(Referring to Brooks Clark’s article in a magazine Bartenderwhich, however, is not in the bibliography of this very serious book). According to this version, the cocktail and its name were born somewhere in the mid-1960s in Newport Beach, California, USA. The famous party-goer, the editor of a small sports newspaper, and subsequently the famous bartender Bill Doner threw a party, and at the same time as a treat he did not find anything but vodka, frozen orange juice and a bottle of Galliano. Of course, the best solution was to mix it all together. Early in the morning after the party, Bill Doner discovered a guest named Harvey who banged his head against the wall and blamed loudly for his torment Donner's cooking. Given the harmless taste of this drink and the incomprehensible quality of vodka, which turned up Donner’s arm, this story also looks very believable :)

However, the first, and most likely the second story is the invention of the marketers of liquor Galliano 2. That the truth does not deprive these stories of some charm with a touch of truth :)

The Harvey Wallbanger cocktail is essentially a classic popular vodka highball - the Screwdriver, to which some liquor has been added. A win-win move. The proportion of this cocktail is variable, if not arbitrary)

Harvey wallbanger (Harvey Walbanger)

30 ml of vodka
60-90 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
15 ml Galliano liqueur
Pour vodka and juice into a glass of collins or highball with ice and lay Gagliano. Garnish with a slice of orange and (optionally) a red maraschino cherry.

For a more confident combination of light vodka with juice, these components can also be whipped a little. However, “layering” Gagliano in this case will not work either - this heavy sweet liquor will also tend to the bottom. So do not bother with “layers”, just pour liquor on top of the cocktail and enjoy.

Unfortunately, with all the “pleasantness” of the drink, I have to admit it is somehow defective. Despite the different proportions (2: 4: 1, 3: 9: 1 ...), different methods of preparation (shake, build), different vodka, I was always haunted by some not-so-pleasant bitterness at the finish line, which regularly appeared on the root of my tongue despite all my tricks. Something is still wrong with this cocktail 3 ... Actually, the weak link in this cocktail is orange juice. As we all know, vodka (most pure vodkas) possess neutral tasteso in this cocktail we have in theory only two taste players are the sweet and grassy complex Gagliano and orange juice. Moreover, Galliano is always sweet and grassy, ​​and we don’t know what orange juice is (everything is true only in the case of freshly squeezed juice, the juice from the pack, of course, will always be the same artificially-orange-sweet). And the saddest thing is that there is nothing to balance the different orange juice in this cocktail. Unless, of course, use simple syrup :)

We have many bartenders for some reason unknown to me, but most likely due to poor education and illiteracy, do not use sugar syrup, if there is no indication in the recipe. And if there is an indication, then they use some kind of purchased commercial “bar” sugar syrup, and of course cheap, and therefore containing a certain amount of nonsense like stabilizers, preservatives, acidity regulators, antioxidants, dyes, flavors and sweeteners identical to natural ones ( Well, what about ... of course!). Fantastic ignoramuses.

In fact, and this confirms all my cocktail experience, if you work with freshly squeezed juices, then to get a well-balanced cocktail, you should use a well-balanced juice. First of all, this applies to freshly squeezed orange juice. Because, unlike, for example, freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice, which can differ only in the degree of acid, freshly squeezed orange juice can differ dramatically - it can be either sweet or sour. And even a careful selection of oranges will not help to obtain a reproducibly similar result. However, a small amount of simple syrup 4 will help you always have it at hand. well balanced orange juice :)

Already in the third cocktail I pressed the juice and “balanced” it in a slightly sweet side with sugar syrup. The result turned out to be naturally beautiful - a fresh citrus sweet and sour cocktail with an amazing vanilla-anise-botanical complex taste of Gagliano. Not a hint of bitterness, not a hint of defectiveness. Great summer or beach, or a disco drink, well quenching thirst and uplifting.

The famous Harvey has a Mexican cousin - cocktail Freddie Fudpucker (Freddie Fudpucker), created perhaps also by Donato “Duke” Anton (Paolantino). Freddy Fadpacker as the main alcohol contains white tequila, not vodka.

Freddy fudpucker (Freddy Fadpacker)

30 ml white tequila
90 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
15 ml Galliano
Pour the tequila and juice into a glass of collins or highball with ice and lay down Galliano. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Unlike pure vodka, the taste of tequila is much more diverse. Thus, we again face the insurmountable problem of finding the brand that is best suited for Ideal Freddy Fadpaker,)

I note that in my opinion, since the cocktail consists only of premium quality ingredients - freshly squeezed juice, a little simple syrup, the legendary Galliano liqueur and basic alcohol - it’s not a sin to add the most premium 100% agave form to this cocktail, the taste of tequila in this cocktail there is no place to lose - the juice will not clog it (of course, provided that you use the proportions 1: 2, maximum 1: 3), the sour-sweetness of the orange juice will support it, and Gagliano will supplement it somewhere, emphasize it somewhere, and somewhere it will compete - in any case, it will be interesting. So I dared and I advise you to dare :)

A good tequila cocktail Freddy Fadpaker is a fragrant sweet mixture with a bright taste of tequila, with its notes of baked agave, fruit, complemented by notes of vanilla and licorice Galliano. It is also an interesting and good cocktail of its kind.


1 - it is reported that the cocktail Harvey Walbanger was invented by the owner and bartender of this Los Angeles bar as a mixologist and three-time champion bermen Donato “Duke” by Anton (Paolantino) in 1952, the name most likely appeals to a joke that existed within the walls of this bar, where, apparently, more than one visitor dressed up to the state walbenger. Subsequently, the recipe for this cocktail was purchased by George Bernard - the American distributor of Galliano liqueur, which made it popular in the United States, and then around the world. Donato Anthon, by the way, is possibly the author of several very famous cocktails such as Rusty Nail, The Godfather and White Russian. Honestly, this “Duke” seems to me to be a character no less mythical in this story than Harvey himself - what championships he won, I never found, nor did I find anything other than a wikipedia article that would confirm his authorship of this and other cocktails

2 - the peak of popularity of the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail occurred in the 60-70s of the last century, when the companies involved in the promotion of the Galliano liquor, in particular the alcohol giant of the time Foremost / McKesson, simply created a cult of this cocktail, right up to the celebration of Harvey Walbanger's National Day (until it is still celebrated on November 5, by the way), baking giant pies, arranging plastic figurines of the mythical Harvey on each corner, etc., which fueled a certain social excitement. The popularity of this drink is evidenced even by the fact that in the presidential election of 1972, thousands of voters wrote the notorious Harvey Walbanger as their coveted president,

3 - in fact, the situation with this bitterness Harvey Walbanger reminded me of my acquaintance with the Orange Blossom cocktail, which I explored last summer. However, the bitterness there, despite my rejection, was more appropriate - it is still a gin-based cocktail. In addition, in Orange Blossom, the bitterness was overcome by replacing the sweetener with Cointreau with sugar syrup, but in Harvey Galliano, obviously, can not be replaced.

4 - simple syrup is a 1: 1 mixture of refined sugar and water. Making simple syrup is easy. To do this, take 100 g of sugar and 100 ml of boiling water, and then dissolve the sugar in boiling water. At the same time, despite the huge number of indications of the need for additional heating, a simple syrup does not need it (heating) - everything will dissolve so well. Even more, I am categorically against heating, so the syrup will turn out almost colorless and transparent. By the way, sugar syrup in this proportion can be prepared without heating at all - sugar will have to be dissolved in water using a shaker and this will take a lot of time. For more information about sugar syrup in the bar, anyone can read here.