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How to dock a carpet?


First you need to properly position the carpet on the floor in the room where you are going to lay it. make the seam on the side where they go less, for example, somewhere under the furniture. Since if the joint is hidden, it will not be noticeable, because even the most ideal joint is still visible. Position the two rolls of carpet so that one overlaps the other by about seven centimeters. When connecting, remember that the pile should be directed to the joint. If the coating has a pattern, it must necessarily match.

Using chalk, draw a cut line, it should be at least half the width of the overlap. Now using a sharp knife or blade, cut a piece in a line. This will be your new edge, so cut as evenly as possible. Then you need to cut off the lower part of the carpet, for this press the upper very tightly and cut off the carpet. Several cuts can be made along the entire length so that they are like a cut line. Now the pieces of your cover should fit perfectly. You can gently lift the carpet and draw a line with chalk on the floor, along the length of the entire edge. But you can do without it if the carpet does not bend.

Glue the joints of the carpet

Glue the joints of the carpet with double-sided tape. To do this, glue the strip of tape in the middle between the two edges of the roll, or if you made a line, then glue it. Wrap the edges of the coating for a while. After the adhesive tape is glued, carefully peel off its top film. Now, gently lower the edge of one roll of carpet and press it as tightly as possible to the floor.

The second edge remains bent. Using glue, make one solid strip along a piece of carpet. Apply glue as close to the edge as possible. The glue line should be solid, not interrupted, but not thick. Now lower the second edge of the carpet, and align it with the first piece of coating. Move the edge until the joint is even. Do not stick the pile, try to push it back, only the base is glued. After the joint is leveled, take a damp cloth and wipe off the glue until it is dry. At the junction of the carpet, roll with a heavy roller to fix the gluing as much as possible.

Joint of a carpet with a special iron

To use this method of joining carpeting, you must first arrange the pieces of carpet as described above. Docking with an iron is an alternative coating compound using an adhesive. You need to arrange everything in exactly the same way as described in the previous method. You will need special glue for joining the carpet. Carefully bend both edges of the carpet, and apply a small drop of adhesive to join along the prepared edge of any of the rolls of carpet. It is used so that the carpet does not start to blossom. you need to do everything very quickly, otherwise the glue will just dry out. On a drawn line, put a special tape for joints, its width should not be less than seven centimeters, and stretch along the entire length. the tape is not double-sided, so secure it with something at the ends. Lower the edges of the cover, the first should be glued and press to the floor. Do not forget that the joint should be exactly in the middle of the tape.

Using a special iron for the carpet, press the coating onto the tape and run along the entire length of the joint. After you have walked along the seam with an iron, pull the carpet to both ends to make sure that the seam does not open. And after the glue has completely dried, go through the pile with a brush to hide it.

The video below shows how to dock a carpet with a special iron:

How to connect the carpet to each other?

In the process of laying carpet there is a need for its joining. When the room is large, the width of the carpet may not be enough for laying in one piece.

The seam when laying the same type of carpet will be almost invisible. If two or several types of carpet are used in the same area, you need to beautifully dock it.

In order for the joint seam to be invisible to the eye, you need to apply several methods to hide it:

  • If the carpet consists of two strips and one of the edges is even, the joining should be carried out with the edged edge to the wall, and even - to the middle, to the joint seam. So in the middle there will be an inconspicuous seam. This method is especially effective for striped carpet,
  • If the carpet is trimmed on both sides, it is necessary to determine the exact size along its entire length, then make a line and cut along it as evenly as possible. To do this, you need a sharp knife. After trimming, the carpet can be joined
  • Another way to dock is to use a decorative dock strip. It is used mainly for the transition from carpet to another type of coating (linoleum, laminate, parquet). It is fastened with dowels and screws to the floor.

How to fix the carpet to the floor?

Before fixing the carpet to the floor, prepare the surface. It should be as even as possible. Since at the slightest dents or protrusions of the base, the carpet will take their shape. As a result, all defects on the laid carpet will be visible.

The carpet can be fixed in several ways:

  • If the surface is wooden, you can not fix the carpet to the base, but apply glue. The main fixing task here will be furniture
  • If the carpet is laid on the screed, it should be leveled with a self-leveling mixture. Using such a substance, the most accurate, even surface is achieved, which will be ideal for laying carpet. On such a surface, the carpet is best glued. There are special ready-made adhesives. The glue is applied to the floor surface and smoothed with a comb. Then the carpet is evenly laid,
  • If the carpet is laid on the laminate, you can not glue it to the surface and do not nail it. It is enough to smooth it evenly and run it under the baseboard. To strengthen the joints, you can apply double-sided tape.

How to remove the carpet from the floor?

The life of the carpet is not as long as that of other types of coating. In case of damage or contamination, the entire coating must be changed.

There are times when you can partially change the carpet, but it will not already have its original appearance. Even if it is exactly the same, it will still be very different.

Tips in the article "How to clean the carpet?" here.

If a decision is made to replace the carpet, the old one must be dismantled. You can do this according to the following principle:

  • Remove all things, items, equipment and furniture. If there is no way to take it to another room, you can leave it in the same, just move everything to one end of the room. Then, after removing part of the carpet, transfer to a clean surface and continue dismantling the coating,
  • If the carpet is screwed into the skirting boards, you must first remove them. Then start to remove the carpet,

The glued carpet is removed with a spatula. They tear off the remnants of glue from the surface of the floor and from the carpet. The carpet must be pulled in steps (first one side, then the second side, then the central part). Thus, you need to move from windows to the exit.

Work execution technology

Even if you know exactly how to glue the carpet, we advise you to first practice on the scraps of the floor covering that you have to glue, because different materials "behave" in their own way. First of all, this concerns the process of precise cutting.

In the case when both pieces are cut at the same time (one on the other), if not perfectly even edges, then, in any case, perfectly coincide at the place of gluing.

So, how to glue the carpet ?

  1. Under the pieces of carpet at the junction of the lap we place an even plank.
  2. We hold the knife at an angle to the cut line, the optimal angle will be 30 ° (the smaller the angle, the smoother the cut line will be). You cannot tilt the knife to the sides during cutting.
  3. We remove the lining.
  4. We apply glue in the joint area on the inner surface of the panels by 7 cm on both sides of the joint.
  5. We apply one panel to the base, coat its edge with glue for better strength of the seam.
  6. We do the same with the second piece. Firmly press the carpeting panels to the base, and gently protrude glue into the seam, remove the excess.

Attention: Do not walk along the glued joint until the glue is completely dry.