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How to Behave with a Fish Man


He is mysterious and unpredictable. If he has an inner core, he quickly achieves dizzying heights. If there is no rod, it just as quickly slides down the slope into the abyss. But in that and in another case, he continues to attract women to him. The Pisces Man is the subject of secret desires. If he was in your life, you will never forget him.

And there is a constant duality in him. The representative of this sign may react differently each time to the same situation. He does not have clear values, the boundaries of his morality are blurred. However, the conviction often lives in him: what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull. And Jupiter, naturally, is himself.

Being with a Pisces man is hard. He is like bad habit: Sometimes it causes great harm, but it is impossible to abandon it.

A woman who wants to be near Pisces needs to combine charity, forgiveness, iron will and great patience. And it's not a fact that her relationship with such a man will last a lifetime - he can mortally offend him with his own word. Although it is precisely to the representatives of this sign that they most often return - living without such a man is even more difficult than with him.

Let's see how such a man likes and how to communicate with him.

But first, let’s denote the most outstanding traits a man born under the most controversial zodiac sign.

5 types of male fish

Pisces Man: Its Features

Adult boy

The representative of this sign is damn charming. He has that murderous kind of charm that does not allow him to be angry for a long time. Until a very old age, he remains a charming boy - hooligan, sometimes shy, but provoking a smile and forgiveness.

How to like a man-Pisces /

Interesting companion

With a Pisces man, it is always interesting - he intuitively feels how to carry on the interlocutor, which side he should turn to, what knowledge or skills to demonstrate so that the interlocutor is completely and completely captured by the conversation. With Pisces almost no awkward pauses. With him, even silent is comfortable.

The Sixth Sense and Signs of Fate

Intuition Pisces men - a special article. We can say that he lives precisely for her. He knows how to listen and hear the promptings of Fate, sensitively reacts to everything that happens to him, believes that there are no vain meetings, wasted words. That is why it is often prone to mysticism and occultism. Although it seeks to be a pragmatist. But he doesn’t do it well. His life is much more successful if he is guided precisely by his sixth sense.

Love me!

Pisces Man Can't live without love. And although he himself is sometimes not able to express his feelings because of a fear of rejection or misunderstanding, he is physically ill if no one loves him. He feeds on the feelings of women, he is an energy vampire. And, unfortunately, often takes more than gives.

Inability to "hold the punch"

The Man-Pisces is sensitive to the imperfection of this world and to the collapsed troubles or problems. Disappointment or the inability to fulfill oneself becomes an occasion for him to seek oblivion - in alcohol, drugs, antidepressants. The representative of this sign does not know how "Keep punch". Unsettling it is very simple. Therefore, very often successfully started career such a person collapses after the first obstacle, after the first serious difficulties. Just like interpersonal relationships.

5 characteristic types of male Pisces

Short memory

The Man-Pisces is undisciplined and optional. He switches too quickly from one state to another, which prevents him from fulfilling his promises. No wonder they say that memory - like a fish, is three minutes. So it can be said not only about fish, as animals, but also as representatives of the zodiac sign. You can wait all day for his call, and he just forgets that he promised to call. And then it will also make you guilty of its own "cant."

How to like a man-Pisces /

Clown - not his role

And if the man-Pisces is unpredictable in his actions, then his jokes can be predicted - as a rule, they don’t shine with his variety, there is a set of standard phrases and jokes, codewords that he regularly uses. His jokes can be rude, he is prone to "soldier" humor. And this is another discrepancy between the internal and the external: deep down, the representative of this sign is a delicately sensitive esthetic, reaching for the beautiful, seeking harmony. But a sense of humor - at the level of the plinth.

"Thing in yourself"

It is extremely difficult to penetrate into the spiritual depths of Pisces, they are secretive and few people open their throwings and experiences. Therefore, sometimes they give the impression of emotionally cold people. However, it is not. They have a rich inner world, although Pisces prefer to hide information about themselves, believing that it is not interesting to others. Often, the real facts of their own biography are replaced by men of this sign with fictional stories.

Speak your desires

You should not expect from a Pisces man surprisesHe just does not know how to make them. Of course, he will gladly spend money on you and give what you want, but only if you tell him directly about it. He himself simply does not think that you may be missing something, that you need something. And he is more likely to give money for some thing like a new jacket than for a diamond ring.

Esthete and romantic

Nevertheless, romanticism is not a stranger to the Pisces man. He loves to give flowers, compliment, sing serenades and tell legends. And may he come on date with only one rose, but this will be your favorite variety and color. And he gives the candies that you love, and not those that have come to hand in the supermarket.

And the Pisces man is touchingly offended if the woman does not value what he does for her. In general, for him, the ability to be grateful is one of the most valuable human qualities.

What else does he value in women? How to behave in order to attract the attention of a representative of this zodiac sign and like him?

How to Conquer a Pisces Man

How to like a Pisces man?

1. Show interest in his person

Despite the fact that the Pisces man does not let anyone into his soul, he is very impressed when a woman is sincerely interested in everything connected with his life, when she tries to get to know him better, to understand how he breathes, what he likes, what is expensive, and what causes hostility. Perhaps this is one of the surest ways to attract the attention of a representative of this sign.

How to like a man-Pisces /

2. Want to marry him - take it into your own hands

The Pisces man fears assertive women who initially put themselves above him. He also tries to stay away from cheeky, frivolous women. But the most interesting thing is that to go with him to the registry office is most likely the one who will arrange his life first, and then take his hand and take him to the wedding palace. Therefore, Pisces is afraid of such women - subconsciously they understand that they have nothing to oppose to decisive persons.

But if he feels that the woman is weaker than him, he will drink blood from her, feed on her feelings and her energy, but will not do anything to start living with her as a family. If a woman asks for nothing or asks somehow unconvincingly, then everything suits her. So why bother again?

3. Consider your goals

Man-Pisces belong to that breed of men who love some and marry others. That is, the image of a romantic lover and the image of a wife for him are significantly different from each other. So with him, like with other representatives of the water element, you need to know in advance what you want from the relationship, and already according to your plans to build your image and your line of behavior.

For an ardent, but short-lived novel, for love, mysterious looks and smiles, half hints, a touch of romance will be quite enough. But in order to become his wife, you will need pressure, determination, action and, possibly, inaccessibility. Just remember that such a man will tolerate your determination only if it is aimed at making his life better.

4. Be humble and virtuous

As mentioned above, a man of this sign does not recognize particularly easy behavior and even if he once uses the services of corrupt women, he is unlikely to tolerate such a woman next to him. Moreover, he has his own view on how the representative of the weaker sex related to this species gives itself. For example, he may inadequately respond to your desire to spend an evening in a posh restaurant, go on vacation at his expense or go shopping with his credit card. Pisces man believes that for money they love, sorry, only prostitutes. And so next to him there is no place.

Therefore, at the first stage of the relationship, be more modest. The fact is that such a categorical assessment hides numerous complexes and phobias men. If you want to not only like him, but also to interest him - assign date not in a pathos cafe, but in a park. Choose the image of a modest and romantic girl who needs only the man himself, even if he has a penny behind his soul.

And, by the way, the Pisces man will not mind if you pay for your coffee or bring sandwiches for a walk for both of you. Even if he at the same time “scolds” you for this, he will put another checkmark in the list of your advantages.

The attractiveness of the Pisces man is beyond description, it is difficult to resist, but minutes of delight from unity with such a man can be paid for with weeks of tears and empty expectation. However, often women, moving away from such a man, continue to love him all his life. And they return as soon as the opportunity arises.

Don't be afraid emotional addiction from a man? Then - welcome to the Pisces lovers club. And your love will be the most beautiful in the world. It will enrich you immensely, even if it is not mutual.

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How to Charm a Man - Fish

Usually, men born under the sign of Pisces are soft, meek and friendly. They seem extremely sincere, therefore, cause the sympathy of others. Pisces cannot stand loneliness and always strive to be among people. Unusually charming, sociable, they are popular with women. They themselves try not to fall in love - Pisces are frightened by strong feelings that create chaos in their illusory world, which exists according to its own rules, unknown to anyone.

In fact, Pisces are good at dusting their eyes. What they think and what they keep in the soul, no one knows. Spiritually fragile, such men often suffer from emotional overstrain. In such a state, they become very touchy and may react inappropriately to the most trifling question or phrase.

The girl who liked the man - Fish, should take into account this feature of the psyche. If he suddenly became withdrawn, lost his temper, or suddenly flushed for no reason - it is better to leave the guy alone. He needs a rest. Otherwise, a quarrel may occur. And to establish a relationship after it will have to itself. Because Pisces doesn’t care if these relationships exist. They will manage without them.

By and large, with Pisces in everything you need to take the initiative in your own hands. And acquaintance with such a man, and further communication with him - it all depends on the woman. He is indecisive, subject to doubts and other people's influence. Do not waste time flirting with this person. It is unlikely that he will pay attention to such behavior. For Pisces, the main thing is to be understood. Therefore, the best way they will like it is the ability to listen, maintaining a conversation and showing warm friendliness.

Catching a fish on a hook is pretty easy. It is enough to start a conversation on any philosophical topic. Don’t feed fish with bread, let’s just speculate about the essence of being and its mystical influence on society. And so that the man of this sign swallows the hook deeper, just hint to him about the fatefulness of the meeting and its karmic background. He will certainly cling to these phrases and begin to ponder them both this way and that. It remains only to direct the Fish to the right path. He willingly steps on it, if you act gently and delicately.

Communicating with a man of this sign, you need to learn how to instantly capture the differences in his mood. The inner world of Pisces is very mobile and vulnerable. It can not be redone. Therefore, a woman who intends to conquer a man - Fish should be subtly sensitive, impressionable, romantic. She needs to be able to guess the impulses of the soul of her chosen one and treat them with care, with understanding. Otherwise, the Fish will swim in the open sea. Rudeness, earthliness, excessive pragmatism, she does not tolerate.

Oh well. We have learned to understand the man-fish, take care of his inner world, we are interested in discussing Blavatsky’s books and parapsychology with him ... Does this mean that the fish is firmly stuck in our networks and it is possible to celebrate the victory? Not at all. In order to finally conquer such a bachelor, it is not enough to be only an exalted, subtly sensitive nature. What else is needed?

What should be the life partner of a man - Pisces

The ideal of a man born under the sign of Pisces is a delicate, gentle, tolerant and at the same time reliable and strong woman. She should be sober enough to look at the surrounding reality and be able to overcome with dignity the most difficult situations. Fishes cannot become for someone protection and support. They do not navigate in the real world, and if, under pressure, they rush to fight some of its problems, they are unlikely to win. Realizing this, Pisces is looking for a proactive, enterprising, self-confident girl for marriage. Moreover, a strong-willed character should be combined with femininity and lyricism.

As for intimate relationships, Pisces has a few specific preferences. They are attracted to active and enterprising partners with a bit of sadistic inclinations. However, it is only necessary to show these inclinations, sometimes playing the role of a temperamental, sensual dreamer. Because the representatives of this sign can not stand women for whom physical intimacy is more important than the spiritual side of the relationship. Pisces believes that true love should not depend on carnal lust. They do not belong to the type of men who are primarily attracted to sex. These people prefer physical merging to take place only after the heart casts its voice.

Men born under this sign cannot be criticized. And not because they have too sick vanity. Just Pisces and so are not sure of their own infallibility. And if you add oil to the fire, pointing out the flaws, their self-esteem will generally fall below nowhere. It is unlikely that after this you can expect from the guy Pisces at least some kind of attention or action. He will simply withdraw into himself, deciding that he is not worthy to be someone's life partner, since he is too bad for this world.

Fishes need constant confirmation of their own need and significance. They can not be joked or ironic. A woman who wants to be with such a man all her life should try to instill a sense of security in him. But open domination over him and his life is unacceptable. Yet he is a man. Dominance should be tactful, with an understanding of the measure.

In general, in order to attach a man-fish to himself, it is necessary to prove his enterprise and ability to solve problems. But only it is necessary to prove this not when he can cope with some issue on his own. The young lady should demonstrate her own resourcefulness and efficiency in resolving situations that cause difficulties for a man. This should be done easily and even cheerfully, so as not to frighten the Fish with its stiff assertiveness and not to offend a hint of insolvency.

In a word, in order to conquer the heart of a Pisces man, a girl needs to be romantic, subtly sensitive, delicate and at the same time decisive, persistent and enterprising. In no case should she be harsh in her judgments, rudeness, tactlessness, inability to overcome difficulties and unwillingness to help in solving complex issues. This will destroy the trust of such an impressive man, and he will leave in his own world for a long time. Perhaps even permanently.

I must say that even if a woman does not meet the ideal of a bachelor born under the sign of Pisces, he can still marry her. Enough lady at the right time to show perseverance. People of this sign are malleable and suggestible. They are able to see a person as he wants to look. So a pragmatic person, deprived of spirituality, can catch Fish in her nets. But is it worth it? The big question.

How to fall in love with a man Pisces

To win a man - Pisces you need:

  • Surround him with warmth, care, affection and attention. Если вы хотите покорить сердце такого мужчины и удержать его возле себя, то просто обязаны взять на себя решение всех бытовых вопросов и показать, что вы являетесь настоящей хозяйкой и хранительницей семейного очага.
  • Чтобы понравиться мужчине – Рыбе, женщина должна разделять все его интересы и, так же как и он сам, разбудить в себе интерес ко всему необыкновенному и неизведанному.
  • Try to give him time to be alone with himself and with his own thoughts. He will certainly appreciate it.
  • If you want to fall in love with such a man, then you should not demand from him any decisive actions and deeds. Do not be too pushy. - In no case do not laugh at your peasant and do not joke.
  • Do not rush him. He himself knows for himself what and when he needs to do.
  • Whatever horoscope and zodiac sign of a woman is, in a relationship with a man - Pisces, she simply must be more decisive.

Aries woman

This is a rather difficult union. Aries woman is quite an active and energetic person who will always be one step ahead of her chosen one. In order to win the heart of such a man, she must show herself as a mistress and in no case rush her man. Do not expect courage and assertiveness from him, as this is simply not about him. Aries woman should not express her dissatisfaction towards the man - Pisces.

Gemini woman

It will be very difficult for you to fall in love with a representative of this sign, and if he is married, all the more so. This is a rather complicated union. These people are simply not able to understand each other. The twin girl is rather fussy, and the man constantly wants peace and quiet. You will be able to conquer such a man only if you show exactly the same interests that he represents.

Cancer woman

The vulnerable nature of such a girl and a man - Fish are simply made for each other. The woman - Cancer will even succeed in repulsing the busy representative of the Pisces sign. You can conquer it with your tenderness and care. Your romance and fragility, are able to subjugate such a man in three ways. In this pair, they will be truly happy together. None of them even want to seek solace on the side or think about a break.

Woman lion

This union is quite complicated, since there will be no mutual understanding in this pair. This union can only be withheld if the Lioness is sufficiently active. To entice such a vulnerable and shy man, the Lioness will succeed only with her determination. If you quickly take it into circulation, then everything will be fine in your pair. Even if later, the man Pisces realizes that the female Leo is completely not his man, he simply does not have the courage to part with her.

Woman Virgo

This is a good and very stable alliance. Even if he is not nearby, he will feel you. You are able to conquer such a man by the fact that, ideally, they are able to create coziness and comfort in the house. A man Pisces will even consider that you are the real ideal of a woman. Nothing threatens such an alliance.

Woman Libra

This union is not easy. You have completely different interests. No one knows how long such relationships last. If you are determined that you need this man, you should be as gentle and caring as possible. If a woman Libra will constantly compromise and smooth out all the sharp edges that have arisen, then it is entirely possible that their union will be long and lasting.

Scorpio woman

Even if he has a girlfriend, a woman Scorpio can easily repulse him. The fact is that these people are most suited to each other. They will be well and calm together. Scorpio will not have to strain to win the position of Pisces, you just have to be yourself: quiet, calm, passionate, fatal and mysterious. This couple is compatible and understands each other perfectly.

Capricorn woman

These personalities are very different from each other. It is very difficult for them to be together. But if you really want to conquer the man Fish, then you need to be not only gentle and caring, but sometimes go to tricks and cause tears in yourself. The gentle and sensual nature of the man Pisces will not be able to offend his chosen one.

Characteristics of Male Pisces

The Man-Pisces is not demanding in life, but in love he expects full return from his beloved. To translate a dream into reality, he needs a man who will help unleash the potential of the abilities and talents of this zodiac sign.

They are always ready to help. Moreover, they put their interests on the back burner. First they will help a friend (relative), and only then they will start their own affairs and tasks. it emotional peoplethat can flare up and get nervous because of any trifle. Therefore, in the first place it is worth taking care of the heart and nervous system - these are the weak points of Pisces.

These are dual natures, two fish swimming in different directions symbolize this. All their life they suffer from conflicting desires

Advantages and disadvantages

Men born under the sign of Pisces cannot be called decisive. They like to shift responsibility to others' shoulders, appearing as if “out of business” - this is their main drawback. But their strength is the ability to love truly and sincerely, fully surrendering to their soul mate.

Temperament and character

The characteristic of Pisces according to the zodiac sign says that they are born as if tired. They do not have enough energy to overcome, resolve many issues, cases, obstacles. Everything affects them negatively: heat, wind, rain, snow, quarrel at work. They become even more lethargic and tired, preferring to lie on the couch and relax.

There are other Pisces that are less common. They are too active and able to start a bunch of things, as a result, not finishing one. They may not sleep days or nights, exhausting themselves to exhaustion.

On the way to great danger, they can remain unperturbed when, like petty troubles, the shortcomings of life take them crazy

When choosing clothes, these people are often somewhat messy; formal suits are not for them. Often rely on their own imagination and mysticism.

Pisces Element: Water

Water and the Pisces sign give this man "fluidity." He literally goes with the flow, not wanting to overcome the obstacles that arise on the way. He would rather wait when they resolve themselves, than he will take any action to resolve them. The water element rewarded these people with high sensitivity, a frequent change of mood. Even because of minor troubles, a person can become discouraged for several days.

Water and the Pisces sign give this man "fluidity." He literally goes with the flow

Water is not compatible with Fire. Communication with Air is possible, if only Water is not afraid of clouds and nebula. An ideal partner will be a person from the elements of Earth and Water.

TO positive traits Fish can be attributed to:

  • attractiveness
  • sociability,
  • friendly attitude
  • compassion.

Negative traits:

  • changeability of character,
  • short temper
  • excessive emotionality
  • pessimism,
  • laziness.

Man Pisces under the auspices of the water element - this is such a "fish" that tries to circumvent all sharp corners, deftly maneuvering between them. For a comfortable existence, it is better to choose a place to live near water bodies. As a last resort, get an aquarium at home. The house for them is a place for relaxation and contemplation of the beautiful.

Love and marriage of male Pisces

The relationship of male Pisces with women never develops rapidly. They are not from the breed that rush into the pool with their heads. A female partner can wait for a marriage proposal from him for years. It is likely that he will take the crucial step of marriage at the age of 35, or even older.

Male Pisces relationships with women never develop rapidly

He does not strive for wealth, he is content with little. Therefore, if you have chosen such a chosen one as a couple, be prepared to make good money. No, they won’t sit on Pisces’s neck, but they won’t try to go up the career ladder or change their sphere of activity in order to increase well-being. It often happens that a wife earns more than her husband, but this does not bother him at all. At the same time, everything will be fine from the emotional side in the relationship between the man Pisces and his chosen one. He does not skimp on the manifestation of care and attention. He likes to receive the same attitude towards himself in return.

The appearance of the girl when choosing is important to him. He is a connoisseur of beauty, a lover of contemplation. And even if a beautiful beauty is written next to him, he will still glance around, looking for no less charming women. With this soul mate Pisces will have to come to terms. To make the union really strong, it is better for a couple to have common interests besides family life.

What kind of women will definitely like a man-fish?

This man needs a strong and understanding woman. She should not make claims for trifles, cause jealousy. The guy of this sign can not be called a particularly jealous person, he will trust his beloved. But if you openly do everything to cause this feeling, he will not remain indifferent. Stability and safety are what he values ​​most in a relationship.

Pisces man - a lover of peace and prosperity in family life

So what kind of women do Pisces like?

  • beautiful and well-groomed,
  • wise
  • calm
  • caring.

These are the main features that an ideal girl for male Pisces should have. Their feature is that they do not fully believe that they are truly needed and loved. Therefore, the girl will have to try to prove this and often admit love to her partner.

How to understand that the Pisces man is in love: the main signs

You met your "prince" ‒Fish on a white horse, but you can’t understand that the Pisces guy is in love? In the behavior of a man in love, there are some certain signs.

The first thing that appears in this new person is openness. He talks a lot about himself, without melting anything. At the beginning of the relationship, he gives the chosen one not only attention and care, but also gifts, while he does not ask for anything in return. He perfectly understands how to care for a woman in order to achieve her disposition. He approaches this with all responsibility. The first signs of Pisces falling in love appear almost immediately; you cannot confuse them with anything.

A loving man-Pisces is about the woman. The main thing is that she does not start to use it for personal gain, which ultimately can lead to a breakdown

It often happens that this person falls in love with unworthy people (alcoholics, parasites, drug addicts, etc.). He tries to change them, to help, but in the end he becomes disappointed and leaves.

What are the ways to conquer the Pisces men?

You liked the guy of this water element, but you don’t know how to conquer Pisces and fall in love with this man? To attract the attention of any man, and Pisces in particular, is quite real, the main thing is to know how to do it right.

Fish often soar in the clouds, dream a lot, do not differ in practicality. If you liked this man, then, first of all, it is worth showing him the similarity of your views on life and the same interests. The psychology of these people is simple: they believe in mysticism, so you can convince them that your meeting is not accidental and destined for fate.

His attention will surely attract a crying girl. He just can't get past

To find an approach to it, it is important to know how to behave with Pisces. During the conversation, let him talk about what he wants, and ask questions along the way that will make it clear that he is interested in you as an interlocutor. According to reviews, such communication will ultimately lead to friendship, and it will smoothly flow into something more. So, to like the Rybka guy, you need:

  • to share a passion for mysticism and everything inexplicable,
  • surround with care and tenderness,
  • take a decision on household issues (already in a relationship),
  • do not rush a man with decision-making,
  • periodically leave him alone so that he could philosophize on the meaning of life.

Fish often soar in the clouds, dream a lot, are not practical

Who are Pisces compatible in love and marriage with?

Love for Pisces is almost the purpose of life, so attracting them to a serious relationship is not so difficult. The most important thing for them is sincere feelings, understanding, spiritual connection and calm. He shows his love openly, cleanly, exposes himself in front of the second half. Therefore, if he does not feel a response, he is offended and closes in himself.

Good compatibility of Pisces men in love with representatives of the water element: Crayfish and Scorpions

These are absolutely harmonious alliances.. They reign calm and mutual understanding. Also Pisces also combines well with earthly representatives: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. The element of fire is completely unsuitable for Pisces, an alliance with Air is possible, but only if both will yield to each other and compromise.
Pisces compatibility chart with other characters

Maximum compatibilityMedium CompatibilityMinimum compatibility
FishScorpio, Cancer, PiscesCapricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, GeminiSagittarius, Leo, Aries

Sex with Pisces: what is he like in bed?

Sex for the zodiac sign Pisces is not in last place, rather, this is the second place (after sincere feelings in a relationship with your beloved). Fish love variety in bed, their imagination is very developed, so the couple is unlikely to be bored. But if temperaments are radically different, then Pisces will begin to suffer, and as a result, their interest will disappear. They try to satisfy first of all the partner, but not themselves.

Pisces man always knows how to surprise a partner in bed. He is a crazy inventor. More likely to prefer sex at home in a cozy environment than in other places. He is a great lover, and adrenaline is not their path.

If the couple does not have real feelings, then just having cool sex will not help keep Pisces. Sex with a man born under the sign of Pisces is a fun adventure that should be nourished every day with new products.

What if the Pisces man leaves?

Usually, if the representative of this sign leaves the family, then this is forever. He will immediately erase you from his life. He does not like to enter the same river twice and will in every way ignore attempts to reach him. “Does not call - does not write” - this is just about him.

How to bring Rybka back home to a smooth backwater? Practical tips:

  • Pause. During this time, the man will consider everything, maybe even realize that he made a mistake.
  • Set aside claims. Otherwise, you will push away the chosen one even more.
  • Show female cunning. You can pretend that you accidentally got in their way or went into the same store. Love for mysticism will play into your hands here. Say that this is fate that keeps you from breaking up.
  • Pity Pisces. They will not be able to calmly look at you crying.
  • Admit your guilt and do not criticize the Pisces man. Even if it’s difficult for you, and you are not really to blame, this tactic will help bring it back.

What to give to a man-fish?

Do you think that you can give Pisces, for example, for your birthday? They are unpretentious in this matter. They are not one of those people who are waiting for the holiday for the sake of gifts. You can even leave him without this part of the triumph, he will not be offended. But if you still decide to present something, then choose interesting things from the category of palmistry, esotericism, mysticism. It can be necklaces or amulets, handmade knives with mysterious drawings on the handle, signet rings from the same area. Practical gifts from the household series are also suitable.