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How to make a man happy


In a happy marriage, both husband and wife are happy. And what is the key to family happiness? Of course, the happiness of both is equally. And the task of each spouse is to ensure the happiness of the other. In this article, we will talk about how to make a husband happy, as this is our main task.

It is interesting that in different religions the ways of solving this problem are defined differently. Let us consider for the sake of interest, and for the general development of the 15 Islamic commandments, how to achieve the outlined goal.

1. Always meet your husband with joy

A man often has to leave his family, going on business trips related to work or training. To make the happy moments of return more pleasant, do not hide your joy at the meeting, gently greet your husband, put on beautiful and clean clothes, perfumes and cosmetics will not interfere, start with good news, putting off unpleasant ones until he has a rest, let him feel that you really waited for him and missed you very much, do everything possible so that everything will be cleaned by his arrival, and on the table waiting for hot and delicious food.

2. Talk to him gently and gently.

3. Always be in great shape.

To do this, look after your figure and body, wear beautiful dresses, use the best perfumes, try not to let your husband see you in dirty clothes, without hair and groomed, avoid the forbidden types of jewelry, for example, tattoos, wear dresses that you like most to your husband, the same goes for the color of clothes, hairstyles and perfumes.

4. Do not deny him a close relationship

For close relationships, try to choose the right time when he is not tired, make sure that your body is clean and a pleasant smell emanates from it.

5. Be content with nature

You should not be upset if your husband is poor or does a simple job: look at the poor, sick and people with physical disabilities, remember the Lord and thank Him for giving health and well-being, remember that true wealth is the presence of faith and following the true path.

6. Try to be indifferent to worldly goods

Do not consider this world a center of concentration of all your hopes and interests, do not require your husband to buy expensive trinkets, help him reduce costs and save money in order to give alms and feed the poor and needy. Do not spend his money without his permission, even for alms, especially if you are not sure that he will approve this waste. In the absence of a husband, take care of the house, car and other his property. However, to be indifferent to worldly goods does not mean to turn away from the joys of life. But at the same time, you must look to the future, realizing that there will be a next life ...

7. Appreciate the care of your husband and be thankful to him

Most of the inhabitants of Hell are ungrateful women who do not appreciate the good shown to them. If you will be grateful to your husband, he will rejoice, love you and try to make as much as possible pleasant. In the case of ingratitude, the husband will be disappointed and ask himself: “Why would I do well for her if she still never appreciates this?”

8. Be faithful and faithful to your husband

Be especially loyal to your husband at an hour when he is having a hard time (health problems or work), support him with all available means, including money or your property, if necessary.

9. Be compliant

Do everything that the husband tells you, if it is within the permissible limits. Remember: the head of the family is the husband, and the wife is the assistant and adviser.

10. Reassure your husband if he is not in the mood

Try to avoid what may cause his anger, but if you still can’t avoid it, try to calm him down: if you are guilty, apologize. If he is guilty, then be calm, do not bring to a quarrel. Wait until he calms down, and then calmly discuss the problem with him. If he is angry for any reason not related to his family, then keep silence until his anger passes, try to find excuses for him, for example: he is tired, problems at work, someone offended him. Do not ask too many questions, insisting that he tell what happened, especially in a harsh manner, such as: “You must tell me what happened!”, “I must know what made you angry!” Or “You You’re hiding something, but I have the right to know it! ”

11. In the absence of a husband, take care of yourself and the honor of your family

Avoid any forbidden relationships with other people. Keep family secrets secret, especially with regard to close relationships, and that which the husband does not want to tell other people. Husband and wife should keep secret everything that happens in their personal lives. Their personal life, family secrets should not be discussed in conversations with friends and girlfriends.

12. Take care of the house and children

Take care of the money and property of your husband. Be kind and affectionate with your husband's parents and relatives. Make sure that your children are always well-groomed, clean and well-fed. Take care of their health, education and good manners. And, of course, teach your children the necessary knowledge.

13. Respect the husband's family and his friends

You should warmly welcome the husband’s guests and try to please them, especially for his parents. You should try as much as possible to avoid problems with his relatives. You must do your best to avoid a situation where he has to choose between his wife and mother. Call up with his parents and sisters, write letters to them, buy gifts, help them in difficult situations.

14. Be patient and give moral support to your husband

Be patient even if you are poor or in a difficult situation. The problems and difficulties that may occur with you, with your husband or children, relatives or property, be persistent and patient. When a husband does something wrong with you, answer his bad deed with a good deed.

15. Make your home cozy and comfortable

Keep your home clean, decorate it with flowers and furnish beautiful furniture. From time to time, so that there is no monotony, change the situation in the house. Cook tasty and wholesome food. Learn everything you need to do well in housekeeping. However, in order for a family to develop relationships full of love and harmony, love and understanding on the part of the husband are also needed.

Why other people's recipes of happiness do not work

The first impulse is to read horoscopes or ask friends for advice. But other people's advice without an accurate understanding of the nature of men and women is dead patterns, ways to try on a suit from someone else’s shoulder, because the personal experience of different couples can be very different.

And the woman, having read the recommendations, understands - to make her husband happy next to her, she must be a supermodel, and an intellectual, and the best housewife. Like, men love and that there was something to talk about, and a tasty meal, and to sleep on a clean bed, and so that the woman in this very bed would be an ideal lover. And often a woman realizes that she is not up to the ideal. I’d better not read it!

But everything is much simpler. And you understand this at the training of Yuri Burlan “System-vector psychology”, which equips us with a compass in the world of human desires. In order not to get lost ...

Two ways to make a man happy next to him

A man needs only two conditions for happiness:

filled with intimate life with your beloved woman,

the joy of social realization.

And in that order. Moreover, the second depends on the first, and not vice versa. When does sex life satisfy a man? We answer this question from the point of view of the laws of nature.

How to make a beloved man happy in sexual relations

A man and a woman are attracted by smell, unconsciously. At first, sexual relationships are vibrant and exciting. But passion does not last long - about three years. Then the attraction becomes not so strong, and there may come a cooling in the relationship if an emotional connection is not created in the couple. And the woman is responsible for creating this connection, because of the nature and characteristics of her upbringing, she is more emotional. After all, girls in childhood, unlike boys, are allowed to cry, and this develops feelings. A woman is more sincere, open and able to feel a person next to her.

You need to start when passion is still hot, then it will be too late. Gradually reveal the hidden corners of the soul, draw the husband into frank conversations. Do it delicately and with love for a man, with respect for his feelings, experience and natural structure.

Deep knowledge of your man allows knowledge about vectors, which gives training "System-vector psychology." The path to the soul of every man is strictly individual. There are no universal recipes for networking.

As an example: it is not worth a husband with an anal vector in a burst of frankness to talk about former lovers. He is painful in that he is not the first, which means, as it seems to him, not the best in his wife’s life. It is not necessary for a man with a sound vector to press with stormy emotions. He doesn't like that.

But you can talk about childhood, revealingly revealing little children's secrets. This is the basis for further frankness, deep and genuine interest in each other's life.

The spiritual connection between the spouses creates trust, an intimate world that belongs only to two. And only in this world does the most amazing sex happen. The man receives the greatest pleasure from sexual relations with his beloved, desired woman.

She trusts him, which means she is able to relax, say what she wants, and get an orgasm. And for a man there is nothing nicer than to feel that he was able to deliver this pleasure to his woman.

How to make a husband happy if the past interferes

It happens that no matter how hard the wife tries, she is not able to influence her husband’s mood. The reasons may be hidden in the past - in childhood or the adult negative experiences of the husband.

For example, a dysfunctional relationship with a mother causes resentment in a person with an anal vector, which he can carry through his whole life and transfer it to other women. And whatever the ideal wife, she will always remind him that women are not worthy of love.

For such a person, a negative past experience in communicating with girls will also be significant, which will not let him trust in a new relationship.

Different vectors can cause different scenarios and problems. It is possible to cope with this only through understanding the vectorial properties of the husband, careful clarification of the circumstances of his past life. Negative scenarios, when realized, dissolve, and family life is getting better. Systemic vector psychoanalysis is the best choice in this case.

Happy man - realized man

For the sake of his beloved, a man is capable of much - to master new lands and even space, invent a new tool and develop the latest technologies, discover the laws of nature and call them to serve humanity. A man who is successfully realized in society is formerly happy in his sexual and family life.

This was the case throughout the entire development of mankind: a human male brought his female mammoth prey so that she kept her and her baby’s life. And as a reward he received the greatest pleasure, the desire for which nature laid in him - an orgasm. These basic relationships are firmly inscribed in the collective memory of mankind, and this record, bypassing consciousness, affects every person.

To allow my beloved husband to work for the sake of the family, and with joy and gratitude to accept the “mammoth” that he brings from the “savannah,” means to inspire him to work actively in society, and to make him happy. The greatest pleasure a person receives from the use of innate properties.

To make a man happy means to help him understand himself

And again, the wife may be faced with the fact that not everything depends on her. For example, the husband does not find himself, rushes about, he does not have a relationship with work. The situation only seems hopeless. The way out is in understanding the properties of the person who is next to you.

It happens that we do not hear ourselves and do not follow our true desires through life. We don’t know what we want. We are influenced by parents, friends, environment, society. A person capable of being a talented scientist goes into business. Potentially, a great speaker works in a warehouse. Not taking your place in life is not very pleasant.

Who, if not a woman, should understand what a man needs to be happy? She is closest to him. And if she managed to create a trusting relationship and supports him, and even knows everything about his vectors, it is not difficult for her to help him realize his liking. The main thing is to restore order in the head.

The happiness of a man is in the hands of a woman

The happiness of the wife depends on the happiness of the husband, who loves, protects, cares. But at the same time, the happiness of a man is in the hands of a woman, in her ability to understand, accept, suggest, share life with him. A woman is able to do this wisely and with a 100% result, as thousands of women who have completed the System-Vector Psychology training have already done.

And don't forget to bring along to training husband!