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On July 2, 1982, Larry Walters, a truck driver from Los Angeles, decided to fulfill his cherished dream - to fly. But not like normal people on an airplane! He tied 45 meter helium meteorological balls to a garden chair and prepared a stock of sandwiches, beer and an air gun.

«What can happen? Well, I’ll take it about 10 meters, hang out there, then shoot the balls and go down, Thought Larry. He gave a signal. Friends cut the rope.

When a couple of hours later he, numb, hanging out at an altitude of 4800 meters, his mood was already far less cloudless!

Larry dreamed about the sky from the age of 15, but somehow it did not work out. I wanted to go to flight school, but I didn’t pass by sight. I had to drive a truck, which, of course, is far from so romantic. The soul asks for flight.

«Guys, we understand that this sounds wild, but there some guy flew past us in the garden chair", - never before the manager of the Los Angeles airport had not heard such nonsense. What is this pilot of Trans World Airlines, smoked or something? But no, here a colleague from Delta Airlines says that he was nearly hit by a man flying in a bunch of balls. What a madness!

Beer and sandwiches finally came to an end. It is frankly difficult to breathe thin air. And the temperature "overboard" steadily passes below zero. In a word, Larry realized that it was time to go home.

He shot a few balls and began a smooth decline. The residents of Long Beach, who watched from below the flight of a brave aeronaut, however, were not very happy when Larry hit the power line and disconnected half the district. The hero below with open arms was already waiting for doctors and police. Unharmed, Larry was handcuffed and taken to the department, but it turned out that there was essentially nothing to show him. If I were a pilot, I could be deprived of a license for violations of the rules of piloting, and there’s nothing to even cling to.

Why did you fly? "Well, a man can’t just sit idle", Philosophically commented on Larry.

Science and the Six Cubes

Although it is impossible to divide the press, you can choose the right exercises, as the differences between them are very significant. In a recent study at the University of San Diego, California, 31 people were tested using an electromyograph. The electrodes were attached to the top and bottom of the rectus abdominis muscle, as well as to the upper parts of the oblique muscles and flexors of the hips. “When muscles contract, muscles send electrical impulses that are read by electrodes and processed by a computer,” explains Dr. Peter Francis, director of the biomechanical laboratory and research leader. “These data show us which exercise makes this or that region work harder.”

Volunteers performed 14 repetitions in 13 different exercises. The result was hundreds of crunches (182 to be exact). Although all exercises required considerable work from the rectus abdominis muscle (good news for those who want six cubes), the three exercises exceeded the others in the degree of involvement of the abdominal muscles: these are leg raises in the hanger, cycling and back crunches. “All of these exercises put the pelvis in an unstable position, forcing all the abdominal muscles to work to stabilize,” says Francis. - This happens when you are in a hanging position, or when you lift your legs or pelvis off the floor. Add to this the twisting of the body - and you will develop even more muscle activity, involving the oblique muscles of the abdomen. ”


For all of the exercises tested, Francis also found that positive contractions cause more muscle work than negative ones. Many people are concerned about the exclusion of hip flexors from working with the press, while Francis says this is not possible anatomically. “Hip flexors, obliques, and abs are synergistic, they work as a team, and you cannot use one without using the other,” he says.

Although technically they are separate muscle groups, the abdominal ones work together so that you can run, jump and so on. Knowing this, try a new approach to abdominal training: instead of thinking about which exercise what part of the press is loading, concentrate on the development of the abdominal region as a whole to give it a stunning look.

Crunch and Diet

Know: you can do endless crunches, but without the right diet you will never see the fruits of your labor. Reducing body fat is the only way to show the press hidden under it. Your diet should include more protein, complex carbohydrates and lots of fruits and vegetables, but as little fat as possible. Supplement your diet with moderate cardio workouts three to five times a week, and your “six cubes” will gradually begin to appear. Cardio workouts should last 40-60 minutes. Throughout the session, try to be in the target zone of the heart rhythm to optimize the process of using fat as fuel.

Attack plan

Time for crunches: Choose three to four of the proposed exercises and do them in a circle. Do 10-20 controlled repetitions in each of them, without resting between sets. Repeat the whole circle two to three times. This type of training should be repeated no more than three times a week, that is, at least 48 hours should pass between sessions.

It’s not enough, but regularly: If you prefer to train the abs every day, select one of the described exercises and do it in three to four sets of 15-20 slow repetitions in one session. At the next, take another exercise. Work in strict form and do not forget about breathing.

You probably want to choose the three exercises that are first in the ranking, but Dr. Francis objects to this. “The constant alternation of exercises and the use of different techniques will have the best effect on your press,” he says. “Beginners need to gradually master the first three exercises of the list, as they are very difficult even for experienced athletes.”

Regardless of the choice of exercise, go up four counts, go down two. Hardgainer.RU

Exercise number 1. Lift legs in the gym

This exercise turned out to be the best in terms of involvement of muscle fibers in the work. Keeping your back straight, accept the position of the hang on the elbows. Inhale and slowly, avoiding inertia, raise straight legs up to the level parallel to the floor. Short pause Slowly lower your legs. Repeat.

lifting legs in the hang on the simulator

upside down crunches

bicycle crunches

Alternative: hanging legs on the bar

Take the position of the hang on the crossbar, grip shoulder width apart. Keeping the socks extended, exhale and slowly raise the straight legs up, avoiding inertia, until they are parallel to the floor. Pause. Now slowly lower your legs to the starting position.

Alternative: side-to-side leg lifts on the simulator

This exercise not only stimulates the “six dice”, it also hones the waistline. Take the same position in the simulator as for the previous exercise, but bend your legs to an angle of 90 degrees, as if you were sitting in an "air chair". While exhaling, at the same time raise and take your knees to the side, contracting the oblique muscles of the opposite side of the body. Pause on one count. Now slowly return to the starting position. Repeat for the other side.

Alternative: side-to-side knees up on the bar

Accept the same position as for the previous exercise, but bend your legs as if you were sitting in an "air chair". Exhaling, at the same time lift and take your knees to the side, contracting the oblique muscles of the opposite side of the body. Pause on one count. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat for the other side.

hanging legs on the bar

reverse crunches on the bench

crunch on the ball

Exercise number 2. Bike Crunches

This exercise loads the entire abdominal region, especially the oblique muscles of the abdomen and hip flexors. Lie on the floor, hands at the temples, elbows are deployed, knees are bent and raised. This is the starting position. Now lift and twist the top of the body while moving the knee to the head. Try to touch your right elbow with your left knee while straightening your right leg. Return to the starting position and repeat for the other side.

Exercise number 4. Reverse crunches on the floor

This exercise initiates the work of the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle, and then uses the entire abdominal region to maintain pelvic stability at the top of the range of motion. Lie on your back, look at the ceiling, legs are lifted vertically upwards, arms are spread apart and lean on the floor. From this position, lift the pelvis and legs up, contracting the abdominal muscles and lifting the tailbone by 7-10 cm. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

bicycle crunches

reverse crunches on the floor

lifting the knees to the side in the hang on the bar

Alternative: Reverse Crunches on the Bench

Lie on an abdominal bench with a slight slope. Hands hold the handles or pillow behind your head. The back is straight, the legs are bent at the knees and raised up. This is the starting position. From here, slowly move the knees to the head, first lifting the pelvis. When your knees reach eye level, slowly return to the starting position and continue moving on, straightening your legs. Pause and return to the starting position. Repeat.

Exercise # 5. Fitball Crunches

This exercise mainly loads the rectus abdominis muscle, providing the widest range of motion. Lie on a fitball, fold your arms over your chest, and your legs stand firmly on the floor. In the starting position, the back should be bent, repeating the bending of the surface of the ball. Exhale and slowly twist the body. Hold at the top, then inhale and slowly return to the starting position. You can vary the difficulty of the exercise by changing the position of the legs. The wider they are, the more stable your position and the easier the movement. The narrower the more difficult the oblique muscles of the abdomen to maintain balance.

knee lift

lifting the knees to the side while hanging on the simulator

crunch on a rope block

Exercise number 6. Cranes on a block with a rope handle

This exercise mainly stimulates the rectus abdominis muscle, but part of the work falls into the oblique muscles. Attach the rope handle to the tall block and kneel in front of it about a meter from the treadmill. Grasp the handle with both hands, holding them close to your ears. The elbows are bent and point to the floor. This is the starting position. After exhaling, slowly twist the body, directing the elbows to the knees, while keeping the lower back and thighs motionless. Pause at the point of maximum muscle contraction. Slowly return to the starting position.

To heaven on a chair

In the famous film about winter hunting and fishing, one of the heroes decided to fly on a chair, tying balloons to it. A little more, and faded through the air beyond the borders of our dear Homeland. It turns out that this funny episode corresponds to a real fact that happened in the glorious American city of Los Angeles. It was in the early 80s of the last century. Computers and video were a rare thing; we are generally silent about the Internet. In short, boring things, and people need to somehow have fun. Especially sausage pensioners. And so, one of them, by the name of Larry Walters, decided to take off in the air, to view his house from a bird's-eye view. I got fifty meteorological balls, which are bigger and stronger than ordinary balls, puffed, tied to a chair. Said:
- Go! - and waved his friends pen. The senile palms did not hold the rope and the chair, like a cannon, started up. The friends began to discuss:
- Call 911?
- What for? The man flew of his own free will. There was no violence. The law is not broken. If you want to fly, fly to hell. America is a free country, it is not forbidden to fly here.
On that and fled. In short, American grandfathers collapsed. Of course! You will call 911 with a statement that your friendship on a chair has ascended into heaven, and the cheerful orderlies from the asylum will immediately arrive to the delight of greedy children and grandchildren.

. After some time, at the Los Angeles airport, the pilot requests a landing and is interested in the dispatcher:
“Guys, do you know that a person in a chair flies in your landing level?” It does not bother me. But you never know what.
- What-what-what? - the manager rolls out eyes. - You have problems? Repeat ...
The dispatcher cuts out a loud broadcast, and the pilot broadcasts to the entire audience:
- Above your airfield some freak flies astride a chair.
The older shift has square eyes. The pilot is clearly not in himself! Emergency situation! The strip is cleared, along it the police, firemen and ambulances rush along. The liner sits down normally. Policemen run up the ladder with doctors and knit a crew.

Rejoiced early. Another microphone is already tearing at the microphone:
“Do you generally follow the air?” Then a goat on a chair is blocking the glide path! Slightly to me in the left engine did not fit!
There is a quiet panic in the control room. A goat with a chair climbs the engines! Not otherwise, the terrorists sprayed an unknown psychotropic gas over the airport. The attendant is cautiously interested in:
“Besides you, captain, does anyone see him?” Are there any other oddities? Upsets?
- Upset - work with your airport! - the pilot roars. The dispatcher wipes the cold sweat with a tie and looks around the airspace outside the window in search of a flying goat. Of the living in the sky, only planes.

The traffic over the airfield is intense, and the next pilot is already connected:
- I'm going to land! Earth, are you all right there? Get this flyer on a chair out of my way!
- Calmly, report in order. Do you see an unidentified flying object?
- What is there unidentified? A man in a chair flies through the sky.
- Specify where you observe it?
- That's what. did you run it there? What the hell?
“Can you describe what keeps him in the air?” - dispatcher on the verge of hysteria. - What aircraft? Chairs do not fly!
- So he has balls attached to his chair (balls - “balls” and jarg. “Eggs”).
- What is it, the Lord hung in the air for the eggs ?!
“Sir, I'm a family man, and I’m not interested in such details,” retorts the pilot. - The guy tied balloons to a chair. Apparently, they are inflated with light gas.
“Can you describe him?”
- Well, man. In shorts and a shirt.
- So. Is it white or black?
- He's blue.
- What does it mean - blue? Is he blue?

- What does it have to do with it? Earth, do you know what temperature is overboard?

Radio is in the rhythm of rap. But on the radar - nothing! Man and balls are small and not iron. We are generally silent about the chair. Dispatchers are associated with the military air base and asked to raise the fighters, it is necessary to bring down a chair. Only police evidence saves them from the asylum.

Meanwhile, our fresh-frozen balloonist, dangling in the mountain heights in his chair, with a farewell gaze escorts the liners roaming around. The next roar is generally stunning - a fighter flies in a hundred meters. On the pilot's face is curiosity and surprise, he twists his finger at the temple. The retired pensioner cannot endure this and shows the pilot a trembling middle finger. The following report follows the base:
- Alive!
So you have to save. For the happiness of our flyer, the evening breeze has already blew out, and it is blowing away from the airfield towards the sea. Raise a police helicopter. At first they try to go on top and hook them, but the jet from the screws blows the armchair to the side. The chair shakes in a frantic dance, as if a person had not fallen out. Then the rescuers proceed to plan B - they cut the spotlight, and a sniper starts to work on the balls. Bah! The first is shot. But the chair stubbornly does not want to go down. Furniture liked to fly? Onlookers on the beach enjoy a free sight. Bah! Bah! A drop in a bunch of balls becomes apparent.

On the ... eleventh shot ball, the toilet seat surrenders and together with the owner flops into the water. A column of spray, lights shine, breakers whiten, boats race! The flyer is pulled out of the water and begins to be torn off the chair by the forces of four sailors. Ammonia in the nose, whiskey in the throat, slap in the face. Finally, life returns, the patient begins to bite his teeth on his own and pronounces the first obscene word.

On the embankment, he was being reloaded into an ambulance, which was surrounded by black flies by members of the press. One correspondent manages to put a microphone between doctors and ask:
- Tell me, why did you do this?
The pensioner was honest:
- It's boring to sit idle all the time.
Have you seen a workaholic? We recommend this masterpiece of thought as motivation for work fees on Monday morning.

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