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  • Project indicators
  • How much money is needed to open a paintball club
  • Step-by-step plan for opening a paintball club
  • Description of products and services
  • Marketing plan
  • Production plan
  • What tax system to choose for a paintball club
  • Financial plan
  • How much can you earn by opening a paintball club
  • What equipment is needed for a paintball club
  • What documents are needed to open a paintball club
  • Which OKVED to indicate when registering a business for opening a paintball club
  • Do I need permission to open a paintball club
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A business plan for organizing a paintball club (outdoor activity park) in a city with a population of 1,200,000 people.

How much money is needed to open a paintball club

According to the calculations of the business plan, about 1,505,000 rubles will be required to organize a paintball club (active leisure park):

  • Equipment for children's paintball (30 sets) - 120,000 rubles.
  • Equipment for adult paintball (30 sets) - 400,000 rubles.
  • Laser tag equipment (30 sets) - 450,000 rubles.
  • Equipment (masks, camouflage) - 40 000 rubles.
  • Protective mesh (50x100m) - 40 000 rubles.
  • The car - the locker room - 140 000 rubles.
  • Music (speakers, center) - 40,000 rubles.
  • Construction of the gazebo - 25 000 rubles.
  • Construction of 2 landfills (material + construction) - 100 000 rubles.
  • Power supply - 30,000 rubles.
  • Lease deposit and other expenses - 40,000 rubles.
  • Website development - 50,000 rubles.
  • Advertising - 30,000 rubles.

Step-by-step plan for opening a paintball club

The organization of a paintball club involves the following sequential actions:

  1. Search for project financing sources
  2. Search for land for placement of playgrounds
  3. Business Registration
  4. Conclusion of a lease of land
  5. Construction of playgrounds and arrangement of recreation areas
  6. Acquisition of rolling equipment and supplies
  7. Club staff search
  8. Website development, active advertising of services
  9. Testing game scenarios, staff training
  10. Club opening

Description of products and services

Paintball is one of the most popular outdoor activities played by large companies. Despite this, we do not plan to limit ourselves to just paintball. In the conditions of modern competition, it is important to provide customers with several leisure options. Therefore, in addition to the classic adult paintball, in our club it will be possible to play laser tag and children's paintball. The preliminary price will be as follows:

  • Paintball (from 15 years old). The average price of a service is 800 rubles per 2 hours of play. The price includes: marker rental, 300 balls, briefing, photo shoot, game scenarios.
  • Laser tag (from 7 years). The average price of a service is 650 rubles per 2 hours of play. The price includes: weapon rental, briefing, photo shoot, game scripts.
  • Children's paintball (from 7 years). The average price of a service is 700 rubles per 2 hours of play. The price includes: weapon rental, briefing, 200 balls, photo shoot, game scenarios.
  • Additional services in the recreation area:
  • Barbecue and skewer rental - 200 rubles.
  • Coal - 120 rubles.
  • Music Center - 300 rubles.
  • Rental of a heated tent with a capacity of up to 50 people - 3000 rubles / 3 hours

Marketing plan

Competition among the paintball clubs in our city is extremely high. The game is quite popular and began its rapid development in the early 2000s. However, the quality of work of many such organizations is very low. The lack of any service is striking (and this is very important for the modern "spoiled" client). 90% of clubs use abandoned buildings and structures as playgrounds, which significantly increases the risk of injury to the game. Because of this, most customers simply refuse to play paintball (especially children). Parents are banally afraid to take their children to incomprehensible and dangerous landfills. Our club decided to go the other way, perhaps more costly. But, without investments, you cannot build a normal business today. The main criteria for the success of our organization are:

  • Own playground, interesting and safe.
  • Convenient location of the playground - in the city with the ability to get on any public transport.
  • Modern game sets for paintball and laser tag.
  • Equipped recreation area for players - a warm dressing room, tents, gazebos. Possibility to order food and drinks.
  • A variety of game scenarios, experienced and competent instructors

Particular attention will be paid to the development of the club and attracting players. Modern youth spends a decent part of their time on the Internet, so this advertising channel will be one of the main ones. We included in the business plan:

  • Creating your own website, with an attractive design and a vivid description of the gameplay,
  • Active advertising and promotion on social networks,
  • Work with city entertainment portals, holiday agencies,
  • Holding stocks and distributing coupons through special online services (coupons),
  • Contextual advertising.
  • It is mandatory to hold city paintball competitions, participate in charity events.

Basic requirements for paintball fields

Regardless of the location and level of organization, each paintball field must meet the following requirements:

Non-slip coating. There are several options - natural (that is, soil, grass, etc.), concrete or rubberized.
Lack of traumatic formations. We are talking about potholes, tree roots, mounds, etc.
Deserted area. Be sure to have limited access to the playing field by random passers-by who may be injured. If the game is not planned in a fenced area, be sure to limit the area to the grid around the perimeter. For this, a fishing or nylon net is quite suitable. Additionally, the boundaries of the site can be identified using a bright color ribbon - this will help players better navigate in space.
Sizes. The paintball field should be spacious - players should be able to run and maneuver freely. The standard sizes for the game according to the scheme 5x5 - 24x50 m, 7x7 - 40x70 m.
The presence of structures and the correct location of shelters. This issue deserves a more detailed consideration.

Paintball equipment

Not a single game, even a home kind of paintball field can do without protective structures. In this quality, any, even at first glance inappropriate items - sandbags, tires, that is, completely unnecessary and voluminous trash can be used. They can be arranged in any way, the main thing is to make it interesting to play. A prerequisite is that the bases must be equally removed from the center to create the same conditions for the teams. In addition to standard shelters, a central one can also be provided.

In addition to the site itself, it is desirable that there is a sighting place - where players' markers are configured. If the site is not located near a residential building, then it would be nice to build a canopy under which you can hide during a sudden rain.

It is also advisable to install stands on which markers will be folded. It is not only convenient, but also complies with safety rules. Additionally, for your own convenience, you can organize a couple of benches (at least from ordinary tree trunks), a table where you can put personal items and balls.

Production plan

To host a paintball club it is planned to rent a land area of ​​5000 square meters. m. in the popular city leisure park. This place was not chosen by chance, despite the high cost of rent (50 thousand rubles per month). Firstly, the park is located within the city, that is, it is convenient to get to it by public transport. Secondly, the park is very popular among citizens. Its dimensions are more than 40 hectares. There are many attractions here, so its cross-country ability, especially on weekends, amounts to thousands of vacationers. In fact, the playground will always be in sight - and this is the best advertisement for the club. Special attention will be paid to the construction of interesting playgrounds and recreation areas. The arrangement of the gaming zone will require at least 200 thousand rubles. At the first stages, it is planned to build two playgrounds separated by a grid. This is done so that two companies can be accepted at once. Thus, our club will lose fewer customers, corny because all the playing time is scheduled. Over time, the number of gaming zones will be increased, which will allow you to simultaneously accept even more companies of players. To conduct paintball, 30 markers will be purchased, as many protective masks, cylinders, feeders. In addition, it is planned to purchase protective ammunition (body armor, camouflage, groin protection) and stocks of balls (in bulk). In total, about 400 thousand rubles will be spent at this stage.

To diversify the services will allow the purchase of kits for children's paintball. Fortunately, large investments are not required here, while the growth of the young audience of customers is guaranteed. Splatmaster game kits will be purchased as equipment for children's paintball.

These game sets are distinguished by their low price, light weight, convenient operation. They do not need gas refueling - the ejection of balls is exclusively mechanical. Such weapons hit much weaker than classic paintball markers, and does not cause any pain to children. Nevertheless, the distance of targeted shooting is at least 40m - more than enough for a fun game. For the laser tag, 30 Laserwar gaming kits will be purchased for a total of 450 thousand rubles. The advantage of this game is that, unlike paintball, there is no pain. Shooting is carried out using the infrared beam, and hits are recorded by sensors mounted on the player’s head. Everyone, from the youngest players to age players, can play laser tag. The game is completely harmless and painless. Of course, this will significantly expand the range of services and will attract the widest audience of customers (those, for example, who are afraid to play paintball).

It is planned to employ three instructors as staff (shift work 2/2), a gunsmith (should monitor the condition of weapons and prepare equipment for the game), an administrator and a project development manager (responsible for advertising, attracting new players, working with the permanent base customers). The total wage fund will amount to 96,000 rubles per month.

Financial plan

We proceed to the calculation of the main indicators of economic efficiency of the business. Monthly expenses according to the business plan will be (per 50 games):

  • Rent - 50 000 rubles.
  • Salary - 96,000 rubles.
  • Insurance contributions - 28 800 rubles.
  • Consumables (balls, gas) - 55 000 rubles.
  • Depreciation of equipment (camouflage, weapons) - 10,000 rubles.
  • Other expenses - 10,000 rubles.

Total - 249,800 rubles.

Weapons license

I want to note that the paintball marker, with its similarity to weapons, is absolutely not one. Quotes from federal arms law:

Weapons do not include products that are certified as products for household and industrial purposes, sports equipment that are structurally similar to weapons. ”

This type of “weapon”, like a marker, belongs to the group of goods called “sports equipment and equipment”. Thus, the purchase, storage and wearing does not require any permissions. There is no need to license such a “weapon”. contents ↑

Paintball venue organization

Where did you most like to play war games in your childhood? It could be various construction projects (a lot in our vast country), in abandoned rooms, that is, where you can hide and hide. The club can be organized not only outdoors, but also in various rooms (a great option when the weather is bad outside). So, now we will look for such places.
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Requirements for the organization of the playground:

  • Large enough dimensions of the site, to accommodate various obstacles, structures, as well as to arrange all kinds of shelters from car tires, logs, boards, slate and other materials.
  • Keep your site safe. The territory of the paintball club should be flat, without deep holes that can fall into. Do not let your clients get injured, because they didn’t come to you for this.
  • Organize several options for playgrounds so that customers are not bored with the uniform arrangement of shelters and structures.
  • The game involves some danger, so the territory must be fenced with a protective net so that the balls do not fly out of bounds.
  • You can organize a plot in the field and place various inflatable obstacles on it.
  • If you find abandoned enterprises, villages and other buildings, then you are very lucky. In such places there are enough various shelters, and you will not have to build anything. Just do not forget to thoroughly check such places - safety is above all!
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Equipment for opening a paintball club

Novice entrepreneurs are asked one single question: “How much does it cost to open a paintball club"? Let's try to calculate how much you need to initially invest. So, the main costs are the purchase of paintball equipment.

  • 16-20 markers (paintball guns). The price of such a marker is about $ 200 apiece
  • 20-25 camouflage suits (this number includes uniforms of judges). Such costumes are purchased in stores, but if you want to save money, you can make such costumes yourself (tailoring costumes in a sewing workshop)
  • 20-25 protective masks. The cost of the mask is from $ 30 per piece
  • 16-20 markers cylinders, as well as a compressor for filling cylinders with air (from $ 2000). At the initial stage, you can save on a compressor and charge cylinders in other paintball clubs or in organizations where such a compressor is available. Cylinders are charged with air or carbon dioxide. Note that a cylinder filled with carbon dioxide allows you to produce 50% more shots than from a cylinder with air. Therefore, if it is possible to refill cylinders with carbon dioxide, this will significantly save your costs
  • Boxes with balls. One box, it costs about $ 100 (2000 balls)

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Paintball Scenarios

There are so many different paintball scenarios. So, we highlight a few that are the most popular.

  • Wall to wall. Players are divided into two teams and try to destroy the enemy team. Each player has only one life, the game until the first hit
  • Capture the Flag. The flag is equally distant from both teams. The task of the team: to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it to their base (often, it is very difficult to bring the flag to your base)
  • Siege at home. Participants must capture 3 flags from the opponent’s house. Moreover, the players in the house have only one life, and the opponents are infinite. The goal of the game is to capture flags in the least amount of time.

Perhaps we will stop at this, if it is interesting, then other types of scenarios can be viewed on the Internet. Be a fan of paintball so that you can infect your club's customers with excitement and a competitive spirit. contents ↑

For maintenance and maintenance of equipment (equipment) for playing paintball you need one technician. It is also necessary 3-4 referees, who will also serve as club administrators. Their responsibilities include: safety training, training in the use of markers, help develop a strategy for playing paintball, and also help in the game. To account for incoming income, placing orders for consumables and equipment requires a cashier (accountant). contents ↑

Business payback

You can make good money on organizing a game of paintball, but you should clearly understand all the nuances of organizing this game. With a stationary club, you will have to additionally spend money on organizing a venue for a game, fencing, a dressing room (dressing room), toilets, places for rest, a cafe. If we talk about an exit club, it is necessary to include in the expenses such items as the organization of departure to a certain place, the organization of the game itself, as well as a picnic (I think this is a prerequisite if you want to get the location of your customers).

Let's look at where the revenue will come from:

  • sale of paint balls (the main income of the paintball club). About 300-500 balls per person are spent per game. Moreover, the price of one ball in a paintball club is 2-3 rubles. It can be easily calculated, if only 20 people visited your club in a day, then the profit will be around $ 300-400,
  • admission fee (optional)
  • ammunition fee (the cost of the kit is about 500 rubles. It includes all the equipment and 100-200 balls),
  • rental of equipment and markers,
  • markers sale (you can open your own store selling everything you need to play paintball),
  • sale of souvenirs, food (mini-cafe at the club, selling ice cream).

It will be great if you open a small cafe at the paintball club, where you can have a bite to eat and drink soft drinks in between games, as well as share your impressions with colleagues. Если в течение месяца в клубе состоятся около 20 игровых дней, то выручка вашего пейнтбол клуба составит порядка 400-600 тысяч рублей. Окупаемость такого вида бизнеса составляет около 6-12 месяцев, довольно хороший показатель.

I want to focus on the fact that in such areas you can easily organize additional points of income: arranging a shooting range (crossbow, paintball, pneumatic), rental of various types of transport (bicycle, rollers), and if there is an asphalt area, then go kart club and as I already He said - the opening of the cafe. We hope that our business idea for a paintball club will help you get answers to many questions, and you will start your profitable business. Good luck in starting your own business!

Let's watch a video where experienced owners of paintball clubs give valuable advice:

How much can you earn by opening a paintball club

According to preliminary calculations, the average check from one order will be 8,000 rubles. In addition to the game itself, orders for additional services are also possible (rewarding with medals, renting a tent). The main revenue will come from the weekend, when our club will visit 4 to 5 companies per day. On weekdays, the number of players will be significantly lower, on average one company per day. It is expected that the planned performance of the club is 50 completed orders per month. Or about 750 players. Revenue, therefore, will be: 50 x 8000 rubles. = 400 000 rubles. Hence the profit: 400,000 - 249,800 (fixed costs) = 150,200 rubles. Net of taxes (STS, 15%), net profit will be 127,670 rubles. Business profitability is 51%. Given the period for the promotion of the business (at least 6 months), the return on investment will come in 16-17 months of the paintball club.

What equipment is needed for a paintball club

To equip a paintball field, large infusions are not required. You can use old tires and building materials. It is better to separate the area with a camouflage net. But you will also need to purchase:

  • special form
  • masks and vests for protection,
  • markers
  • air balloons
  • cylinder receivers with a gas station,
  • Consumables.

It should be borne in mind that the form will require different sizes, and it is much more profitable to sew it on order.

Do-it-yourself paintball court: basic location options

The best option for organizing your own paintball field is the territory of your personal country house. In the backyard of your house, you are the rightful owner and you have the right to decide how to use it, but not to the detriment of your neighbors. If the site is reliably fenced, then problems with neighbors, in principle, cannot appear.

Another option is the forest. In this case, it will be necessary to devote importance to ensuring limited access to the playground, so that random summer residents or mushroom pickers do not inadvertently fall under the "shelling". In all other respects, the forest is closest to organizing strategic battles. Moreover, you can choose a place with height differences, ditches, large stumps, etc.

A well-made paintball field is the most important component of this exciting game. Following the above recommendations, the "massacre" will turn out not only exciting, but also absolutely safe for everyone.