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Justin Bieber is about to become a wrestler


Despite the fact that many people consider professional wrestling to be a swindle, a hoax, or simply frank fake, there is a lot that you should know about wrestlers and what you need to go through to become one of those monsters that you see on TV. This guide is a short version of what you need. To succeed in the modern world of wrestling.

Method 1 Immerse yourself in the game with your head

Wrestling as a permanent business is equally a physical, psychological and social activity. Before you suddenly start doing this.

  1. 1 Understand that wrestling is not completely fake.
    • Professional wrestling is not fake. Fights have no scenarios, the most correct term is staged. The whole battle is not registered, usually only the main points. It is impossible to fake a fall, or is guaranteed to smash something about your head.
    • Most beginners who go to the wrestling school think that they will not be injured, or that the ring will protect them from injury. it not true.
  2. 2 Learn to fight.
    • Knowing how to act in real combat will help you make future matches in wrestling more realistic and exciting.
    • Sometimes other wrestlers may lose control, and you will only have one option - to fight. The ability to stay calm in stressful situations will increase the level of respect for you in the ring.
  3. 3 Get in shape.
    • Wrestling is a sporting activity. Although you do not need a world-class athlete’s body, you need to train your heart so that you don’t fizzle out ahead of time.
  4. 4 Forget about tricks, characters, feints and hits.
    • Once you learn the basics and the principle of wrestling, you can begin to work on your image. Promoters may not choose you for any reason, including the inability to play different roles besides the one that you invented for yourself.

Method 2 Practice

Now that you have the right train of thought, seek help from professionals.

  1. 1 Shop around.
    • Most companies have several wrestlers who are ready to train beginners, but training is likely not free. This is quite usual when you take 3,000 ₽ per lesson for classes in the wrestling hall.
    • Travel around the country and look for a wrestler whose style you like. Try to talk with the promoter of the company and let him know that you are interested in becoming a wrestler. Some promoters are nicer than others. Although professional wrestling may look like any other amateur theater, many "members of the organization They don’t like to let new people into their business.
      • If you are denied, take it calmly. Keep going to shows or even asking about the technical aspects of staging the show or the work of the security team. Since promoters and wrestlers will know you, they will be more willing to let you train.
      • If you do not know where to find promotion, visit websites, for example, and look for offers for your region.
  2. 2 Be respectful.
    • Your coach and all the other wrestlers have already gone through everything that you are struggling with at the moment. Listen to them and learn.

About the first Russian wrestlers

Wrestling originated more than a century ago, but then it, of course, was called differently - the French or circus wrestling. Interestingly, one of the first wrestlers in the world was our famous wrestler and circus actor Ivan Poddubny. True, after the 1917 revolution, he, like most fighters, had to emigrate to the West, because the new government considered the circus struggle a relic of the bourgeois past. The most famous promoter of the French wrestling, whom everyone called simply Uncle Vanya, had to quit his job and go to work as a physical education coach.

Tanks to California

According to the publication, the 21-year-old singer intends to team up with WWE champion John Cena and Paul White, nicknamed the Big Show, to fight against Wyndham Rotunda, performing under the name Bray Wyatt.

WWE creative manager Kevin Ek confirmed the fact of negotiations with Bieber, but doubted their success, since, according to the company, the appearance of a singer in the ring would be a bad PR. Ek noted that the only option in which Bieber's debut in wrestling is possible is to endorse such a move by boxer Floyd Mayweather, who is friends with the artist.

In 2014, the singer's representatives had already discussed with WWE the possibility of Bieber participating in the show under the auspices of the organization, but the parties failed to reach an agreement.

About staged wrestling

Wrong are those who believe that wrestling is a continuous production with a predefined script. Wrestling is not a production, but a sports and entertainment show, such as skateboarders. There are certain settings for the battle that relate to the entertainment part, but the sports component for the most part is unpredictable.

About the image of a fighter

Of great importance in wrestling is the image of a fighter - he should be as vivid and memorable as possible. Under the image is meant a suit, and behavior, and the style of struggle. In this regard, wrestler is given complete freedom of creativity, and the more creative he is, the better. However, the selected image will need to be approved by the leadership of the federation. If the soldier does not have his own ideas, then the federation can help him and offer several options for the image to choose from.

About the film "Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke

Our Federation participated in the advertising campaign of the film "Wrestler" in Russia and took an exclusive interview from Mickey Rourke. Of course, in the film there are some simplifications regarding the real state of affairs made by the authors intentionally for the plot and drama, but in general the backstage of American wrestling is shown quite realistically.

About acting career

Many of our wrestlers have already participated in the filming of various films, however, mainly as participants in battle scenes, and not the main characters. They are still far from Dwayne Johnson, but the combination of athletic appearance, acting talent and the ability to arrange a colorful fight is very much appreciated in the movies, so I hope that one of our fighters will still find ourselves in this field.

About tournaments in Russia

Every month we organize wrestling championships in Moscow. They are held in the center of culture and art "Vanguard" near the metro station "Domodedovo". We also often conduct field events with our colleagues in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. In addition, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Independent Wrestling Federation, we plan to hold a big show in November this year.