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Money transfers - an overview of the most popular money transfer systems


Hello, dear readers of the blog How to get a fee from a client for his work? Every year there are more and more ways and it makes sense to make a choice with open eyes. Therefore, I decided to help you quickly compare and choose the most reliable and proven time options. These are money transfer systems, bank cards and electronic wallets.

Just study the details and tariffs below, compare the conditions and speed of the transfer. Choose the method that is most convenient for you or your client! In general, I hope that this small opus on the topic of remuneration of a freelancer will be useful to you.

Money transfer systems

Now there are so many systems that conduct instant money transfers. With their help, it is easy to send money to any country in the world. The main advantage of such services is the ability to receive the transfer immediately in cash at the pick-up point, in local currency.

Translations come in three types:

  1. from card to card
  2. from card to cash point
  3. from cash outlet to cash point

How to choose a translation system?

  1. According to the size of the commission
  2. In the vicinity of the points of issue to the recipient's place of residence
  3. By the number of branches in a particular country
  4. By speed of international transfer
  5. By fame, reputation and reliability

Next, I will present you a brief overview + a comparative table for the four largest and time-tested services.

No. 1. Western Union

A giant network with a wide geography and 140-year history, which covers more than 200 countries of the world. The most convenient and reliable solution for international transfers. Currency conversion is carried out instantly at the current rate.

No. 2. gold Crown

A network with a large number of partners: you can make a transfer within walking distance in the stores of Svyaznoy, Euroset, MTS, Beeline. The commission is quite low, often not exceeding 1.5% even with international transfers. Currency conversion fee - 0 rubles.

Number 3. Unistream

The most profitable network for all MasterCard cardholders - with these cards you can send money transfers to any country in the world for 0 rubles using online service. You can send money both at service points and online, and in numerous terminals: Eleksnet, TelePay, QIWI ...

Number 4. Leader

A network from Alfa Bank, which is more often used by Alfa cardholders. With convenient online service for quick translations. You can create a special Leader wallet or use the Leomoney electronic payment service.

Translation systemTranslation speedThe transfer feeNumber of points of issueThe convenience of use
Western Union2-3 minutesin Russia from 1% to the CIS countries and Georgia from 1%, to China 1000 rubles. for any transfer from 75 000 rubles. to Europe 2-4% on average, but not less than $ 10 or 250 rubles.more than 500,000 branches in 200 countries of the world, of which 20,000 in Russia6 out of 10
Unistreaminstantlyworldwide - up to 1.5% when transferring to MasterCard cards in any country - 0%more than 280,000 points of delivery, over 400 partners8 out of 10
gold Crown3-4 secondsfrom 0% to 1.5% depending on the country of destinationmore than 49,000 points of delivery, over 550 partners - banks and communication salons8 out of 10
Leaderinstantly1-1.5% depending on the method of transfer and country of destination130,000 service points in 130 countries, of which 7,000 in Russia7 out of 10

Key Criteria for Choosing a Money Transfer System (PSD)

Let's start by defining the basic requirements and tasks that apply to money transfer systems.

Money transfers are needed in order to transfer money to people living in other cities or countries. For example, remittances will help you transfer money to elderly parents living in a village or to your student son, whom you sent to graduate to another city. Money is transferred to their families - fathers who left to work, etc.

Therefore, the following criteria will serve as the main criteria when choosing a money transfer system:

  • Money Transfer Cost
  • Money Transfer Currency
  • Money Transfer Rate
  • Geography
  • Quality of Services
  • Reliability

We will examine all these criteria in more detail using various money transfer systems (PSDs) as an example.

Sberbank Blitz

BLITZ - These are urgent money transfers of Sberbank of Russia, in more than 9000 branches of Sberbank of Russia. In addition, using this money transfer system, you can send money to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Commission for the transfer in Russia - 1.75% of the amount of the transfer, but not less than 150 rubles. and no more than 3,000 rubles. Deadline - no more than an hour.

If you send money to Kazakhstan or Ukraine, then the following currencies are available to you: Russian Rubles, US dollars, Euros. The maximum amount will be 5,000 US dollars (or the equivalent in rubles, euros).

The cost of sending a transfer is 1% of the amount of the transfer, but not less than 150 rubles, 5 dollars or 5 euros, depending on the currency of the transfer. The cost of receiving a transfer is 1%. Deadline, also no more than an hour.

Migom - license revoked

MIGOM (MIGOM) - The international system of money transfers of individuals without opening an account, created in the European Trust Bank. The main advantages of Migom money transfers are speed (money transfer is 1 minute), security (advanced information protection technologies), low cost (commission 2% of the transfer amount), simplicity and ease of processing (without bank details).

“Instantly” provides the ability to transfer money in four currencies - these are Russian rubles, dollars, euros and Belarusian rubles.

The geography of money transfers using this system is constantly expanding and today represents 15 countries (mainly the CIS) and 2942 cities.

In order to send a transfer “Instantly”, you need a passport. The sender only needs to indicate the full name of the recipient and the city of receipt of the transfer. When sending, you will be given a control number of the transfer, consisting of 9 digits, which must be reported to the person to whom you are making the transfer. And he, in turn, upon receipt must provide a passport and indicate the control number of the transfer.


As can be seen from the review, the principle of money transfer systems is almost the same for everyone. Only tariffs, geography of coverage and speed of transfer are different. In my opinion, these are the main criteria when choosing. This review is accompanied by all the necessary links to the systems that participated in the review. So, at any time you can open this article, go over the eyes of all the participants, and then look at the official page of the attracted money transfer system to get more detailed information on the proposed transfer.

On the websites of most Systems you will find calculators that will help you calculate the cost of translation. As well as a map on which you can find the address of the nearest service point.

Take care of yourself and your family budget! Spend money wisely, save and accumulate!

If you find an error, please select a piece of text with the mouse and click Ctrl + Enter.

Bank cards

This option is especially convenient if the payee has a card of the same bank as yours. And if you are registered in your online bank.


Included in the TOP 50 largest banks in the world. The most popular bank in Russia - more than 110 million customers use its services. You can transfer money in an understandable and reliable Sberbank Online online service.

Alfa Bank

A profitable way to transfer money if the sender and the recipient have Alpha cards. The commission in this case will be 0 rubles even for international transfers. There is an online bank Alfa-Click.


Revolutionary Bank: without branches, without its own ATMs, with the ability to withdraw cash at any ATM in the world! It is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia, it has already more than 4 million customers. You can transfer money from a Tinkoff card to a Tinkoff card without a fee, even if the transfer is international.

Bank cardThe transfer feeTranslation speedATMThe convenience of use
Sberbank0% between Sberbank cards in one city
1% between Sberbank cards in different cities
1.5% to another bank card
instantly to Sberbank card14,493 branches in Russia9 out of 10
Alfa Bank0% between Alfa Bank cards 0.5% when transferring to Alpha from another bank card2-3 seconds to a Sberbank card and up to 3 days to a card of another bank804 branches and branches in different countries8 out of 10
Tinkoff0% between Tinkoff cards 1.5% to another bank cardfrom several minutes to 5 daysany ATMs in the world10 out of 10

Internet money

E-wallets are a quick and convenient way to get money. However, problems often arise when you need to withdraw money - transfer them from online to offline. Freelancers have to pay a commission to send money from the wallet to a bank card.


A large international system with enhanced security and wallet protection. You can replenish your wallet in a variety of ways: from the payment terminal to the post office of Russia.


Convenient "dollar" network, more often used for cash items in the United States.

Yandex money

The Russian electronic money system, clear and simple, is well suited for domestic use.


This wallet number is a mobile phone number. Opening a wallet and using it is very easy. In Russia, a large number of branded payment terminals QIWI.

Online walletTransfer fee to walletCommission for withdrawing money from a walletTranslation speedThe convenience of use
Webmoney from a credit card online from 0% through a payment terminal 1% in the Internet bank 2.5% from a mobile account 5.95-12.5% ​​at cash desks Euroset and Svyaznoy from 2% at a bank branch 1-7% in WebMoney 0-4 %

P.S. Since the beginning of 2016, there have been problems with the withdrawal of WebMoney (possibly temporary).

2% -2.5% on a bank cardfrom 30 minutes to 3 days depending on the method5 out of 10
Yandex money from a bank card 1% from a mobile account 7.86% from a card of Sberbank 0%to a Yandex-money card - 3% of the amount + 15 rubles. to another card - 3% of the amount + 45 rubles. (not less than 100 rubles)instantly10 out of 10
QIWI from a credit card - 0% (from 3000 rubles) at an ATM, via the Internet bank, at partner offices - 0% at QIWI terminals - 0% (from 501 rubles)
in other terminals - 0% (when paying in cash) from a mobile - from 0% to 9.9%
2%instantly10 out of 10
Paypal 3.9% on average + currency conversion fee0%48 hours6 out of 10

I hope that the article was useful to you and you have chosen the appropriate method of transferring money for you and your customers!

In general, I recommend to start several different cards and electronic wallets at once, so that you are always ready to quickly and with a minimum commission accept the fee from any customer from any country.

It is really very difficult to open a wallet in emergency mode and try to set it up "on the run" when you need to urgently receive payment. In this way, several cooperation proposals fell through until I brought all my financial instruments into full order and compliance. Learn from my mistakes.

basic information

CurrencyRussian Rubles, foreign currency (US dollars, euros, etc.) 1
Deadline for the transferMaximum - 2 business days
Maximum amountNo limit 2
Ability to cancel the transferthere is

The transfer fee

Get 3 cash in another bank,
credited to an account with another bank
Russian Rubles2%
min 50 rub
Max. 1500 rub.
Foreign currency1%
min $ 15
Max. $ 200

1 Transactions in transfers in Australian dollars are temporarily not carried out due to the lack of guarantees of execution by an Australian correspondent bank.

2 For some types of transfers with an amount of more than $ 5,000 (or the equivalent in rubles or euros), proof of payment may be required.

3 The ability to pay cash transfer in the recipient bank must first be specified

Information on transfers from abroad to Sberbank can be found here

How to translate

Contact the branch of Sberbank. You will find it useful:

- identity document (passport),

- beneficiary's account number * and his last name, first name (middle name if available) in Latin letters,

- details of the recipient bank (SWIFT code of the bank **, name of the bank, city and country of its location),

- when transferring Russian rubles to a foreign bank that does not have a correspondent account with Sberbank, it is additionally required to provide the BIC code of the Russian intermediary bank, the number of the correspondent account of the recipient bank in the Russian intermediary bank.

  • Provide the employee with the necessary data to complete the transfer.
  • Pay the amount of the transfer and the amount of the commission to the Sberbank cash desk.
  • * The beneficiary's account number can be indicated in IBAN format (when sending to EU countries and countries within the Single Economic Zone, it contains up to 34 characters).

    ** For transfers from abroad to Sberbank, it is sufficient to use the unified SWIFT code of Sberbank (SABRRUMM).

    However, if the transfer should be paid in cash, it is recommended to indicate the SWIFT code of the Sberbank branch and the branch number in which you plan to receive the transfer.

    A list of SWIFT codes of Sberbank branches for transfers from abroad can be found here.

    What are international transfers?

    The scheme of operation of money transfer systems between two customers in different countries is simple, and the companies existing in the market for this service try to minimize the complexity of the mechanics. The following happens:

    • the person who sends the money comes to the branch or representative office of the bank transfer system,
    • cashier accepts cash
    • information about the receipt of the amount is transmitted to the recipient's office or to the central database of the system,
    • the person to whom the money is intended comes to a service point convenient for him and receives it in his hands.

    With such a scheme of work, there is no need to transport cash, use global interbank information exchange structures. The person to whom the payment is intended receives funds from the branch’s reserves in the city where he is currently located.

    An intermediary company takes a certain percentage for its services. The conditions under which the transfer of money is carried out are personally formulated by a particular operator. Depending on the amount, speed of information exchange, time to receive funds, additional features, you can choose a company, working with which will be most convenient.

    gold Crown

    Zolotaya Korona is the Russian payment service system that occupies the third place in the world in terms of the volume of funds transferred (data from S&P Global Ratings). Allows you to make transactions on the territory of Russia, as well as in the CIS countries and abroad.

    The popularity of the system is due to the following factors:

    • service is presented in 36 countries,
    • to the services of users of more than 60 thousand service points,
    • The list of service participants and partners includes more than 550 financial and credit organizations and large retail chains,
    • opening an account is not required for transactions
    • addresslessness: when sending money, you need to indicate the direction and this will be enough, the recipient will be able to contact any convenient point of issue,
    • “0%” tariff for transfers with conversion, effective from 2015,
    • round-the-clock customer support.

    The Golden Crown - Money Transfer service is also implemented in an alternative format: on the website and in the mobile application. Their functionality allows you to send a transfer online at any time of the day, track its status at all stages, make changes to the recipient's data until the time of issue, repeat previous operations, quickly find a convenient service point using a card.

    Cash is available within a few minutes after dispatch. Turning to the office, you should know the unique transfer number and be prepared to confirm your identity with a document. In some cases, using a website or mobile application, a client can use the online enrollment service and transfer money directly to their bank card.

    Western Union

    Among the market operators, international translation services can stand out Western Union - The oldest company that offers transparent conditions and the most extensive network of representative offices around the world.

    The list of advantages of this system include:

    • 480-odd thousand representative offices and service points in all countries of the globe,
    • cooperation with more than 300 banking institutions,
    • more than 40 thousand representative offices in the CIS countries,
    • Loyalty program launched in 2008 in 65 countries.

    Work with the company is not difficult. To send money you will need to come to the service center. The cashier must be informed of the surname, first name, middle name of the recipient, country and city where the funds will be received. After 10 minutes from the date of presentation of the passport, depositing cash, the addressee can already come to the company representative office in his city for cash.

    The identifier of each operation is the control number. It serves to fully confirm the identity of the recipient, if for some reason the issuing funds of the cashier suspect the authenticity of the documents provided. A code may be required if the client cannot name or is mistaken in the following data: amount of funds, country of departure.

    Using the control code on the Western Union website, you can track the status of the transfer. Онлайн-представительство компании удобно и для правильного оформления данных.The human factor is minimized, the transliteration of the last name, first name and patronymic is straightforward, and the loyalty program offers bonuses, benefits and discounts to the holders of the Western Union Gold Card.

    Other money transfer systems

    Western Union is rightfully considered the most reliable system that guarantees that money will be received quickly at any of the thousands of representative offices and service points. However, users often for one reason or another can use the services of a number of other companies. The selection criteria may be different, since all money transfer systems have their own characteristics and individual customer service conditions.

    Since the general mechanics of work are clearly visible on the example of Western Union, the rest of the market operators will be examined abstractly, in the form of network characteristics and translation processing details.

    Separately, it is worth noting that all operators offering international money transfers provide a customer service telephone for solving various issues, the ability to contact via email.

    The second largest international money transfer company. The characteristics of its coverage and the general mechanics of work are as follows:

    • representative offices in 200 countries, including 38 thousand service points in the CIS countries,
    • the company cooperates with more than a hundred banks, the largest in the Russian Federation of which is Sberbank,
    • the transfer can be executed at partner banks, at your own points of receipt of company funds. In Russia, the Svyaznoy and Euroset retail chains offer to use the services of MoneyGram,
    • on the company's website there is a calculator with which you can calculate the commission for the transfer in one direction or another.

    To eliminate discrepancies and eliminate the human factor during registration, a company form is filled out.

    MoneyGram offers the most affordable tariffs for transfers within the CIS, for example, between Russia and Belarus.

    Anelik works with 300 banking institutions worldwide. System features are as follows:

    • You can send and receive transfers in 93 countries, where 63 thousand service points are equipped,
    • two types of transfers are offered: “Express” - guarantees receipt of money by the addressee in 5 minutes, an ordinary type of operation can take up to 24 hours (at least 120 minutes),
    • money is sent to a precisely designated service point; it is impossible to receive funds elsewhere.

    Anelik offers different tariff grids for the ruble and foreign currency. Translations in the latter are much more expensive. The size of the commission is 1.5% for the ruble and 3% for other currencies.

    Contact can be called the Russian system, since it is here that its network is most developed. Other features of the work are as follows:

    • the company’s structure provides transfers to 160 countries, more than 400 thousand service points are operating,
    • in Russia, an international money transfer using the Contact system can be made in almost any bank, there are more than 900 financial institutions in the list of partners,
    • commission - 1.5% for transfers in rubles and 2-3% depending on the amount in dollars or euros.

    The recipient can receive the money within 15 minutes after completing the transfer at the point of receipt of funds.

    Unistream (Unistream)

    Translation system with the most flexible features for customers. Today, the characteristics of the company are as follows:

    • 11 countries of the world where you can get a transfer, not counting the territory of the CIS,
    • 185 thousand service points only in the Russian Federation,
    • the transfer can be obtained both in Unistream offices and in the branches of partner banks, today there are 140,
    • the system tariff is fixed only for some types of transfers in rubles in Russia (1%), for other directions you can use the calculator on the official website.

    Some of the disadvantages of the system include the lack of a round-the-clock customer support phone. The service is open from 6 to 20 hours on weekdays, from 11 to 15 on weekends (Moscow time). However, the company’s website has online voice support.

    Additional benefits that various companies offer their customers

    In addition to implementing a cash flow mechanism literally from hand to hand, money transfer systems offer advanced opportunities for their customers. It looks like this:

    1. Western Union works with so-called traveller's checks. In fact, these are bearer banking obligations that a traveler can cash out at company branches. You can receive funds only in dollars.
    2. Unistream (Unistream) offers its own card, on which funds can be credited for the transfer. This is very convenient when it is not possible to visit a branch of a partner bank or a customer service point.
    3. Contact offers a unique service - transfer with insurance, when the sender can insure his own life, simply using the system without opening an account.

    The user can choose a convenient way to send funds using the payment terminal (offers Contact, Unistream), by transferring cash to the addressee's card. Systems with a structure developed in Russia collaborate with mobile operators, which allows you to transfer money from a mobile phone account.

    For those who use electronic money, the opportunity to operate with QIWI, Webmoney, Yandex.Money or Wallet One while making transfers using Unistream will be useful.

    How users rate modern money transfer systems

    According to the results of user surveys and various evaluative ratings, the most noticeable features of different money transfer systems can be distinguished. At the lowest level of convenience is, surprisingly, Western Union.

    The conservativeness of the system undermines its position. The transfer can only be done in dollars (if it is an international transfer), there is a minimum amount, the tariffs are high, the commission calculation grid depends on the country. This is difficult, and the use of the service also implies the loss of substantial cash.

    At the top level of popularity is Unistream. Its advantages include the ability to operate in cash, funds on a bank account, credit or debit card, balance of a mobile phone. Clients are offered high speed, address or addressless transfers, the ability to use thousands of payment terminals. The system provides an opportunity to open an internal bank account and receive a Unistream bank card.

    It is especially worth noting that before using this or that payment system it is worth visiting the official website of the service operator, familiarizing yourself with the tariffs and choosing the most suitable service conditions for yourself and the addressee.