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Watch Flash on iPad? Easy!


How to install a flash player on an iPad or what needs to be done in order to be able to watch flash on a tablet or Apple phone. It is not yet possible to watch a flash in Safari, so you won’t be able to find and download a Flash player for a standard iPad browser, but you can install one of the third-party browsers that support Flash. Instead of a web page, Safari displayed a blank page or page with a link to download an Adobe Flash player when loading. The same situation occurred when trying to view flash sites on the iPhone. The Safari browser launched either an empty page with a blue cube, or offered to go through and load a flash driver, and as a result, reported the incompatibility of the Flash player and iPhone. I think many are faced with a similar problem when trying to view sites built on the basis of flash technology. Despite the fact that there are not so many flash sites on the network, iPad and iPhone users want their high-tech device to be able to browse all sites, just like any computer does.

Dolphin browser

The Dolphin mobile browser greatly simplifies page browsing, adapting to your needs through a personalized desktop, gesture control, customizable options and access features. With lightning fast speed, Dolphin Classic will plug all other mobile browsers into the belt.

Skyfire web browser

The main feature of this browser is the ability to display Flash elements and streaming video. In Skyfire, as in Opera Mini, web pages are rendered on a proxy server, which allows you to increase the download speed. The server side of the browser uses the Gecko engine, which allows Skyfire to some extent match the functionality of the browser for the PC: Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and QuickTime technologies are used without installing additional plug-ins

Flash iPad Browsers

We tested several Flash-enabled Web browsers to test how they play Flash presentations created using iSpring. Our examples included video, audio, and complex interactive elements such as hyperlinks, player buttons, triggers, polls, and dynamically generated content.

We also paid attention to the support of the drag-and-drop function, which allows you to move items on the device’s desktop. This function is necessary to implement the types of questions: "Compliance", "Order", and "Active area" provided by our iSpring QuizMaker program. In addition, "Drag-and-Drop" is used to turn pages in a 3D book. The list of browsers is sorted by functionality and usability:

In terms of usability and accessibility, the Puffin browser is at the top of our ranking. It can be downloaded for free in the AppStore, it pretty quickly processes Flash objects containing audio and video files, images and quizzes created in iSpring QuizMaker. The "Drag-and-Drop" function is triggered when two fingers are pressed on the touchpad emulator.

Playing back large files is rather slow. For questions such as "Line input" only English is supported

Appsverse Photon

The Photon browser allows you to switch between 2 modes: "with Flash" and faster "without Flash". This browser provides smooth video playback and supports interactivity. "Drag-and-Drop" is triggered when a finger is pressed.

Despite the smooth video playback, all other actions are carried out rather slowly. If you are viewing a large Flash object, switching between the two modes may seem uncomfortable. For questions such as "Line Entry" only English is supported.

This Flash browser is also good at handling audio, video, and interactive elements. The "Drag-and-Drop" function is triggered when a finger is pressed. iSwifter offers a 10-minute trial session for 7 days, but to continue using it, you need to buy a license from the AppStore for $ 4.99.

iSwifter freezes after each user action. It has many problems and errors with displaying a web page. Only supports English and can only be used on iPad.

Cloud browse

CloudBrowse has the interface of a familiar computer browser. It responds quite smoothly to user actions. Supports video, audio and drag-and-drop. If you buy the basic version of CloudBrowse for $ 2.99, you will receive a trial 24-hour version of their unlimited subscription.

Cloud Browse adjusts the size of the web page to fit your screen. If the page is significantly larger than the display, then you will have to use scrolling to view it. Presentations play at a low frame rate, which slows down the animation and video playback. Drag-and-drop is performed with two fingers, which causes difficulties when working with small objects.

Remote Desktop

Using Remote Desktop is an alternative approach for playing Flash on an iPad. When using this method, Flash support is provided by a computer that you remotely control using your iPad. This method is especially effective if you conduct live performances using the iPad and Flash presentation.


To access the desktop of your computer with an iPad, you must install TeamViewer on both devices. In fact, the Flash project is played on the computer, and, accordingly, all effects are perfectly supported. TeamViewer is distributed free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

Viewing a presentation from a remote table requires access to a personal computer. Therefore, this approach can only be used when the project is submitted by you personally, or by a person you trust. For this reason, TeamViewer is not very convenient and not safe.

To summarize

Despite the fact that none of the browsers presented provides ideal support for Flash on iPad, in general, the task of playing Flash on iPad and iPhone is solvable. There are many ways to decide which one to decide. Use this review to choose the most suitable browser for iPad:

SpecificationsPuffinAppsverse PhotoniSwifterCloud browse
Available oniPad, iPhoneiPad, iPhoneiPadiPad, iPhone
Support for interactivity, navigation, and hyperlinks
Audio Description Support
Video Description Support
Drag-and-drop supportTwo finger controlOne finger controlOne finger controlTwo finger control
User Response
PriceIs free $4.99 Free trial for 7 days for $4.99 Main application for $2.99 + subscription
Comparison resultThe free Puffin app is the best option in terms of accessibility and feature set.Use Appsverse Photon for projects containing a large amount of video and audio.You can use the trial version of the program for 7 days to make a choice.CloudBrowse quickly responds to user actions, perfectly supports audio and video.

It is worth recalling that there is an easier way to create Flash projects for iPad: converting them to HTML5. iSpring Pro is a high-quality PowerPoint to HTML5 converter that makes it easy to create presentations in this format and then view them on mobile devices and tablets. Learn more about how to view PowerPoint on iPad with iSpring Pro.

Overview of the best browsers with support for Flash Player

The best known application on this list is Puffin. This is a powerful and fast browser that supports Flash technology using iCloud.

The browser has support for downloading to iCloud, it implements a more convenient bookmark management system, and all sorts of useful gadgets such as a “virtual joystick”, the ability to download and install additional plugins and skins, “theater mode”, etc. In general, Puffin is perfect for fast and comfortable surfing the web. The only drawback of the browser is that it is paid.

Another browser that supports Abode Flash Player for iOS technology is Photon. This application has all the qualities of a good browser. The browser supports streaming video and installing external plugins. Photon supports an unlimited number of tabs, full screen mode, installation of skins, incognito function, etc. In general, all that is required from a good browser. But finally, this browser will give you the opportunity to play flash games on iOS, view sites created using this technology and video clips from such sites.

Browse Cloud

Browse Cloud - in their functionality are not very different from the above applications. Thanks to Cloud technology, these applications provide a flash player for iOS and make it possible to enjoy all the advantages of this platform.

Download Browse Cloud

Unfortunately, most of these programs that support flash on iOS are not ways to boast the same performance and optimization as the classic Safari browser. In addition, they often ask for money for their use.

At the moment, many sites on the Internet are switching to HTML 5, which opens up more opportunities for webmasters. This format is fully supported by Apple devices. Therefore, in the near future, perhaps, the adobe flash player on iOS will simply not be needed.