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K How to convince parents to buy you a hamster


When children want to have a pet, most parents are not allowed to buy pets. You need to try hard to voice them all the positive features of this rodent. And if relations with parents are too strained, then there will definitely not be a positive answer. You won’t be able to buy this animal on your own, as most pet stores do not sell animals to children.

It will be very difficult to persuade mom to buy a hamster if some requirements are violated. Lessons are not done, poor behavior or grades, household chores are not fulfilled. In such cases, the plan should be postponed. Because parents under such circumstances will not be allowed to have a hamster.
Parents need to show their responsibility. If there is a cat or dog in the house, then such duties for caring for them should be performed daily.

Before you beg a fluffy baby you need:

  • Find out the price of the hamster, the cost of the cage, accessories for him.
  • How to clean and care for him.
  • What and how to feed him.
  • It is necessary to prepare a special place for the hamster. What room will it be in.
  • It is better to save an independent friend for a little friend, spending some time collecting pocket money. This will show your strong desire to have a pet.
  • Read or view rodent information, schedule when to wash the cage, feed, and so on.

All this is necessary in order to convince mom and dad of the seriousness of your intentions.
Common reasons why parents don’t want to have a hamster:

  • Absolutely all obligations will eventually be fulfilled by themselves.
  • Since the hamster needs careful care, which will take a lot of free time, academic performance will decrease and affect grades in school.
  • They are not sure that the hamster will be properly cared for.
  • Parents will not be happy with the fact that this will require cash expenses, for which they are clearly not ready.
  • The pet will die quickly.
  • Parents do not allow to start a rodent, because they do not want extraneous odors in the apartment.
  • Some of the adults or children have allergic reactions to the coat.

You should think carefully about buying an animal, since it is a living creature, it needs attention and care. This is not a toy that you can play and throw away. The average life span of rodents is three years.

For those who have never started a rodent, you should not buy a hamster Roborovsky. The best option is dzhungariki. If you managed to get the Syrian hamsters, you need to seat them in different cages, since there is a high probability that a fight will begin between them.
If, under any pretext, the parents do not want to get a hamster, do not insist too hard on your own. There are reasons for this. No need to beg, annoy. Perhaps, over time, they will see your efforts and appreciate them in the form of a hamster purchase.

1 1) Examine the hamsters and their habits.

You should find out all the information about the content and nutrition, there are many disadvantages on these topics. They are sensitive to light, heat and many other things, like any pets and small children. If you have cats or any other animals, you need to think twice. They can not be placed in direct sunlight and drafts, since there are many different diseases that would be difficult to cure, hamsters need a stable temperature. Hamsters must be picked up daily so that they remain friendly. To maintain their health, the cell must be cleaned weekly. You should not take a hamster just because he is cute.

2 2) Talk with your parents.

Tell them that you studied the information about hamsters and looked for the location of the nearest pet stores, shelters and breeders. Explain your hamster care plans. If the parents agree, then for him you will need a running wheel (solid, in which the paws will not get stuck), litter for the cage, food for hamsters, a cage and a drinking bowl. First you need to familiarize yourself with what kind of food is suitable for your type of hamster, what kind of litter is needed, etc.

3 3) Be patient.

After a few weeks or days, they may agree. If not, then ask the reason, but do not beg, if parents need more time to think about the issue, give it to them. There are many pros and cons to the issue of acquiring a pet. For example, if you have other pets, your parents may say that you don’t need a hamster or that you already have cats. Understanding the reason for the refusal, you can either give up or make a plan on how to convince parents in the future. If you are refused, do not be angry. Just wait about a month and ask again.

5 5) Plan the financial costs of caring for your hamster

Before buying a hamster, you need to think about where he will live. You will need to buy a large spacious cage, the right size. Good food, a wheel, a drinking bowl, a bathing place with special sand and, if desired, allowed sweets. All this is not so cheap. Do not trust the sellers of pet stores and buy cheap feed.