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How to weave beautiful braids: 6 options of varying difficulty


The times of worker-peasant short haircuts with propaganda posters are long gone. Long and well-groomed hair has long been considered the beauty and pride of a woman, a sign of health and well-being. Modern care products allow you to maintain the shine and smoothness of curls, but it is really important to be able to lay long strands in a neat hairstyle. In recent years, in the top of popularity, various styling with braids. Many girls want to learn how to braid their own braids.

Most of them are suitable for girls with long or medium long hair. Spikelets, French and voluminous braids look spectacular, give the owner a well-groomed and noble look. But visiting salons for a daily hairstyle will require large financial and time costs. But what then to do? The answer is simple - learn how to braid your hair yourself.

The Internet is full of photos with a variety of hairstyles, consisting of complex braids, curls and numerous intricacies. But they require skill and considerable dexterity of fingers, and therefore it is worth starting with a simple ordinary braid. Tapes, elastic bands, hair clips, a comb and a pair of mirrors, looking for them in the process will be very inconvenient. All this is prepared in advance. Now you can sit between a pair of mirrors and start weaving.

Traditional braid - harness

In order for the hair to look beautiful in a braid, it is necessary to wash it first and comb it well. It is advisable to use balms and lotions for easy combing. Wavy hair can be sprayed with water from a spray bottle or slightly moistened with a spray.

The simplest braid to be braided is a braid, it can be braided on loose hair, but for those who do it themselves for the first time, they should try to start with braiding the tail, so the base of the braid can be decorated with a beautiful bow or hairpin and avoided strands that are lost. It will be convenient to lean your head back a little and disassemble the total mass of hair into three parts. The strands should be equal in thickness, in the beginning, it is worth asking someone to verify this.

It is more convenient for right-handed girls to start weaving from left to right, and for left-handed people, on the contrary. So, we take the left strand and put it on the middle one, taking it a little to the side. Holding them with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, lay the right strand on top of only the left laid. Now, set aside the central strand, place it on top of the right.

On the video, a traditional braid - harness:

Thus, each time the side strand will move to the center. It remains to braid the hair to the desired length and tie it with an elastic band. It is important to maintain the same density of the braid, to maintain tension, otherwise the braid will look untidy due to the different thickness along the entire length. In this form, the braid is good for schoolgirls and at home, and at the exit it can be folded and stabbed, decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Spikelet - a traditional French braid

Most of the girls call the French braid a spikelet because of its final appearance, the result really looks like a wheat ear. The technique is based on the addition of a strand to the traditional harness on the right and left sides. This is the second basic braid after the usual harness. Most fashionable braided hairstyles are made on its basis, and therefore it is worth mastering it well before taking on the rest.

This hairstyle is not complicated in itself, but it is easier to weave it on obedient hair, therefore you should not neglect care products. Separate the front strands from the combed strips and assemble them into a high tail, after the first training it will become easy to hold them with your hand and the rubber band will no longer be needed. We begin to weave the front strands like an ordinary braid.

When the first section is ready, with your thumb and forefinger, select a small curl from the temple on the left and add it to the left strand woven into the braid. Transfer the resulting curl through the middle strand and repeat the same on the right. You can add strands not to each section, but after 2 - 3. And so before all hair is woven into a braid. It can be fixed or removed inside, making a business hairstyle.

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The appearance of the braid will vary depending on the width of the added strands and the subtlety of the base braid. If you previously make hair voluminous, the image will be more romantic. Thin locks on a tight braid are part of the business style. Traditionally, a bang is woven into a braid, but if it is too short you can leave it loose.

On the video is a traditional French braid:

Waterfall - how to splash

Another braid originating from the French spikelet. It got its name for strands released from it, which, if twisted a little, will become like jets of water. Perfect for hair of different lengths, starting from the caret, looks especially good on highlighted hair.

The first three segments are made as a traditional tourniquet. On the fourth segment, the upper strand is placed on the middle, is passed down and covered with the one that was below. The first trickle of the waterfall is done.

It remains to take a new lock at the bottom and enter into the weaving instead of the missed one, then add the top curl on top. Weave yourself to the end. You can braid quickly from temple to temple, diagonally, turning into traditional plaits. The scope for imagination is huge. It can be made more free and decorated with flowers, it will turn out a very romantic and delicate image. Loose curls with tweezers.

Why is it worth weaving braids

  1. Scythe for a long time keeps a beautiful and neat look. The weave is not afraid of wind or humidity, does not wrinkle under a hat and is less electrified than loose hair.
  2. Beautiful braids are appropriate everywhere. On the beach, in the office or at a wedding, they will look equally good.
  3. Even if you master only one weaving, on its basis you can create an infinite number of variations. For example, braid two or three braids instead of one. Or decorate the hairstyle with accessories. In braids, you can weave ribbons, scarves, you can add decorative hairpins or hairpins. In summer, fresh flowers will look good in your hair.

How to weave braids

  1. Better to start with simple options. Do not rush to weave a complex braid straight from the hair, practice on ribbons or thread floss. Having mastered the principle, you can experiment with the location, quantity and complexity of the braids.
  2. If you are braiding yourself, do not use a mirror, trust the sensations. It’s quite difficult to navigate the mirror, it is very confusing in the process.
  3. To make it easier to work with hair, they need to be washed, dried and combed well. Mousse or styling gel is also useful: thanks to it, the hair will become obedient.
  4. When weaving braids, it is better to use wooden combs. Wood electrifies hair less than plastic, which means it will be easier for you to work with strands.
  5. Alternating strands according to the scheme, pull them evenly. Having trained, you will master any weaving.

Two strand braid

A braid of two strands is a twisted tail of two plaits, which is suitable for medium-length hair. Weaving can be used for a French braid. The tape woven into the bundle will look beautiful.

  1. Divide your hair into two strands.
  2. Tie a ribbon to one of them.
  3. Twist each strand clockwise.
  4. Bind the harnesses counterclockwise. The difference in directions will not allow the braid to fall apart.
  5. Fasten the ends of the hair with tape.

Fish tail

This braid captivates with its spectacularity, although it is woven very simply. Suitable for shoulder to hair, but looks particularly good on long hair.

A simple option is weaving from the back of the head.

  1. Divide hair into two parts.
  2. Separate a thin lock from the left half from the side of the ear and throw it on top to the right.
  3. Then separate the thin strand near the right ear and throw it to the left.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach the ends of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic or tape.

If you want to complicate the weaving, make a French braid that goes into a fish tail.

French braid

French braid goes well with a strict office suit. Weaves on the basis of a braid of three strands. Suitable for long hair and medium length hair.

  1. Divide the hair into three parts.
  2. Throw the rightmost one to the center.
  3. Then there send the leftmost.
  4. Continue until the hair runs out.

For a change, you can weave a French braid only to the middle of the head. Collect the remaining strands in a bundle or, securing with an elastic band, leave in the form of a tail.

At the core is the same three-piece braid. Unusual hairstyle give released strands. This braid is suitable even for hair up to the chin. It weaves horizontally from the temple. You can collect hair in this way only on one side. And you can make symmetrical weaving and wear it instead of the rim: styling collects hair and prevents them from getting into your eyes.

  1. Separate a lock of hair at the temple and divide it into three parts.
  2. The beginning is the same as in an ordinary braid of three strands. Throw the top strand to the center, then do the same with the bottom.
  3. Send the upper and then the lower strands to the center again.
  4. Add a strand of hair to the top.
  5. You don’t need to add anything to the bottom. Instead, collect another under the existing lower strand, separating it from loose hair. Release the old one. Move the new one to the center.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the middle of the head. Temporarily lock the braid.
  7. Make symmetrical weaving on the other side.
  8. Connect the ends of both braids and fix with an elastic band or tape.

Four strand braid

The complexity of weaving will allow, without embarrassment, to apply this option not only to the female hairstyle, but also to a long beard.

To start, try weaving a straight braid. When you master the weaving, you can do in this technique braids from the back of the head or rim. In order not to get confused, remember that you need to move only the extreme strands.

  1. Divide the hair into four parts. Take two strands in your right and two in your left hand.
  2. Extend the leftmost strand (we will consider it the first) stretch over the second and under the third. Now in your left hand you will have the second and third strands. The first and fourth will be in the right hand.
  3. Put the rightmost strand (fourth) under the first.
  4. Take the leftmost strand (second) again. Spend it over the neighboring (third) and under the fourth. In your left hand you will have the third and fourth strands. The first and second will be in the right hand.
  5. Extend the rightmost strand under the adjacent one.
  6. Place the leftmost one under the next one and over the next one, transfer to the other hand.
  7. Get the far right under the next one we just moved.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you reach the end of the strands.
  9. Secure the weave with tape or elastic.

Five strand braid

The weave is reminiscent of Irish knitted arana patterns. This option will require training, but the braids from the many strands look very unusual and bright.

Practice weaving a braid of five strands based on a high or low tail. The tail will hold the hair, and it will be more convenient to work. When you master this method, go to a hairstyle without a tail or make a French braid with such weaving.

  1. Divide the hair into five equal parts.
  2. Take the three middle strands. First, throw the left one in the center, then the right one - just like in a braid of three strands. Then take the outermost strands of the three middle ones, lift them above the weave and temporarily fix it with a clamp.
  3. You will have the middle strand and two side strands that we have not touched yet. Of these three strands, throw the leftmost one to the center. Then there send the rightmost.
  4. Using another clamp, lock the middle strand. This will prevent the weaving from falling apart.
  5. Free the strands that you raised. Place them on the edges of the weave.
  6. Take the strands that you just worked with: now this is the second and fourth parts in weaving. Lift and fasten them over the hairstyle.
  7. Of the remaining three parts, first move the leftmost to the center, then the rightmost.
  8. Lock the middle strand with a clamp.
  9. Lower the raised strands, placing them along the edges of the weave.
  10. Lift and lock the second and fourth strands.
  11. Repeat steps 7–10 until the end of weaving.

What you may need to weave yourself

In order to please the result of your efforts, you need to stock up on everything you need:

  1. Big mirror. It’s better if it’s a trellis so that you can look at yourself from all sides,
  2. Hair styling spray. This tool will be required to make the hair more obedient during the weaving process.

To make the hairstyle more comfortable, you can slightly moisten your hands with water

Classic braid of three strands

This is the simplest braid that every girl should be able to braid.

  1. Treat your hair with a styling agent or just spray it with water to make it easier to weave,
  2. Then the hair must be combed back and in the occipital region divided into 3 parts. They will no longer have to connect with each other,
  3. It is necessary to alternately lay on the central lock either left or right, thus forcing it to the left or to the right,
  4. The first few turns need to be braided, throwing your hands over your shoulders, and then you can throw the braid forward and thus end the weaving,
  5. The resulting braid is fixed with an elastic band.

Two pigtails

Two pigtails, which used to be more often braided in young children, now it has become very fashionable to weave young girls. For this weaving, medium-length hair, as well as long hair, is suitable.

  1. It is necessary to take a thin comb and make a straight parting, dividing the hair into left and right parts,
  2. Hair on one side is divided into three parts, of which a three-strand braid is braided. This weaving is carried out by throwing strands located on the left and right, through the central,
  3. The braid is braided to the end and fixed with an elastic band,
  4. Part of the hair on the opposite side is braided in the same way.

This hairstyle will take no more than 5 minutes, the hair will be neatly braided and will not interfere during the day.

Do-it-yourself braid

With side braiding, it is better to give preference to the usual classic three-strand braid, as more complex techniques cannot fully show their beauty with this arrangement on the head.

The weave should be slightly relaxed, creating a slight creative mess.

  1. The hair is combed on its side
  2. Two thin curls stand out in the forehead
  3. In the process of shifting the side strand through the middle, a small curl is added to the side,
  4. Thus, the braid is woven to the ear, and then continues to weave the usual three-strand braid.

This hairstyle is perfect for creating a romantic look.

Unusual braid of five strands

In a large number of girls, their hair does not differ in splendor. That is why many refuse various options for weaving, since the braid is thin and not very beautiful. In this situation, the original five-strand braid is spun to the rescue, which looks very voluminous and can easily be braided independently.

  1. Hair is combed back
  2. Ahead, a small part of the hair is separated and divided into 5 parts,
  3. The extreme strand on the left moves to the opposite side, entwining a central snake. Next, the extreme right strand is taken and throws to the left, also braiding the central locks,
  4. Weaving is continued further according to this principle, adding thin strands along the sides,
  5. At the end of weaving, the pigtail is fixed with an elastic band.

Before weaving, you will need to carefully understand his technique. After a few workouts, you can braid this beautiful braid yourself without much difficulty.

Weaving waterfall

The waterfall weaving technique is an interesting interpretation of the French braid. Part of the lock, like drops of water, beautifully falls on the back. This helps to create an unusually gentle and mysterious image. Hair should be curled in advance, since this weaving on wavy hair looks more advantageous.

Stages of the hairstyle:

  1. At the temple, it is necessary to separate part of the hair and divide it into three strands,
  2. Start weaving an ordinary braid, first throwing a lock of hair in your face,
  3. The upper curl in the process of weaving will be below, there it will need to be left,
  4. Instead, another curl of the total mass of hair is taken,
  5. Weaving continues to the opposite side,
  6. Having reached the ear, you can end the weaving with an ordinary pigtail or pin it with invisibility.

You can complement the hairstyle with a beautiful hair clip with a flower to make the image more finished.

Head weave

This weaving technique can be performed independently. The hairstyle is very practical, as the hair is braided in front and gathered in a bun at the back.

  1. It is necessary to divide the hair into upper and lower parts, making a parting from one ear to another,
  2. Нижняя часть волос фиксируется на некоторое время, чтобы не мешали,
  3. Сверху в височной области отделяется небольшой локон и начинается плетение классической косы по направлению от одного уха к другому,
  4. In the process of weaving, it is necessary to capture curls from above and below, weaving them into a braid,
  5. Having reached the opposite side, finish weaving with an ordinary scythe,
  6. Form a bun from the bottom of the hair by adding a braided braid to it.

The hairstyle is very interesting and quite rare, so it is ideal for girls who want to look original.

Braid dragon

This hairstyle will look beautiful on both blond hair and dark. Before weaving, lightly comb the hair at the roots. If the hair is thick enough, a pile may not be necessary.

  1. Combing your hair back, separate a small strand in front,
  2. Divide it into three parts and start braiding a classic braid,
  3. In the course of weaving, add small locks to the side,
  4. When the pigtail is braided, fix the result with an elastic band.

This hairstyle is very easy to make yourself. Try to braid the little dragon at least once and this hairstyle will surely become one of your favorites.

There are many options for weaving braids, which are easy to perform. You can braid them yourself by training in front of the mirror only a few times and bringing the weaving technique to perfection.

Choose the most beautiful braids for yourself and experiment with your appearance!

Volumetric or inverted braid - how to weave such a hairstyle

This braid for beginners seems complicated because of its openwork appearance and attractive volume. In fact, its weaving itself is not much different from the usual ear, only locks are not placed on top, but under each other. If the braid is planned to be voluminous, then straight hair can be twisted a little with tongs in advance.

Braiding a dragon (inverted French braid) is necessary as follows: from the mass of combed hair, separate the front triangular strand and divide it into three parts. Start weaving the first segment, for this skip the left strand under the center. Then, taking aside the central one, and holding them, skip under the left to the right. Starting from the second segment, add strands. To do this, from the left temple attach a small curl to the left strand and let them pass under the central one, then repeat the same on the right side. Repeat until all hair is braided and fix the braid with an elastic band.

Now it remains only to add volume. For this, strands are very slowly and carefully pulled out from the middle of each segment. It is necessary to act carefully and evenly in order to get the same and beautiful result. If everything is done correctly, then a hairstyle worthy of parties and special occasions has turned out. It can be woven diagonally, in a circle, arranged as you like, creating amazing images, even in short stripes, braiding a bang. But how to make an evening hairstyle from braids for long hair is described in detail in the contents of the article.

On the video, the French twisted braid:

Braid - a rim on the head for medium-long hair - how to braid yourself

For a couple of years, plastic rims are not in the top of popularity for owners of lush hair. Hollywood stars appear with neat braids - rims. It is braided on a voluminous basis. It is enough to separate the curls along the line of hair growth from ear to ear. For convenience, collect the rest of the hair in the tail. Weave from left to right, weaving thin strands from the bottom, and upon completion, fasten to the ear. It remains only to dissolve the hair. And for those who want to understand in more detail how to make a hairstyle a Greek bezel, it is worth reading the contents of this article.

If desired, you can use the usual weaving - tourniquet. Separating part of the stripes at the ear, and the rest is fellow in the tail. Braid an ordinary braid, shifting the side strands over the center. To get behind an ear and to dissolve hair.

Such hairstyles can be supplemented with flowers, curls and beautiful earrings.

Weaving itself a magnificent lateral tourniquet

This is the easiest version of the sidebar. We make a parting along the hairline on the side and select three strands, begin to weave just a tourniquet to that length, until the shortest hair starts to be pulled out of the braid, and fix with an elastic band.

To give volume, you can evenly stretch the strands, this must be done slowly and carefully.

How to quickly learn how to braid a braid of four strands

The scheme of weaving a braid of 4 strands is similar to a bundle, but in it the hair is divided not into 3, but into 4 parts. For weaving, all hair is combed and thrown to the side with which the braid will be. Now divide them into 4 even strands. Stretch the first curl over the first, and the fourth over the third.

The curls will move to the left, then the first curl will move over the fourth. Continue to the desired length and fix with an elastic band. This braid is convenient to use for hairstyles collected on the head, decorating with flowers or hairpins.

How to braid a beautiful French side braid on long hair

The idea of ​​this braid is to weave a braid lying on one shoulder, starting from the opposite side. It can be started from the crown or closer to the other shoulder.

It is necessary to select three equal strands and weave one section of the tourniquet. Now you can braid the French braid. A lock of loose hair from the mass from the shoulder is added to each strand from the upper side. By the time the weave reaches the shoulder, all hair should be woven. The rest can be added to the harness.

On the video, the French sidebar:

Which pigtail is the most convenient for you to weave

Each girl decides which one to choose the braid herself, but for the majority it is easier to start with a usual plait. When it turns out, you can proceed to the spikelet, side and volumetric braids. That's all. Now a little training and you can control any hairstyle. Braids are good because they offer an infinite number of combinations and options, very soon you will be limited only by imagination, but here the Internet will come to the rescue with a huge number of various master classes.