Useful Tips

Origamka - modular origami!


• Colored paper for the printer in orange and green

• A wire that bends easily

Take a sheet of colored paper for the printer

Add to make a square

Cut off the excess strip

Once again, fold diagonally.

Fold the square in half

Fold in half again

Fold the sheet so that all the corners converge at one point

Put the blank in front of you, as shown in the photo

Pull the side angle to the midline

And the second side angle is towards the midline

We superimpose the formed triangles on each other, do the previous operation with three more sides.

Flip the workpiece, sharp end up

We wrap it up and, like the previous operation, do it with three more sides. You should get a blank, as shown in the photo below.

Put the blank in front of you as shown in the photo and again pull the side corners of the rhombus to the midline

Press, iron it well,

Do the same with three other parties.

And we press down to get a corner from above. Turn over and do the same with three more sides, ironing well.

Let’s expand - it’s a figure that is already similar to a flower

Expand a small corner

And insert it inside the flower, iron it

Expand and insert the remaining three pockets inside the flower. It turns out such a blank

Again we tighten the lateral corners to the midline

Let's do a similar operation with three more sides, iron the blank well

Expand the protruding corners of our flower

Take a pencil and twist the lily petals

Take cotton buds

Apply glue to one end of a cotton swab and glue into the flower

Stamens will be painted with orange gouache

For leaves, we take two squares of colored paper of green color measuring 7.5 cm by 7.5 cm.

Add a square diagonally

Wrap the corners on two sides to the diagonal line

Wrap another small corner on one side

From the opposite side

Bend the edge at an angle.

We make corrugation throughout the blank sheet

Take a wire, a narrow strip of green paper

Using glue, fasten the flower to the wire. Glue the strip and wrap the stem.

Insert and fasten the strip sheet

I made these lilies for the festive wall newspaper by March 8

Lilies can also be placed in a vase to decorate the interior of the group

Dear friends, thank you for your attention and support!

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