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How to win a girl: 6 simple tips


Well, who is to blame for what nature gave us the powerful instinct of procreation?

How to achieve love? Someone unraveled this question while still at school, and someone until the end of his life did not find an answer to it. You can read books, search for answers on the Internet, ask friends for advice, but there is no universal key, and you can only take note of something for yourself. To achieve love, you will have to do all the main things yourself, because no one knows your situation better than you, and no one except you will help you better. But for some questions a completely universal answer can be given. So, what should a guy be like in order to achieve a girl’s love, and what do they even want? It often happens in life that you get to know a girl, fall in love with her, and cannot imagine your life without her. Her casual look gives you a great mood, you begin to dream about her and begin to think about how to attract her and make her forever, but do not know how to crank it all up. For many, such a coveted girl remains in her dreams, especially if the guy is waiting and does not wait for the first step on her part. How to achieve reciprocity?

From early childhood, parents try to raise a girl so that she, becoming an adult, can attract a man, tie him to herself and successfully marry. Inability to attract a man and marry him is signs of a failure in a girl’s life and an indicator of her unattractiveness. Therefore, each girl, unconsciously for herself, is very afraid of being alone and striving to be sure to get married. At the same time, modern girls do not want to be very dependent, they want freedom and try to achieve success in their careers. Thus, the girls have two vectors - to arrange a personal life with an accomplished guy and remain at the same time quite free. How to achieve reciprocity in such complex natures?

To begin with, it is important to deal with yourself, with your feelings. Is it love or do you just want to be with someone, anyway with whom? Do you just want sex? Do you want this particular girl or do you, in principle, do not care? If you just need a partner, think about whether you need to build a complex relationship with this girl. Attractive, smart, good girls are in great demand, and competition will not be easy. Perhaps it will be easier to choose another option, more affordable. If we are talking about sincere feelings, then there are several rules, the study of which will not take much time, but will save a lot of energy and possibly help to achieve success.

First of all, you must understand and realize that you can build the perfect relationship with any girl. If a girl says that she is not interested in a relationship - this suggests that she is literally NOT INTERESTED. Not interested in anyone, no one interested in her. So it's time to ask yourself the question: if not me, then who? - and start acting. How to interest a girl?

There are several rules, read them, it's worth it.

  • - Firstly, all the guys are very predictable. They usually start to have a relationship with a girl in one of the very predictable ways ... and usually they behave on dates in one very predictable manner, and after the date they do one of several predictable things and so on. If you want to have a chance, unlike hundreds of other boring guys, change your stereotypes. Do it differently, try to come up with your own original line of behavior.
  • - Do not try to immediately cause mutual love - no matter how you want it, quickly it definitely will not. The girl needs to be given free space. You can’t call her every day, confess your love a couple of days after you meet, chase her, constantly ask what she does, etc. You need to give the girl the opportunity to miss you.
  • - Do not try to impress, do not apologize for who you are. As it is, it is, and if you have your own life, do not give it up. Do not try to suck and become a girl's friend. Friends have no chance. All friends are, in fact, a kind of girlfriends.
  • - If you feel that she is “testing” you with difficult behavior, changing plans at the last moment, constantly showing discontent, etc. - relax. Take a step back in the relationship. Get colder. Let me know what you are not interested in.
  • - Get rid of all your complexes, how to do it - there is information on the Internet. This must be done, because shyness will only interfere. A successful guy should be convincing and a little bit, quite a bit impudent. Be brave and confident. Any girl wants to see a strong personality next to her, behind whom she will be like behind a stone wall. Behave confidently and persistently - you clearly know what you want. Purposeful personalities attract girls (just do not confuse persistence with importunity).
  • - Relationships without trust are impossible, so do not be fooled and be extremely honest with your chosen one. Girls very subtly feel a lie, so do not embellish your own merits or personal qualities. Sooner or later, the situation will clear up and much will be spoiled. Do not try to impersonate who you are not - be yourself, you do not need any masks and pretense. The girl will fall in love with you because you are just you, and not some ideal, carefully rehearsed image.
  • - Do not spare the compliments, but do not scatter them just like that, but remember that they should always be out of place. You will stupidly flatter - and you will lose all interest. But still, any girl is pleased when she receives compliments and, believe me, your chosen one is no exception. More often remind her of how beautiful, smart, and talented she is. If you are embarrassed to tell her all this out loud, try from time to time to send her sms with admiring confessions. You can be sure that her positive reaction will not take long. At the same time, try to avoid hackneyed, horny phrases, and strive to come up with some bright, individually selected words for your girlfriend.
  • - Try to have a positive outlook on life, speak not about problems and shortcomings, but about the beautiful, love and high feelings. Treat many things with humor. You must be able to cheer up your beloved when you need it. She will appreciate this your quality. If you're wrong about something, admit it. She will also certainly understand and appreciate this self-critical heroism.
  • - Be at least a little romantic, although it is difficult. But if you get a candlelight dinner, unexpected flowers and all that jazz, it will bring mega-plus to your relationship. And one more thing, girls are big lovers of giving advice, so consult on any issue. The girl will feel significant, and this will bring its results. And all the time, let's understand that the chosen one is very worried about you and very dear to you. For a girl, this is a very pleasant feeling - to feel that you care about and attract someone.
  • - It’s not at all necessary to buy and wear trendy clothes and shoes, just to be neat and tidy, but at the same time to dress with taste, understanding what suits you and what doesn’t.
  • - One of the main and most common mistakes made by guys who are just starting to take care of the girl they like is the desire to quickly switch to intimate relationships. This is the wrong position. Girls, unfortunately, are not really so crazy about sex as guys. The most important thing is not to rush into the development of relations, to enable your chosen one to get used to you as a man who is part of her life, who at the right moment will turn her shoulder and come to the rescue.
  • - Remember that the role of the financial position of the guy and his beautiful appearance is greatly exaggerated. This, of course, is a plus for a guy, but this is not an opportunity to conquer any girl without any difficulty. First of all, girls are interested in the positive opportunities of your personality and condescension to its weaknesses and shortcomings, the ability to forgive. The main thing that you can attract and keep a beautiful girl next to is the ability to communicate in such a way that it is interesting and easy to be with you. To do this, you will have to try to understand not only her, but also your character. You must know all your pros and cons. And fight the cons with all your might. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to change your character in many ways. But it's worth it.
  • - If you have an extremely serious relationship, then try to look at the girl’s appearance and see how generally she suits you, because you will have to spend a huge amount of time side by side, and in order not to regret subsequently wasted days, weeks and years, you should at the very beginning understand if there will be a discord due to inconsistencies in the basic understanding of life. If you are lucky and the girl with all her beauty turned out to be the owner of a sharp mind, and at the same time she also has such character traits as independence, complaisance, modesty and kindness of the soul, then you can only be congratulated.

So, in the question "how to achieve love?" no quick recipe, no super-express method. Love comes quietly, you can’t order it to admonish ... But knowing and applying all these simple but effective rules will allow you to win the heart of your chosen one. Your girlfriend will definitely reciprocate and will give you a lot of wonderful emotions and experiences, which are called one common word - love. Van just needs to strive to behave as follows: to love, but not to lose self-esteem, to take good care of yourself, have principles and be able to forgive other people's blunders and shortcomings. Unfortunately, things are such that the guy does not choose a companion, but only offers himself as an option by all available methods and various options. People have everything, as in nature: if the female does not want the male, then the male will not take it by force, as if he did not want to. So the guy’s fate is to properly submit himself. Well, after you succeed, respect and value your choice, because it is so beautiful, and all the girls are so beautiful, be sure that your choice is the right one! Do not be discouraged if everything does not work out right away. You already know how to achieve reciprocity in a girl, and this is the most important thing. Relations are rarely obtained easily and immediately, continue your unobtrusive attempts at rapprochement. And take your time, the relationships that you seek for a long time are much more serious than those that started in a week.

1. The will to win

A girl, like you, can easily get lost in a whirlwind of faces and superficial acquaintances, not remember or simply not know about your existence. In this situation, persistence will help you.

Wish her good morning and good night, after a hundred refusals, call her on a date for the 101st time. It is important for women to know that it is she who is of interest to you: her smile, interests, manner of speaking. However, do not abuse: words and actions should not look manic.

2. Instead of a thousand words

With particular contempt, women relate to empty flowers: those who promise golden mountains, a million red roses and other stars from the sky, but in reality will not collect a cart of lilacs. I dare to cite observations from my own life.

One says: "I have chosen you." So it will disappear forever in a week. Second: “And we’ll call our son Dima.” Two weeks later, does not answer calls, and you lose interest. Third: “Let's go to Europe?” After three weeks of dating, he blocks you on social networks.

Involuntarily, you recall the “bearded” joke about Cinderella: “He says that you are the love of his life, and forgets how you look.”

Love actions, not conversations. We can chat with a girlfriend, but a man wants to believe.

3. Little scarlet flower

One of the most difficult moments in courtship is the choice of gifts. The most important thing here is to remember some trifle from your conversations and then beat it beautifully.

Does she talk about cakes she loved as a child? Send her pastry pleasure straight to work. Says he starts to forget English? Present Dickens in the original. There will be plenty of chances to like it if you start to listen to it.

4. Feed-praise

So be it, I will reveal our main secret, for which I am most likely to be expelled from the female community forever. All women love to eat. Very fond of. Moreover, absolutely everything, including reeds, wicks and even beautiful princesses.

Invite her to take a gastronomic trip to Moscow restaurants. It is not necessary to go to "Pushkin" or "Turandot." Fortunately, in the capital there are many interesting places that will not cause much damage to your wallet. During dinner, topics for conversation will start by themselves, and there will be a chance to subdue her with their charm.

5. Praise-feed

The well-known axiom is that women love with their ears, almost as much as eating. But there are several nuances. You should not simply praise her eyes and lips or go down to vulgarity. If for the thousandth time you hear that you have beautiful legs, you will not notice the next time.

Psychologists have proven that the more unusual the compliment, the better it will be remembered. Note her sense of style, accessories (this is all her jewelry), manicure (this is varnish on her hands) or her clutch bag (small handbag in the form of an envelope). And on Friday night in the bar you can praise her ass, it will even be appropriate.

6. The effect of presence

Her car broke down, she was tired at work, her friend offended her - all these circumstances, oddly enough, will help you get closer. The ability to listen and hear is the trump card of all gentlemen. Personal support is appreciated more, but if you are very busy, even a reassuring message will be enough. Everyone loves to be heard, whatever one may say.

Of course, if you are fabulously rich, you can fill up her with bouquets, give her a car and an apartment. However, truly worthy women are one step higher than commercialism and are frankly tired of such characters.

What is love?

The eternal question of what love is is of concern to many people. Usually they are asked young people who have just stepped on the path of love, disappointment, betrayal and euphoria of love. As a person encounters frustrations in a love life, he naturally wonders: what is love? After all, as it turns out, in the modern world few people know how to love, a little more able to accept love, and everyone else does not do either.

Many attributes are attributed to love. For example, love is eternal. Well, love is really eternal, but only when it comes to the love of a loving person who can love different partners in different periods. You always love, but during your life you love either one partner with whom you have a relationship, or several.

Is it any wonder that many young hearts were broken after the first unhappy love, when there is a fabulous idea of ​​love in society? Love is eternal. Love will endure everything. Love loves not for something, but contrary to something. If people love, then they will not destroy the relationship. In fairy tales they convey such love, which simply cannot exist even between two loving partners. Brought up on fabulous representations of love, a woman does not want to argue with her husband. As a result, her husband finds himself another woman who is not afraid to express her opinion. Raised in fairy tales about love, a man cannot understand why his beloved decided to leave him. As a result, he now harbored a grudge against all women as he carried the pain of his disappointment.

You can talk a lot about love. Recently, it has already begun to be said that in the ideas of each person, love means something of its own. People love in different ways. And indeed it is. But since many people once faced this or that disappointment, it should be noted that people no longer love, but try to avoid the pain that they once experienced, and give each other what they once lacked. Is it love? Not. This desire is to fill that void, to heal the wound that was once formed as a result of unhappy love.

Mutual love is when you do what pleases your partner, and the partner for you does everything that pleases you. Accordingly, love is when a person does what pleases his partner.

It sounds too sacrificial, because in the modern world people rarely value what their loved ones do for them, and those who love feel a lack of love for themselves.

Love means making another happy. But you should not forget that first of all you should be happy. After all, how can you make someone happy if your misfortune takes away the strength and desire to love someone? While you are unhappy, you are not able to love someone. Also in the opposite direction. That is why people suffer in unrequited love, although many say that "if you love, you should already be happy about it." Again there is a contradiction, which simply cannot fit in one person.

Only a happy person can love! And this happiness is often born only in response to the pleasant deeds of a partner who expresses his feelings. А все остальное лишь пародия на любовь.

Как завоевать девушку?

Когда парень влюбляется, у него естественным образом возникает желание завоевать девушку. Сделать это порой сложно, особенно если девушка уже показала свое равнодушие в отношении парня либо у нее уже есть другой кавалер. От любви не следует отказываться, даже если она безответная. Here you should try ways that can help in attracting the attention of the object of your feelings.

  1. To conquer a girl, you need to know her well.

This is natural when a guy who is in love makes all attempts to find out more information about his girlfriend. This can be said to be a striking indicator of feelings. If a guy loves, then he spares no effort to get to know his beloved girl. Otherwise, his feelings are not love.

To conquer a girl, you need to know her well. What is it for? Firstly, in order to get acquainted with the object of your love. If, as you are informed, you are not disappointed in the girl, then your feelings will only grow stronger.

Secondly, the information allows you to answer the question: how to attract a girl? All the young ladies are different. Everyone has different desires, worldview, aspirations and interests. For example, knowing what a girl is interested in, you can offer her to spend time together doing her favorite thing. If at the same time the guy will be a little versed in the topic, then this will pleasantly surprise the girl.

  1. To win a girl, you need to be serious.

Girls are constantly faced with frivolous guys. Such cavaliers need attention, affection and sex from young ladies. But over time, it bothers. Soon, the girl realizes that with such guys you can not achieve happiness. That is why she begins to wait for a serious cavalier.

To win a girl, you need to show the seriousness of your intentions. This is manifested not only in the fact that the guy demonstrates his love, but also in the fact that he remains faithful to her and justifies her trust. He does not tell his friends about everything that happens in his relationship with the girl, does not obey their advice, but thinks with his own head.

A serious guy already knows what he wants, so he does not need the advice of friends. He understands that the girl must trust him, so he does everything for this. Also, the guy remains faithful that a rather rare phenomenon today (since many people do not like each other).

And the last thing: a girl should know that a relationship is a fortress where a guy doesn’t let anyone in. Only he and she are present there.

How to gain the confidence of a girl?

To win love you need trust. Without this sensation, relationships are impossible. People often lose the trust of their partners because they make many mistakes. So that a guy does not miss the chance to fall in love with a girl, he must arouse her confidence in himself.

This is done in the following ways:

  1. The guy should be sincere and honest. All the same, the truth will be revealed if it was hidden. And when that comes, the relationship will end.
  2. The guy should show emotions. Girls want to see the emotions of their gentlemen, to note how good or bad they feel. In this case, it is desirable to show only positive emotions. Anger and aggression against a girl will only lead to a break or building an unhealthy relationship.
  3. The guy must be himself. Sooner or later, all people stop pretending. So that the girl does not disappoint and does not leave, she should initially be herself.
  4. The guy must know the girl. Not just admire her beauty, but also be interested in the inner world. When interest in a girl is shown, it captivates.
  5. The guy should be an interesting conversationalist / friend. A girl needs not only a man, but also a friend in the face of a loved one. If a guy can listen or is just interesting to chat with a girl, this will win her.
  6. The guy should be generous. Let's just say that a loving person never spares his blessings for the sake of a beloved partner. The generosity, manifested in the desire to give something, buy or please, is an expression of love that conquers.
  7. The guy has to do things. Words are good. However, if there are no acts, then the girl eventually understands that the guy can not be trusted. Why are words valuable if the world obeys only physical manifestations?
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How to win the love of a girl?

Continuing the theme of winning the girl’s love, you need to understand that here you should use not one advice, but several at once. Performing only one point, you can not achieve anything. Therefore, we give several tips for winning the feelings of a girl:

  • Take an interest in the girl. Each person is pleased when they are sincerely interested in him.
  • Be persistent. Girls are forced to seem inaccessible (some of them are). She may refuse the first sentence. Do not give up, it is better to repeat attempts to win her heart.
  • Keep your word and take action. This quality is often attributed to men. To seem serious and courageous, you should be able to act (and not just talk), while always keeping the promised word.
  • Combine nobility with humor and optimism. A woman is pleased to be with a man who acts consciously and decisively, while they are noble and positive.
  • Be attractive in appearance. Girls also like handsome guys. If the guy is neat, well-groomed, athletic, handsome, fit, then more girls look at him than on sloppy, dirty, hairy, unpleasantly smelling gentlemen.
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How to conquer an ex-girlfriend?

Quarrels and breakups among young people are frequent. Boiling emotions and hot blood do not help young couples to maintain a relationship. A girl can break up with a guy, which will make him soon think about how to conquer her again.

It is not recommended to rush here. Literally in the first days after the breakup, one should not run headlong to restore relations. If you broke up, this is an occasion to take a little time. If you just quarreled, then you need to go make up.

First you need to analyze your own feelings. Why do you want to return an ex-girlfriend? If she just hurt your pride, then you should give yourself time. Perhaps you do not need a girl, but the matter is all in pride. If you really want to make peace and return the relationship, then you can act.

Jealousy is a wonderful feeling that is often misused by people. No need to be jealous of your ex-girlfriend, vividly demonstrating your feelings. If she has a boyfriend, then let the relationship take place.

You can provoke jealousy in an ex-girlfriend if she already has a boyfriend. You can allow yourself to meet another lady, if the ex decided to finally break up with you.

A new relationship may not all go smoothly. If the ex-girlfriend starts quarreling with her boyfriend, you can use this. You can’t show your jealousy here. At the same time, use her desire to communicate with you, to return to you, to see and evaluate you, because she is offended by her boyfriend and has already forgiven you.

If, after a quarrel, the girl herself goes to reconciliation, then you can use this. Here you can apologize yourself and talk about what should not be done so that the relationship does not break up. If the guy is the first to put up, then you should first understand what served as the reason for the breakup. Here we should recall all the indignation and discontent of the girl, which she expressed in recent quarrels. Often guys do not hear the words of the girls, considering them unimportant, which is why they make a mistake.

How to win a girl who has a boyfriend?

Often, love manifests itself in relation to a girl who already has a boyfriend. How can it be conquered? This is not easy, but possible.

  1. Does she love her boyfriend? If there is no love, then it can easily be repulsed. Otherwise, the new boyfriend will run into rudeness on the part of not only the girl, but also her boyfriend.
  2. Does she value her relationship? The girl could start dating the guy, because he was the only one who offered her this. Now, with several candidates, she may doubt how important her current relationship is.

The appearance of a choice and the presence of interest from the other guy can make a girl think about a new boyfriend. If this happens, then soon she will begin to communicate more with those who care for her. Otherwise, she will sharply refuse to continue the relationship.

Love is a complex feeling that arises in the heart of a person, but does not affect the heart of his partner. This leads to the result when it is necessary to win someone else's love. There are many ways to win a girl’s heart. If you try them all, you can achieve a positive result.