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How to be healthy and keep your body in good shape


If you can boast of a beautiful slender body or recently got rid of extra pounds, it is very important to keep fit. To keep the body fit and slim, you will have to try and not let everything go by its own accord.

Tightened body: how to keep fit?

To keep fit, you will have to eat right and exercise regularly. But this does not mean that you have to follow diets all the time or exercise in the gym until exhaustion. Keeping your body fit is much easier than losing weight. You just have to do it every day and don't forget about the right food.

In addition, you should definitely pay attention to the regime of the day. It is necessary to go to bed no later than 23 hours, to wake up not too late (at 7-8 in the morning, it is possible earlier). It is very important to keep the body in good shape. In addition, sleep is important. He must be strong. And for this, you should arrange walks in the evening, ventilate the room well, do not arrange watching movies and programs that cause negative emotions.

To keep yourself in shape, you must not only play sports and eat properly, but also be able to relax. An interesting light book, hot bath, massage or a cup of mint tea will help you relax after a hard working day. Such a calm evening will give more chances to sleep well and wake up peppy, in a good mood. This is also very important in order to keep the body fit.

So, to stay in shape constantly, you must adhere to a healthy lifestyle. And this means: moving more and playing sports, eating right, observing the daily routine, and avoiding stress.

Proper nutrition for a slim figure

Proper nutrition means a lot for weight loss, and to maintain the body in shape. Therefore, food should always be chosen healthy, fresh and not too high-calorie.

Proper nutrition does not imply a rejection of all sugary or fatty foods, however, preference should be given to more wholesome foods.

Meat, fish, dairy products should be selected more lean. But do not give preference to low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. This is useless. It is better to choose foods with 2-5% fat.

As for sweets, you should not refuse it either. But not all goodies in a row should be eaten. It will be more useful to choose bitter chocolate, fruits, dried fruits, marshmallows, marshmallows, honey. An excellent solution would be to cook sweets and pastries yourself. Then you can use healthy flour (oat, buckwheat, rice, whole grain), low-fat dairy products, and avoid sugar. And such homemade sweets and pastries will not be too high in calories. Naturally, all this should be consumed in small quantities in the morning.

In general, a healthy diet is a balanced, varied diet. Based on this and choosing the right products, you should make a menu. Breakfast should be tight to recharge your batteries for the whole day. For lunch, you must definitely choose meat or fish, vegetables. It’s great if the menu also has soup. And dinner should be easy, but satisfying, so that before going to bed did not want to eat. As for snacks, it is best to choose fruits, nuts, dried fruits, yogurts, cottage cheese.

So you can make a menu for one day:

  • breakfast: oatmeal in milk with cinnamon and banana slices, boiled egg with cucumber, a slice of bread, green tea,
  • snack: fruit,
  • lunch: a cup of light vegetable soup, two chicken meatballs, pumpkin puree, a slice of bread, sweet pepper, compote of sea buckthorn, apples and dried apricots,
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese with dill and parsley, two toasts,
  • dinner: boiled salmon steak, stewed vegetables, kefir.

It is very important to keep the body in shape to constantly eat properly. This means that you should make a menu in advance, buy only the necessary products, cook dinner at home and take with you to work or dine in the dining room (cafe), but choose healthy dishes (fish, vegetables, salads, soups).

What else helps keep fit? The correct drinking regimen. It is no less important than nutrition. You need to drink a lot and most should be pure water. It must be consumed before each main meal. It will speed up metabolism, help not overeat. As for the rest of the drinks, you can choose a different tea (but without sugar), fruit drinks, fruit drinks, kefir, yogurt. Sometimes you can drink coffee or cocoa, but do not abuse these drinks.

Exercise for Strong Muscles

Naturally, a toned body is a merit of not only a healthy diet, but also regular physical activity. Moreover, it is not necessary to visit the gym or pool several times a week. Keeping fit is much easier.

First of all, we need to move more. That is, walking or going for bike rides, walking, playing outdoor games with children, skiing, skating, walking the dog more often. There are a lot of options for physical activity, the main thing is to choose the most optimal ones for yourself.

If you can’t attend training, you can do it at home. The main thing is that physical activity is regular. You can engage in special online training, just choose different exercises, turn on rhythmic music and do 30-40 minutes every day. And you can do exercises every morning. Even 15 minutes a day will be enough to keep the body fit (unless, of course, the rest of the time is also spent actively, and not sitting on the couch).

And it is also important to constantly warm up if the work is sedentary. Every hour you can arrange light sports five-minute. It is best to choose inconspicuous exercises (to tighten the muscles of the buttocks, to draw in the stomach). And if you wish, you can perform hand swings, circular movements of the shoulders. This is useful not only for the figure, but also for health.

So, keeping the body fit is easier than losing weight. However, in order for the form to be truly preserved, some efforts will have to be made. A healthy diet, physical activity, daily routine and good sleep will help. And all this should be present in life regularly, and not from time to time.

How to keep your body fit

They all want to look good, but not everyone knows the basic principles that should be followed in order to keep yourself in excellent physical shape and to be healthy. In this article, we will analyze each principle in detail and talk about their features, as well as give useful tips.

A large number of people live on our earth, each of them has an individual physique, but not so long ago, scientists put forward three main (general) physique types - ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

There are people who can eat whatever your heart desires, while not gaining extra pounds. Such people have a very fast metabolism, this type is called ectomorphs. You must admit that for many women it’s just a dream, not to think about what you eat cake and the next day you will be afraid to get on the scales, but for some it’s an ordinary life. But even such people need to monitor proper nutrition, because even if the food will not be deposited on its sides, if it is not healthy, then your body will suffer. In order to keep fit, you must always monitor your diet.

However, there are those people who were less fortunate. Each bun, piece of cake turns into excess weight. Such people all the more need to follow the correct principles of nutrition. To keep yourself in shape, you need to throw out very fatty foods, fried foods, as well as instant foods from the diet. This is all very detrimental to your health. Especially this rule is a sin to neglect if you are prone to gaining excess weight.

In order not to gain extra pounds, she is in good physical shape, you need to eat properly, enrich your daily diet with salads and fruits, as they contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which are so necessary for human life and overall health.

In addition to nutrition, you need to include in your diet a sufficient amount of water, which is necessary not only to support the life of a person, but also in order to help cleanse your body of all kinds of toxins. Also, water has healing properties for our skin, it helps to improve the condition and health of the skin. In addition, water has the properties of preventing heart disease, in the summer it saves us from thirst and sunstroke. In general, you need to drink water at least 1.5-2 liters per day. Of course, this does not mean that you must strictly observe this regime and drink a glass of water through force. This is not worth doing. You need to listen to your body, but do not bring yourself to thirst. It is recommended to drink water in the morning, immediately after waking up, half an hour after each meal and in the evening at night.

Do not forget about the mobile lifestyle. Proper nutrition should always be combined with sports. Without these two components, you will not be able to keep yourself in shape. Move more, hike and ride. Fresh air and movement have not harmed anyone. Remember, movement is life!