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How to play with friends in MCPE?


Most games have a better time if the game is played with one or more friends. You can easily find a specific person on the Xbox by looking for him player tag.

If you are just entering the world of Xbox or you just do not have friends, the system will offer you several people whom you may know or who have similar interests.

Hi, let's play!

If you know your friend’s player tag, click on the “Start” button, select Xbox, and then type it in the search box at the top of your friends list and press Enter. Select Add friendto add this person as a friend on the Xbox app.

There are never many friends

The system will also offer several friends below the search field. These can be people you know from the Xbox community, or players who record popular videos and broadcast gameplay.

To add a recommended person to your friends list, select their player tag and select Add +.

First way

This method does not need the Internet, the main thing is that the other players are next to you!

One player must enable access point Wifi, and others must connect to it. It will be even easier if all players connect to the same access point (WiFi router, etc.).

You can enable the access point in the device settings, usually this is a tab Modem mode.

Now, the player who handed out Wifi or who wants to launch his world, must go to the window for creating the world Mcpe or editing it, and in the tab Online game need to activate options Multiplayer game and Local players see.

It remains only to start the world, and all other players in the game window need to choose Friends and there will be a local server.

Second way

The second way is to register at Xbox live. Thanks Xbox live You can play with friends from other cities / countries, as well as receive achievements. There are pros and cons here, but you and your friends will have to register with Xbox live.

Sign up for Xbox live very simple! To do this, you need to click on the button in the MCPE To come in, after which the authorization window will open.

If you already have an account Xbox livethen just enter your email and password for authorization. If you still do not have an account, then select "Create her!"

Fill in all the fields, and then enter the received code from SMS to confirm the phone number.

I recommend indicating the age of 21 years (or more, since Xbox live There are some age restrictions.

Now all you have to do is specify the desired nickname (player tag), which will be used for your Xbox Live account and Minecraft pe.

We return to the game again and select the tab Friendsclick Add friend.

In the window that opens, select Find friends by player tag, and then enter your friend’s tag and add it.

We go into the game and open our world. In the pause menu, press the button Invite to the game.

Choose friends to whom we want to send an invitation and click send invitation.

Your friend (or friends) will only have to confirm the invitation and after that you can play together!

Look for friends and play games with them

Xbox Live is a great place to chat and make new friends. Here you can chat, participate in events and share photos.

First, let's find out how to find friends and connect with them by adding to your friends list or creating a team.

Find and chat with friends on Xbox Live. How to send a request to add to your friends list, create a team, remove someone from your friends list, etc.

The messaging, chat, and team features on Xbox Live let you chat with friends and other players. How to start using chat and what accessories are needed.

You can also use Xbox Live beacons to connect with friends and other players. By beacons, friends and other players see when you play and which games.

Use Xbox Live beacons to let your friends know which game you are playing or which games you would like to play on Xbox Live.

If you have a Kinect sensor, you can use it to take photos and videos, and then share them with relatives and friends. This is a great way to communicate. Here you will learn how to share photos and videos using the Kinect sensor.

How to take photos and videos using the Kinect sensor and share them with friends and relatives. Also learn how to remove photos and videos from Kinect.

What is Xbox Live for?

This service can be called full social network for Xbox owners 7th and 8th generation. You can make friends, chat with them, play online, share screenshots and videos recorded during the game, as well as view the game achievements of other users.

Xbox Live integrated Xbox Marketplacewhere you can buy digital versions of games, download applications, pre-order and download demos.

As for the game online. It will not be news to anyone that multiplayer on Xbox consoles paid. To play online on Xbox Live, you need to buy a subscription.

To play with friends and more, you can connect Xbox Live Gold. This is the very subscription that we talked about above. With it, you will receive several free games every month, learn about discounts, some of which will be available only to owners of gold-accounts, and also install games before their official release.

Xbox Live also has special cards from development studios, such as Electronics Arts. As you know, this company is the creator of the FIFA football simulator, where any player can create your ultimate team and receive players cards, paying with their virtual currency. With EA Access Card domestic currency prices will be 10% lower. In addition, you will receive various bonuses.

How to sign up for Xbox Live on Xbox

When you start the console for the first time, the system will ask you to connect it to the Internet to connect Xbox to Xbox Live. On all consoles, whether it's the Xbox One or 360, the procedure for creating an account is about the same.

Consider the example of the Xbox One. Make sure the console is connected to the Internet. In the main menu, find the button "Login"and then select "Add new user".

If you already have an account with one of the Microsoft services: Skype, One Drive, etc., then you do not need to create anything, but if not, the system will offer Sign up for Xbox Liveby creating a new account. Next, you need to enter all the data that is required from the user, and proceed to create a password.

Come up with strong password, which can not be picked up by adding the numbers of your date of birth, etc. It’s best to come up with a unique set of letters and numbers. Do not forget to remember or write down the data that you specify during registration, so as not to lose access to purchased content.

The system will ask you to create two-factor authentication, with which you can always restore your account if it is stolen from you or you forget the password. It’s better not to neglect this item and provide a mobile phone number and an additional email address.

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Next you need accept terms of agreement Microsoft and Xbox Live.

After that, you need to select the login and security options. Detailed information will be described on the screen of your TV.

We pass to customization. Change player tag (username), select Xbox One Main Menu Colors and press the Xbox button on the controller to complete the setup process.

How to sign up for Xbox Live from other devices

To register with Xbox Live on a computer with Windows 8 and 10, you need to open a special application. From the phone as well with windows 7 You can go to the official Xbox website and register from there.

You can create an Xbox Live account through a computer or any other device, and then enter it through the console.

In the application, you can do everything the same as on the console: buy games, put them to download, write to friends, etc.

Errors in Xbox Live

Often on the Internet you can find alarmed questions from users who have encountered with errors in the Xbox Live service. If the console gives an error while registering with Xbox Live, make sure that the Internet is connected correctly and everything is working. Also check that the specified username is not taken by another player. Password must contain minimum 8 characters and consist of lowercase and capital letters, as well as numbers.

Another common mistake that appears while logging in to Xbox Live - a message about the ban account. If you bought a subscription, played in multiplayer for some time, and the next time you turn on the online mode does not work, the reason may be in blocking. Often players complain about other users, if they use the mat, violate the rules of the game etc.