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How to create a charity site in 9 steps


This article is for people who need money for some business and who consider it permissible to ask strangers on the Internet. She will talk about options for the technical implementation of this process and about the sites on which should be located for the most effective fundraising.

And the conversation is not about startups and Kikstarter. People in the world successfully raise funds for anything: publishing books, issuing albums, family trips, photo shoots for bald mice.

Yandex money

An option for those who have their own website with a loyal Russian audience and IP / LLC. On the service, you can design a form for accepting donations, get its html code and paste it on your website next to the emotional text about your request.

Visitors will be able to support you financially in a variety of ways. A month you can take no more than 300 thousand rubles. If you expect to collect more, you should create an account in Yandex.Cash.

Reception of money: bank cards, QIWI, cash, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, mobile phone balance.
Withdraw money: to a bank account or Yandex.Wallet.
Commission: 3% (charged to the payer).

This service accepts money only from bank cards and withdraws it only to accounts connected to the Stripe system. But, firstly, one of the readers they should have, and secondly, Donately is a very interesting startup, which is worth knowing about.

On it you can not only create a form for receiving money, but also make up a full page of the campaign to raise funds using templates. You can accept both single donations and monthly donations.

After payment by card, a person automatically receives a letter of thanks written by you. On the statistics page, you can monitor the progress of your fundraising campaigns and analyze them.

Reception of money: bank cards.
Withdraw money: to a bank account via Stripe (in Russia, the system does not work yet)
Commission: 3% to $ 100K, 2% from $ 100K to $ 1,000,000, 1% for everything collected after the first million.

Russian crowdfunding platform No. 1. For 4 years, the site has collected more than half a billion rubles. The average donation is one and a half thousand rubles. 30% of all published projects collected the desired amount. All accommodations are checked by strict moderators. Each project is supervised by a curator. visits more than half a million unique visitors per month. People are attracted to interesting and detailed descriptions of projects, links to which their creators post on social networks. Most willingly, people give funds to help sick children and release new albums by famous musicians.

On the service, it is customary to notify sponsors about the progress of the project and give gifts for large amounts of donations. For example, a T-shirt with its logo to those who contributed more than 2000 rubles.

Reception of money: Alfa Bank, QIWI, Yandex.Money, "Wallet One", Best2Pay.
Withdraw money: Bank account.
Commission: 10%.

Other Russian crowdfunding sites:

While crowdfunding donations are still being measured in hundreds of millions of rubles on the Russian-speaking Internet, the scale in English is completely different. The total fees of only the three most popular sites exceed $ 5 billion.

On Kikstarter, you can only collect money having the idea of ​​a product and the firm intention to implement it. But on sites that are in first and third place, you can collect money for what conscience will allow. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

No.1 crowdfunding platform in the world that does not accept donations of less than $ 5. Visitors to the site willingly help widows, orphans, large families and cancer patients, gather 16-year-old girls and honeymooners for travel. You can attach your Facebook account to the service and see what projects your friends support.

Reception of money: bank cards.
Withdraw money: Bank account.
Commission: 6.4%.

In 2011, the world's first child was born, the funds for conception of which were raised through crowdfunding. The campaign took place on this site. Reading IndieGoGo is much more interesting than GoFundMe, as original projects are displayed first.

Would you like to contribute to the development of a modeling career for the bald mouse Ludwig?

Not? And the necessary $ 800 per week has already been accumulated. Your donations are also waiting for Tanyusha, who wants to study and the author of the book “The History of My Sheep”.

Reception of money: PayPal
Withdraw money: PayPal
Commission: 5%.

If you need money for something really important, then you should think about translating and posting the description of your idea on English-speaking sites. If similar projects have already raised money, then yours may be lucky. In addition to the two above, you can try other sites from the American TOP-10:

(4.78 out of 5, rated: 9)

How to create a charity website

As a designer, you must convince people that making donations is good and to some extent beneficial. Of course, this is not easy, but possible. Following some simple rules, you can create a website using charity website templates that will encourage people to make donations.

No. 1. Clearly state your goal

Sometimes, going to a certain site, we cannot clearly determine its purpose, even after spending a few minutes on it. Some websites have such standard design and content that users are simply lost. Do not take site visitors as something for granted. Do not forget that the designer’s job is not only to add thematic images - you must develop a design that will help convey a certain message to the audience.

It will be easier for visitors to understand the purpose of the site if you add brief information about the project’s mission on the main page. Alternatively, you can simply add a link to the “How to Help” page, where visitors can learn more about your organization’s goals and activities. In this case, it is also worthwhile to place a link to the “About Organization” page in a prominent area. In this case, do not get involved in campaigning phrases. On the “How to Help” page, indicate the following information: what the organization is doing, how it helps people, why visitors to the site should make a donation, etc.

For example, the design of this site is simple and minimalistic. However, it directly encourages visitors to join the fight against poverty. The idea is very simple, and a properly designed design helps users understand it faster. The short facts next to the “Act Now” button explain to users why they should join this movement. The design of this site can be safely called an example of the design of a charity site.

# 3 Use photos of real people

By donating money, people have the right to know what their funds will be spent on. In most cases, convincing people with words alone is impossible. Therefore, you should use real photos to let people know that their donation will really change someone's life. To design a site, you should not use popular images from the Internet - they look fake. To convince people of the integrity of your organization, use photos of real people you are going to help. Place these images on the main page. If you cannot call yourself a good photographer, seek professional help.

A photo report on the organization’s activities can be posted on the About Us page. These photos will not be appropriate on the main page - most people want to see those whom they will help with their donation. This will help dispel any doubts about the purity of your organization’s intentions.

The “Dadaab Stories” site does not contain stock images; designers relied on photographs of ordinary Dadaab people with an unusual way of life. The site contains images of people living in extreme, if not inhuman, conditions. Each photo has its own story.

#five. Do not forget about the press

Since we are dealing with a non-profit organization, the purpose of the corresponding website is to attract attention from the media. If you manage to do this, you will probably be able to get more donations from various sources. Simplify the process of contacting you for journalists. The site should create a separate page for journalists and bloggers, where they can upload photos of your organization, get information about its leaders, etc. Make sure that journalists can use the images or statements posted on the site without any doubt. It is also worth mentioning that journalists and bloggers can safely write about your organization without obtaining special permission.

# 7 Use multimedia

Sometimes words are not enough to convince people. Perhaps that is why some non-profit organizations, in an effort to win the attention of the target audience, resort to multimedia. You can post a short interactive video that tells how your organization’s activities can change the lives of those in need. For the same purpose, you can use simple videos. The process of adding video to the site is not complicated, and by changing several settings you can make thematic videos a part of the design. Therefore, videos are popular among web designers.

LifeInMyShoes uses a YouTube video on the home page. However, the creators of the portal did not upload the video directly to the site, but simply posted a link to the video on YouTube. The video explains the purpose of a particular nonprofit organization to visitors to the site and encourages it to become part of it.

#9. Add News Section

The creation of a news section or blog has become traditional, because it helps to attract attention and keep in touch with the target audience. By regularly posting up-to-date and insightful posts, you will give visitors a great reason to return to your site again. Place the “Subscribe” button in the news section so that people can easily subscribe to updates. Moreover, from the point of view of SEO, you should regularly fill the site with interesting and informative articles.

These are the main steps you should take to create a charity site. In turn, MotoCMS offers you many charity website templates that you can use to quickly and easily start working on your own portal. Each template has a unique design that meets almost all of the above rules. In addition, all design options are flexible. This means that you do not have to get hung up on the original version - you can change it according to your preferences and tips indicated in this article. Check out the best charity website template options: