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Facebook Likes


The Brobot app now also works on Facebook. Facebook, of course, will not allow you to wind up a like, but the Brobot application helps to increase the number of subscribers legally and quickly.

Do you have a page that you would like to promote? You should immediately download the program and start using it. It is very simple.

The Brobot program has worked well. Many official institutions and large enterprises use Brobot for advertising. These are universities, travel agencies, and many other companies.

The project is currently under continuous development. New features are added. So far, the main social networks with which the program works are VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Mamba and LovePlanet. But Facebook support is gradually being added. To enable support for the world's largest social network, you should follow the instructions that we give below. In this case, the bot can be launched in experimental mode. Your page will begin to unwind. You will be able to receive likes from real users.

Launch Instructions:

  • so she can like facebook, close her first
  • then open the file in the bot folder “data / parameters. txt ”
  • add the line “experimental = true” there
  • save and run the bot
  • after that open the browser
  • go to the site of any search query designer for facebook
  • construct a query
  • copy it to the bot
  • the bot will start its work.

Facebook like - is this possible?

Winning likes for money is easy. But this opportunity has exhausted itself. The administration also just recognizes cheaters and bans them. Often the page is lost forever, without the ability to register again.

This leads people to the need for a smarter wrapping strategy. To do this, use our application. Soon, Brobot will be able not only to wind up likes and reposts, but also much more.

The program also proves that it is possible to win Facebook likes. You can easily create a profile for yourself, which will be promoted with the help of bots, and then gain great popularity. You don’t need to like yourself, you just need to download a copy of the Brobot program from the network and run it. And then he will start winding likes by an indirect method. This is not fast, but completely legal. The administration will not block you, and you will not need to spend time unlocking it.

Unlike the twitter network, where there is no way to communicate with users publicly, there are private messages on Facebook. The program will begin to persuade a person from the target audience, and the subscriber will gradually want to like. As a persuasion, the bot itself can mark, as you like, any entry in the user's account. Then the user will reciprocate - this is the unwritten law of the Internet. According to statistics, more than two-thirds of users are active enough so that if their posts are like, go and see who does this and reciprocate.

Brobot app

If you want to promote a page, having received a large number of likes, you can use the modern Brobot program, which will allow you to legally and quickly enough increase the number of subscribers. The Brobot program is currently under continuous development. Specialists are working on improving existing and adding new features. The program is widely in demand among organizations that need active advertising.

How to set, delete, cancel like on Facebook?

You can put likes in various ways, including the above option - using the Brobot program. As a result of using the application, effective advertising is carried out, page promotion is performed. To remove like is a completely different matter. To remove the “like” mark on the Facebook social network, you will need any mobile device or desktop computer.

    • Open facebook
    • Press the blue button with the letter "f",
    • Press the button located in the right corner ,
    • Scroll down, click on a page item, show all,
    • A list of your favorite pages opens. To remove like you need to click "dislike".

After performing all of the above manipulations, the like will not immediately disappear. You will have to upgrade. The above schemes are designed for Android and iPhone devices. To find out how to perform similar actions on a desktop PC, you need to search for information on the network.